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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Поурочный план по английскому языку на тему " Профессии" 2 класс учебник Алматы китап 2016 г.Рахимжанова С.Д.

Поурочный план по английскому языку на тему " Профессии" 2 класс учебник Алматы китап 2016 г.Рахимжанова С.Д.

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2 Form                                                  Lesson 6                                          Date:

Teacher: Grushko T. A.

Unite: 2 Lesson 1


The aim:





Type of the lesson:

Kind of the lesson:




Letter combination:

1.Org. moment:





Phonetics :



3.Checking up h/w:


4.The main part:

Work with the textbook:

Reading :











 Physical Culture minute.

 Speaking :

Writing :










Formation of knowledge of pupils on "Professions".

1)Educational: Formation of the receptive and reproductive communication skills as part of the situational dialogue on "Professions". Formation receptive grammatical skills, enhance the study of lexical and grammatical material. Semantization new thematic vocabulary, spelling skills and the formation of phonemic hearing.

2)Developing: Development of speech of pupils by obogoscheniya vocabulary through vocabulary and enhance the study of semantization a new way of using language guess. The development of a culture of dialogue and monologue speech, of interest to study the language, fine motor muscles by performing tasks for brushing, stroke patterns. Development of the ability to control motor actions through involvement in educational games. Self-evaluate their work in the classroom.

3) Teaching: Formation of a sense of respect for their own work and the work of other people, a sense of responsibility, discipline, honesty, hard work, self-esteem, a joyful attitude towards success and failure of empathy classmates.

Lesson explaining the new material


book, workbook, computer, CD-ROM, board, pictures, grammar table.

A pilot,a cook, a doctor , a driver, I want to be a …

Present Simple . I want to be a …

oo- [u], [u:] book [buk]

The procedure of the lesson:

T: Stand up please!

T: Good afternoon, children! Sit down please!

T: Iam glad to see you. Today in class we'll learn the names of some professions.

T: Today we practice, we pronounce the sound u it can be long [u:] and short [u]

Now listen and repeat after me [u], [u] ,[u]. Say : hook, look,book,took,brook.

And now long sound repeat after me [u:], [u:], [u:] .Say : broom,room,ruler .

Super ! Great! Good!

T:Open your books on page 19 . Look at the letters read like the sounds that we have just pronounced. This combination of letters oo. If after them should be consonant letter k, then we say that sound is short [u] , in all other cases, they are pronounced as a long [u:].

T:Repeat please after me Phonetics : oo . Look at the cook.He makes food. He has a spoon and a cook book. Balloon, spoon ,moon, book ,cook, goodbye .

T: Who want to read ? Read please .

T:Very good !

T: What was your home task for today ? H.t. Ex. 3 p. 17. Please tell me the poem.

Please tell me the words. Easter, Christmas, Queen’s Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas tree, to colour, spring, to watch parade, summer, holiday, New Year, Victory Day, Nauryz, Astana Day, capital, have, give, go, bring.

 Super !

T: Open your books on page 18 . Ex. 1. Listen and learn the new words. Track 12. Speaker: a driver, a pilot, a cook, a doctor. Look please at the pictures, repeat after me: a driver, a pilot, a cook, a doctor . Now Guess the profession.Who is it ?

Now open your vocabularies and write down the new words.

a pilot [ˈpaɪlət]) пило́т, лётчик a driver [ˈdraɪvər] води́тель

a cook [kuk] повар doctor [ˈdɔktər] врач, до́ктор
I want to be a … [ wɔnt tuː biː ə] Я хочу быть

Ex. 2 p. 18 .Guess the profession. Keys:1) a pilot; 2) a cook; 3) a doctor; 4) a driver.

Now Listen and learn the poem. Ex.3 p.18. Guys, tell us who you want to be when you grow up. Now we learn how to say the phrase in English. Listen carefully recorded.

Track 13. I want to be a pilot. I want to be a cook.

All professions are important. All professions are so good.

Listen the poem one more .Repeat please .Read please.

Fine !Remember! . I want to be a driver.

Hands up, hands down Hands on hips, sit down.

Hands up, hands down, Hop, hop, Turn around and sit down.

Look please . Ex.4 p.19 .Read, then say about yourself.

Tell us about yourself on the model.

T: Open your workbooks on page 14 . Ex. 1. Guess the profession and match.

Guess the relevant profession and draw a line from the words to the pictures.

Ex.2 p.14. Finish the sentences. Keys: 1)a pilot 2)want; doctor 3)be; driver 4)to; cook

Objective: development of spelling skills thematic vocabulary. Students must complete the proposal by inserting the desired word, drawing on drawing illustrating the profession.

Ex.3 p.14 Unscramble. Students should arrange the letters in the correct order to get the word out: doctor, cook, pilot, driver.

Ex.4 p.15 Draw what you want to be and write.

Creative Activity: Students will have to draw what they want to become in the future, and to sign a picture. Under the picture is given beginning of the sentence, where you want to enter the name of the profession. If the child has chosen a profession that is not in an active vocabulary of the lesson, the teacher helps him individually. It is important to pay attention to children's understanding of concepts differences profession and position, if need be, to explain and give examples.

Open your diaries and write down your homework Ex.5,6 p.15 w.b.Write the words.Learn new words and Ex.3 p.18 b.Learn by heart the poem.

Your work today was brilliant! Tell me please, what new words you have known at the lesson. Good! Can you write new words? Open the page84 with smiles and evaluate their work in the classroom.

The marks for the lesson are …

The lesson is over! Good-bye!






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