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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Поурочный план по английскому языку на тему : "Lost childhood Lost Future"
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Поурочный план по английскому языку на тему : "Lost childhood Lost Future"


Theme: Lost childhood Lost Future


Stage of the lesson: Practice in Speech

Objectives of the lesson: To practice students in Speech.

To develop skills in speaking about child’s labour, about it’s


To train students in doing exercises with new vocabulary

To educate interest in learning English

Materials of the lesson: a textbook of T.Ayapova, slides

Procedure of the lesson

I Organization moment

II Practice in Speech

T: Hello to everybody!

Look at the blackboard! The theme of our lesson today is “Lost childhood, Lost Future”

-Guess, what will we talk about at the lesson?

-Well, you are right; we’ll talk about child’s labor. It is the global problem in our modern society. Child’s labor attracts children to work on a regular basis. Currently, in most countries child labor is a form of exploitation and declared illegal. In the past, child labor was widespread, but after the emergence and recognition of the concepts of safety and the rights of children in the region of child labor began to decline gradually.

-What do you think where is child’s labor used?

S1: Children are often involved in various criminal activities, including prostitution, pornography. In some African countries and Muslim’s countries children are involved in War actions and acts of terrorism.

T: It is really so . The world is cruel and sometimes children get into bad situation sometimes they are forced to work at the early age.

Now please, watch short video discuss one of the child’s problem.


I’m Bounali Simamora. I’m 14 . I have toiled 7 days a week 10 hours a day, on a rickety fishing pier stranded in the middle of the ocean, 10 miles off the coast of Indonesia. What do I do is sorting my catch. I work from 8 in the morning until 6 at night. Every morning I wake up, sort fish, dry them, boil them, and put them into storage. Then, I wait for the tide to go down and do it again. It is very difficult but I must work.

T: What do you think why does the boy Bounali Simamora work?

Does he want to have a pocket money, to buy a bike?

S:I think the main reason that force Bounali to work is that it affect the survival of the family. He doesn’t work for pocket money, he works to stay alive. His labor is cruel?

T: Why do you think that his labor is cruel?

S2: I think Bounali has a very cruel job because he must work 10 hours a day without weekends Bounali must work from 8 in the morning till 6 at night. He has toiled seven days a week.He works very hard 10 hours a day, permanent standing in water.

S3: Bounali’s work is very harmful for his health and low paid.

I think it is under the law.

T: Bounali is one of 120 million children worldwide, between ages 5 and 14 who are working instead attending school.

Desperately poor nearly 80 million of these children sacrifice their health and safety for just

Penny a day or nothing at all. Many cultures throughout history have forced children to work.

Before Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, countless American children also toiled under brutal conditions.

T: Now you will discuss some problem questions in groups.

The Group A will be for child’s Labor.

You will prove that labor is useful for children

The Group B will be against child’s labor

Follow the theme of our the lesson «Lost childhood ,Lost Future”

Group A S1: I think children are able to work nowadays because in a modern society there are

many interests of teenagers e.g. modern mobiles iPad, iPhone and it is fie to

shame to ask money from your parents to buy this or that thing.

S2 : Parents give me money but it is not enough for me, because I want to be modern ,

suit all my friends ,to be fashionable , “to be in time”. And I think I need to work part

time job.

S3: Wow! I think it is cool to have your own money, to earn by yourself and to spend

their where do you want. It is freedom!

S4: As for me I think teenagers should be allowed to work a part-time job which is not

harmful for their health or to interfere with the child’s education to harmful for health

and physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.

S5: Might be a part time job will 2-3 hours a day once a week.

Group B S1: Absolutely not Children mustn’t work, because it does harm for them. Child’s duty is

to learn. When children work, as for me, they lose their childhood. Our childhood is

associated with our education. And I think when there is no education there won’t

be Future.

S2: Child’s labor must be forbidden. You will ask why? I’ll explain you, because it is

lower paid. One third of these children never receive their money, they never

receive penny that often leaves them battered and bruised. Or sometimes they

receive only 6-7 dollars a month.

S3: Some kinds of labor is immoral. Children are often involved in various criminal

activities , including prostitution and pornography. In some countries are arming

children and forced to participate in hostilities.

S4: I will say “No! to child’s labor”, according to the law of our country we have parents

and they must look after us until maturity, give us education.

Children! Live, learn and to be happy.

T: Thank you for interview. Pay attention, please if you say “Yes” to child’s labor what

jobs will you chose?

S1 : I think it might be a newspaper boy, a baby-sitter, a waiter, a clerk

T: Go to the blackboard and match pictures with description

VII Conclusion of the lesson

Homework: ex.9,p.214 in writing learn the grammar rule,p.249

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