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Поурочный план на тему "At the Doctor's" (7 класс)

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7 сынып.At the doctor’s

Сабақтың мақсаты:Ағылшын тілін меңгертіп білімдерін толықтау: Денсаулық тақырыбына оқушылардың сөздік

қорын молайта отырып жаңа мәтінмен жұмыс


Aims of the lesson:

Educational: Teach students to talk about different types of diseases and their treatments. To encourage students in dialogue and to express their opinions. Develop their actor’s abilities in role play, make up sentences , enrich students vocabulary.

Developing: Develop their communicative skills, such as speaking, reading, writing. Providing extra grammar practice , mentality , memory.

Bringing up: Bring up students to respect each other, to help to another people, bring up love and interest to the subject.

The theme of our lesson: At the doctor’s

Equipment: interactive blackboard, textbook , pictures, cards.

Type of the lesson: Non-traditional new lesson ,role play.

Teaching of methods :individual ,pair work ,role play, work in group, asking and answering.

Inter- subject connection:Kazakh,biologie

Plan of the lesson

Organization moment

Checking homework

Main part

Giving home exercises

Put marks

Organization moment:

Good morning, dear children!

How are you today?

I am glad to see you

Are you fine ?

Sit down please.

Who is on duty today?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

Who is absent today?

Checking homework:

What was your home exercise?

Exercise8 on p 102 in written form.

OK. Let’s check your home exercise and vocabulary:

Headache, ear, aye, toothache, leg, mouth, earache, finger, throat, insomnia, lip, a sore throat….

Main part:

Our theme in our lesson is At the doctor’s

New words:

Strip раздевать

Waist талия

Tablespoonful полная столовая ложка

Hurt болеть

Surgery хирургия

Examine осматривать

Suggest предлагать

Sick чувствовать тошноту

Giddy головокружение

Exercise 4 Read the text. Check the meaning of the new words in your dictionary

Treating a Patient.

Last week Tom was taken ill. He was running a high temperature. He felt sick and giddy. He had a headache and sore throat. It was clear that he needed the services of a doctor. His mother phoned the policlinics. The doctor arrived at 11 o'clock….


Write when people do the following

  1. go to the dentist

  2. drink warm milk with honey

  3. call a doctor

  4. go to bed early and rest

  5. take some aspirin

Exercise 6 Find in the text sentences how doctor examined Tom

Example: She asked him to strip to the waist….


Exercise 7 Read the conversation between Tom and his teacher Miss White

-Hello Miss White.

-Hello, Tom. You weren’t at school last week. Were you ill?

-Yes, Miss. I was in bed for four days.

-Oh. Dear. What was the matter?

-I had flu.

-Are you better now?

-Yes, thank you. Here’s a letter from my mum.


Exercise 8 Read and complete the letter

Dear Miss white,

——————wasn’t at school

——————week, because he

was————-. He had————

yours sincerely,

Mrs. Barns.

Now, children look at the interactive blackboard .What’s wrong with children in these pictures?

She has a cold

He feel sick and giddy. he has a headache.

She has a toothache.

The doctor write a prescription to his patient.

Doctor examined the boy.

Role play

A consultation at the doctor's usually consists of the following stages:

The doctor asks what's wrong.

  • The patient describes the symptoms.

  • The doctor asks questions; the patient answers.

  • The doctor examines the patient

  • The doctor makes a diagnosis

  • The doctor offers advice, suggests.

Let’s play games “At the doctor’s”

Write the words we can need for this role play.

  1. drink warm milk with honey

  2. go to bed early and rest

  3. take some aspirin

One of the children should be a doctor. Another children must be a patient, who have different types of diseases.

Doctor must treat them, patient describes the symptoms

The doctor examines the patients

Examine their throat, feels their pulse ,listen their lungs and chests ,tests their blood pressure.

Takes their temperature .

The doctor makes a diagnosis , offers advice , suggest treatment.

Children must use Present Simple Tense.

I +verb I make

He , she it +verb +s He makes

You , we ,they +verb They make

Write different types of problem, diagnosis them and give a treatment.




Giving home exercises:

Exercise 9 on p105.Look at the pictures. What’s wrong with the children?

Example: She’s got a cold.

Conclusion . Putting marks:

That is all for today, you were active, attentive and bright. You’ve worked hard today. Thank you for the lesson. Tell me , what new words and facts you learnt from the lesson?

Your marks for this lesson are:….

Lesson is over. Thank you! Good bye!


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