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Поурочный план на тему "Revision. Present Simple and Continous Tenses"

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Revision. Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses

Plan of the lesson

Grade: 5


Theme: Revision. Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses


  • To develop the students’ interests in the subject of English. To develop pupil’s logical thinking, memory, reading, writing and listening skills.

  • To revise Present Continuous Tense: positive, negative and question forms.

  • To develop communicative skills and abilities, to cultivate the feelings of love and responsibility to each other.

Type of the lesson: revision lesson

Visual aids: active board, pictures, cards.

Type of the lesson: Revision lesson (Present Continuous Tense)

Organization moment.

Teacher: Good morning, dear boys and girls. I am glad to see you. Sit down.

Who is on duty today? What date is it today? What day of the week is it today? What is the weather like? Who is absent? Thank you. I hope you are in a good mood, so let’s start our lesson. Today we’ll revise the material we’ve studied and summarize the knowledge on some topic: Present Simple and Present Continuous tense. I hope you are ready to show your knowledge and abilities. So, lets begin.

The main part.

1) We use Present Simple Tense in every day actions.

2) What am I wearing today?

Am I wearing a hat? (a red dress, trousers)

What tense did you use to answer my question? (Present continuous) Why? (Because they are doing it now) Right. We use this tense when the action is happening now, at the moment, today. What is the form of the tense?

Present Continuous Tense

To be+verb+ing

I am reading a book.

I’m not reading a book.

Are you reading?

2) Warm up.

-Now let’s prepare our tongues for the lesson. Look at the blackboard, please. Repeat after me.

[ æ] [ e ] [ p] [ ŋ ] [ u] [θ ] [ ð ]

playing talking singing getting cooking drinking riding

3) Work with the active board.

-Now look at the board. Your task will be to answer the question- What are the characters doing? (Ned is cooking. Mrs. Brown is reading. Meg and Andy are dancing. Miss Black is talking. Jill is sleeping. Tom is playing football. )

Now let’s play a game. One pupil must choose one character and other pupils must ask questions about her or him. For example, Is he eating? Yes, he is. Is it Ned. Yes, it is.

-And now let’s do some exercises.

4) Work with cards.

-Now please, look at the card № 1. Write what people are / aren’t doing. You have 4 minutes for this task.

5) Physical minute.

Let’s have a rest! Let’s sing a song “The train is coming”


Let’s play a game “What am I doing?”

There are some cards with actions on the table. One pupil takes a card, mimes the action and ask the class “What am I doing?” Other pupils must guess and answer: You are watching TV.


-So, today we revise Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses. We remember when and how to use Present Simple and Present continuous tense. You were good. We did a lot of work.

IV. Home task.

Write down your home task.

V. Giving marks.

The lesson is over. Good bye!

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