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Инфоурок / Физика / Другие методич. материалы / Поурочный план на английском на тему "Physical quantity. Measurement." (8 класс)

Поурочный план на английском на тему "Physical quantity. Measurement." (8 класс)

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Lesson: Physical quantity. Measurement.

School: № 20


Teacher name: Nurbek K.

Grade: 7

Number present:

absent: 0

Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing

Main types of measurements and theirs quantity.

Lesson Objectives

  1. All learners will be able to: understand what are length, area and volume

  2. Most learners will be able to: use it in practice

  3. Some learners will be able to: explain formulas for length, area and volume

Language Objectives

Learners can: Use new words in their speech


Key words and phrases: measurement, quantity, unit, International system, Length, metre, Area, Width, Volume.

Previous learning

Astronomy. Astronomy of the Ancient world.


Planned timings

Planned Activities



5 min

  1. Remembering:

  1. How do we know how far it is?

  2. What is it quantity ?

  3. In what does it measure ?








  1. Creating:.to introduce with states of matter and their types, to explain what is measurement and units

  2. Evaluating: to show different of length, area and volume. Explain theirs features, formulas, units and to show their examples.

  3. Analysing: to show what is measure by digital board on the internet in video form https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djTNUp4XIRo

  4. Applying: using measurement in practice to fill the timetable by using a pen as a ruler

  5. Understanding: recall information from the last lesson and to make discussed the summary of the lesson

PPT presentation, picture and video


5 minutes

Reflexion: to use measurement at school

Home task: to learn new vocabulary and to fill the second timetable by steps


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