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Поурочный план на тему "wild and domestic animals"

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

The theme: Wild animals and domestic animals.

The aims: To teach to speak about animals;

To develop thinking, writing, speaking skills;

To learn about animals’ world.

The visual aids: the interactive board, picture, cards, cartoon…

The type of the lesson: discussion

The method of the lesson: group work, Cubism method, question-answer.

Connected of the lesson: Biology, Kazakh.

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

-Good day, pupils! -Good afternoon, teacher!

-I’m glad to see you! Sit down, please.

How are you? -We are fine, thank you! And you?

-Fine thanks. Who is on duty today? -I’m on duty today.

-Who is absent today? - Today is/are absent……

(All are present)

-What date is it today? - Today is the___ᵗ ͪ ___________

What day is it today? - It’s on ____________________

What is the weather like today? It’s_______________________

What month is it now? It’s_______________________

What season is it now? It’s winter.

  1. Phonetic drill:

-We will begin our lesson with the poem “At the zoo”

I saw, I saw, I saw. http://www.kidzwood.com/picz/zoo.jpg

A lion at the zoo

I saw, I saw, I saw

A baby tiger too

I saw, I saw, I saw

A dig gray kangaroo

I saw, I saw, I saw

I saw them at the zoo

  1. Cartoon.


  • Now, children we’ll deign our lesson on the theme “Domestic animals and wild animals”

We have spoken on theme, read texts, learnt new words, about animals. Pupils are divided into 2 groups. Methods of Cubism. Answer the some question.

Domestic animals: Wild animals:

  1. Do you have a cat? 1) What kind of animals do you have?

  2. What are your favorite animals? 2) Do you protect animals?

  3. Do you like animal? 3) Do you plant trees?

  1. New words.

Now, open your copy-books and write down today’s date and the theme of our lesson.

Today’s theme is “Domestic animals and wild animals”

Look at the blackboard and listen to me.

New words:

Wolf [wulf] қасқыр

Fox [fϽks] түлкі

Kangaroo [kӕƞgǝru:] кенгуру

Donkey [dϽƞki] есек

Goat [gout] ешкі

Lion [laiǝn] арыстан

Bear [bεǝ] аю



  1. Presentation of the new material.

Reading the text

Text 1

This animal usually lives in Africa. Ummm… the description, well …it is quite big, it has brown or yellow fur, a long tail and big teeth. It eats meat. I think it is a really beautiful animal. I think these animals usually live in families. They lie down a lot but they can run fast sometimes. They can catch other animals to eat.

Do you know what is it?


Text 2

Well, you can find this animal everywhere, I think. It’s got four legs and qute a big head. They are different colors but they are black and white … but they are sometimes all black and sometimes brown. Oh and sometimes they are brown and white! Sorry – that’s not very helpful, is it? Ummmm…. it’s got a long tail and … what does it eat? Grass, of course. It always chewing, you know, and it’s usually got it’s head near the ground. What other information is there? Oh yes! It can make a lot of milk.

Do you know what it is?


  1. Doing exercises:

Exercises 1. Complete.

Can an elephant run? Yes, it can.

Can a monkey fly? No, it can’t

  1. Can an ostrich hide? ____________,it ________.

  2. Can a lion fly? _____________, it_______.

  3. Can an elephant swim? ___________,it________.

Exercises 2. Circle

Can elephant run? Yes, they can/ No, they can’t

1.Can kangaroos climb? Yes, they can/ No, they can’t

2.Can lion run? Yes, they can/ No, they can’t

3.Can ostriches fly? Yes, they can/ No, they can’t

VII. Musical pause. The song.

VIII. “The zoo”

Today we have got an unusual lesson we will talk about our favourite animals and pets. Let’s match and describe the animals. Do you like animals?

Now, let’s speak about our favorite animals.

P1 P3


P2 P4


IX. Giving home task.

Open your record-books and write your home task for the next time. Your home task is Ex: 2 Learn by heard the new words.

X. Conclusion:

-Do you understand the theme?

- Have you got any questions?

XI. Giving marks.

Thank you, you were very active, attentive today. And your marks are ___excellent/ good/ sad.

The lesson is over. Good bye.

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