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Поурочный план на тему "schools in KZ"

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Lesson plan

Grade: 9 «ә»

Teacher: Audanova G.

The theme of the lesson : «Schools in Kazakhstan»

The aims:

1.Educating: to give some information about primary school, learn the new information about the education, to enrich students’ knowledge about school;

2.Developing: to develop the students reading ,speaking, thinking skills. To develop pupils abilities in reading for understanding;

3.Bringing up: to enlarge pupils interest in learning foreign languages.

The type of the lesson: introduction of new material

Methods of the lesson: Individual work, listening, work with the text, question-answers.

Visual aids: books ,different cards, slides

Connection of the subjects: English – Kazakh

The procedure of lesson

I.Organization moment

Teacher: Good morning pupils! I´m glad to see you.

Who is on duty today? What date (day) is it today?

Who is absent today?

II. Checking up the home task

What was your home task for today ?

Are you ready?

III.New theme

Teacher: Today we are going to study a new theme “Schools in Kazakhstan

IV.Warm up.

·Do you remember your first day at primary school?

·What was your first teacher’s name?

·Do you like to go to school?

·Why do we study?

Yes, we go to school because knowledgeis power.

V.Phonetic Training







VI.Check up your homework.

Translate the words.

What is Kazakh for ordinary?


What is the English for орта мектеп?

оқу бағдарламасы?


What is the Kazakh for comprise?

VII.New lesson.

Pre-reading Tasks

But before you start let’s Improve you reading skills. Read and mind the stress:

Compulsory, primary, ordinary, comprise, curriculum, secondary

Today we`ll speak about Primary School. Now, let`s read and listen the text about “My primary school”

My name is Aidar. I am 14 years old and now I am living in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. I started school at the age of seven. It was an ordinary school in Almaty where my family lived before. After four years of primary school I went to secondary school .Primary and secondary schools comprise eleven years of study. Nine years of classes are compulsory in our republic.

The primary school curriculum included such subjects as Kazakh, Maths ,Russian, Drawing, Physical training and Music. We had also Nature classes. Our school was not an English school but we had English classes which started in the second form.

Our school year began on the first of September and ended in May. It lasted 9 months .We had 4 holidays a year :winter ,spring, summer and autumn. On the first of September we got acquainted with our teachers and had our first lessons. Every lesson lasted fourty five minutes. Every we had 4 or 5 lessons. We usually had a lot of homework and it took us 2 hours to do it.If we didn’t know how to do our homework we usually asked the teachers for help.

a)Answer the questions.

1.What age did Aidar start school at?

2.When did he go to secondary school?

3.How many years of study do primary and secondary schools comprise?

4.How many years of study are compulsory in our republic?

5.What subjects does the primary school curriculum include?

6.When does the school year begin and end?

7.What holidays do you have every year?

8.When do you get acquainted with your teachers?

9.How long does every lesson last?

10. How many lessons did you have every day when you studied at primary school?

11. What will you do if you don’t know how to do your homework?

b) Now let`s do ex.3

Fill in the correct prepositions.

1. Astana is the capital –Kazakhstan.

2. I started school ---------the age of seven.

3. Nine years ------classes are compulsary.

4. Our school year usually begins----------the first ------September.

5. ----------the first of September we get acquainted------------our teachers.

c) Complete the sentences.

1.After four years of …………… school classes I went to ………school.

2.Primary and secondary schools together …… eleven years of study.

3.The primary school curriculum …… such subjects as Kazakh, Maths, Russian, Drawing, Physical Training and Music.

4.Our school year begins on the first of September and ends in May. It……9 months.

5.On the first of September we …… with our teachers.

d) Let’s learn the poem ‘The school’. Listen and repeat after me.

The school.

The school has doors that open wide

And friendly teachers wait inside

Hurry,hurry,let’s go in.

For soon the lessons will begin.

Books and pencils I will need,

When I start to write and read,

Lots to learn and lots to do

I like to go to school, don’t you?

e)Let’s do your morning ex-s. Work-out.

f)Speech Training

What kind of school is it?

·Pupils must take a selection tests. (grammar school)

·Children read, write, do sums, play games. They spend a lot of time outdoors. (Primary school)

·The parents pay much money for education of their children. (Private school)

·Boys and girls are interested in working with their hands. They learn some trade at these schools. They don’t learn foreign languages. (Modern school)

·These schools are for all boys and girls. They don’t have selection tests. (Comprehensive school)

Home task: ex.5 and 6

  1. Marking

The lesson is over!

See you on next lesson!Good-bye, pupils!

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