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Поурочный план на тему "Transport in London"

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Abai secondary school

Transport in London

Teacher: Muftugalieva M. A.

Abai village

The theme of the lesson: Transport in London

The aim of the lesson:

Educational: To give main information about London, its history, transport and sights.

Development: To improve pupil’s skills in monologue, skills of listening comprehension and skills in reading. To develop pupils’ love and pride to their capital.

Bringing up: To teach pupils to love their Motherland and respect the culture and tradition of other countries.

  1. T: Divide these words into two groups:

British Museum Oxford Street Tower of London Natural History Museum Khan Shatyry Akh Orda

Central Concert Hall Big-Ben London Bridge Baiterek London eye Hyde Park Kazakhstan, Great Britain

  1. Answer the questions:

  1. Where is London situated?

  2. What is the territory of London?

  3. How many people do live in London?

  4. How many parts are there in London?

  5. Who is the head of Great Britain?

  6. What place is the official home of the Queen?

  7. What are the oldest English universities?

  8. What is Big Ben?

  9. Where is the UK situated?

  10. What’s the capital of Kazakhstan?

  11. Where is Astana situated?

  12. When was founded Astana?

  13. What is the symbol of Astana?

  14. What was called Astana until 1998?

  15. What is the population of Astana?

  1. Tell about our capital using these expressions:

to be situated

to be famous for

to attract

to impress

to like

IV. Match the sentences.

1. The houses of Parliament is a) the second coldest capital in the world.

2. Baiterek b) a big aquarium with over 2000 sea animals.

3. Big-Ben is c) the building which British Parliament sits.

4. Buckinham Palace d) is a Tower, Astana’s most famous landmark.

5. Astana is e) one of the famous clocks in the world, symbol of London

6. Duman Entertainment centre has f) is the official residence of the Queen.

7. The tower of London g) is the official workplace of the President of Kazakhstan

8. Akh Orda h) is a very old building, now it is a museum.

V. Read the new words try to remember them

single-decker bus бір қабатты автобус

double-decker bus - екі қабатты автобус

coach - алыс жолға баратын автобус

top жоғары

crew топ,компания

conductor кондуктор,жолсерік

upstairs жоғары жағы

downstairs төменгі жағы

queue кезек

If it has two floors it’s called a double-decker and you can get a good view from the top. If it has

only one floor it’s called a single- decker. Buses have a two person crew it’s a driver who drives, of course, and the conductor (or the conductress if it’s a woman) who takes your money. Keep your

ticket as the inspector might want to check it. You catch a bus waiting at a bus stop. A double-decker bus has an upstairs (top) and a downstairs

For longer distances take a long distance bus called a coach which is slower but cheaper. The use of the word “inside” for the lower deck dates from the early days when the topdeck was open, so that only passengers on the lower deck were inside. People queue for buses in Britain. But you shouldn’t jump the queue: people don’t like it. Only a limited number is allowed to stand inside. And no one may stand on top. Smoking in allowed on top but you cannot smoke inside.

VI. What is the difference between ....

a. conductor and conductress,

b. inspector and bus driver,

c. single-decker and double-decker,

d. bus and coach.

VII. Complete the dialogue.

-Would you like to travel by ..................?

-Yes, I think you can see a lot from ................... of it.

-Can you travel by double-deckers only in...........?

- Red double-decker buses are a typical picture in London but two-level buses run in many towns of......... .

VIII. Decide which is correct: a, b, or c.

1. How many parts is London divided into?

a) two parts; b) four parts; c) three parts

2. Who is the official head of the UK?

a) the President; b) the Houses of Parliament; c) the Queen

3. What place is the official home of the Queen?

a) the Tower; b)Buckingham Palace; c) St. Paul's Cathedral

4. What is the capital of England?

a) Astana b) London c) Cardiff d) Belfast

5. How many people live in London?

a) 8 million b) 6 million c) a million d) 4 million

6. When did the great fire of London break out?

a) 1066 b) 1766 c) 1106 d) 1666

7. What is the heart of London?

a) the City b) Westminster c) the West End d) the East End

IX. Compare the system of public transport in London and Astana.


Things in common


X. Home –task Ex 2 p 189

XI. Giving marks.

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