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Поурочное планирование "Degrees of comparison"

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Date: The 22nd of December

Form: 6

Theme: Degrees of comparison
Aims: a) to explain the formation and use of comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives, to teach the students to describe people and places using degrees of comparison of adjectives.
b) to develop pupils’ abilities to work in pairs, to develop writing, reading, listening, oral speech skills and grammar.
c) to bring up love and respect to the native language and foreign language.
Type of the lesson: introduction of the new lesson.
Methods: explanation, question-answer, listening, work in pairs and work in clusters.
Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment.
a) Greeting
b) Checking up attendance

Phonetic drill.
1. Spring is green
Winter is white
Autumn is yellow
Summer is bright.

2. Better late than never
3. Two heads are better than one.

II. New theme: The Adjective and degrees of comparison
T: Today you will learn about the degrees of comparison of Adjectives. Adjective is a part of speech.1. There are three degrees of adjective: positive, comparative and superlative. 1.1. To make a comparative adjective we add the suffix –er, in superlative we add the suffix -est to the base. Adjectives of one syllable take suffix –er in
comparative and suffix -est in superlative forms.
For example: Nurym is strong. Oraz is stronger. Zhanbolat is the strongest.
My sister is big, but my brother is bigger than my sister. And my father is the biggest.

1.2. Adjectives that end with letter “y” change “y” into “i”.
Dirty-dirtier-the dirtiest
Happy-happier-the happiest
Dry-drier-the driest

Remember: Irregular Adjectives:
1.3. Adjectives that have two or more syllables make comparative degree with word “more” , superlative degree with word “most”.

Good-better-the best
Bad-worse-the worst
Interesting-more interesting-the most interesting
Expensive-more expensive-the most expensive

III. Practice. 1. Complete the sentences with the right adjective
1) This is the _________ (good) theatre in the city.
2) I think this book is ___________ interesting than that one.
3) Ann’s hair is __________ (long) than Mary’s.
4) Aigerim is the ________ (pretty) girl in our school.
5) This is the __________ (new) of the cars.

2. Talk to your partner about your family
Fill in the table with the adjectives guessing the rules.

Positive Comparative Superlative
a)warm warmer The warmest
The thinnest
The best
The most interesting
More expensive

3. Answer the questions
1) Who is the tallest in your family?
2) Who has the shortest hair in your family?
3) Who is the cleverest girl in your class?
4) Who is the cleverest boy in your class?
5) Who is the best sportsman in your school?

IV. Conclusion
Today we have learnt the degrees of comparison of adjectives.
1. How many degrees of adjectives do you know?
2. How do they form?
3. Which degree of adjective has the ending –er?
4. Which degree of adjective has the ending –est?

V. Putting marks
VI. Home task

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