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Презентация на тему "Чарли Чаплин"

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  •                 Charlie  Chaplin

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    Charlie Chaplin

  • Biography of Charlie Chaplin    Charlie Chaplin (16 April 1889 - 25 Decemb...

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    Biography of Charlie Chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin (16 April 1889 - 25 December 1977)is an American and English actor, screenwriter, composer and Director, universal master of cinema, the Creator of one of the most famous images of world cinema, the image of Charlie the tramp appeared in short comedies.

  • Childhood in England (1889-1909)                      Charlie C...

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    Childhood in England (1889-1909)
    Charlie Chaplin (1900-1910)

    Charlie Chaplin was born April 16, 1889 in London, in a family of artists of the music hall. Shortly after his birth the family moved to West square, St. George's road, Lambeti. His parents, Charles Spencer Chaplin Sr. and Hannah Chaplin were stage actors. Mother performed songs and dances in various theatres, including the enterprise well-known composers, authors popular operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan. In 1903 he (at age 14) got a permanent job in the theater and the role of messenger Billy in the play "Sherlock Holmes". At this time, Chaplin was practically illiterate. When he presented the role of the text, he was afraid that he would be asked to read aloud a few paragraphs.

  • The  Image  of   the   Tramp
        The image of the Tramp first...

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    The Image of the Tramp

    The image of the Tramp first appeared in the movie "Extremely difficult position by Mabel" (according to another version - in the movie "Baby car racing", removed later, but which appeared on the screen for a week before).

    Chaplin donned huge pants, narrow card, great shoes, head - pot in his hands was holding a walking stick. Chaplin looked younger than his age, so I glued a small antennae, domovlyavsya, in his opinion, solidity, but does not hide the facial expressions needed in silent films. In his first appearance on the silver screen Chaplin came with a mustache.

  •            Photo from the films of Charlie Chaplin

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    Photo from the films of Charlie Chaplin

  •              The  Photo by Charlie Chaplin

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    The Photo by Charlie Chaplin

  • The Death Of Charlie ChaplinThe death of the great co...

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    The Death Of Charlie Chaplin
    The death of the great comedian came after complications caused by a stroke. He died without waking up, December 25, 1977. The family has fulfilled the will and buried actor in Vevey Swiss.

    After two months, two unemployed decided to earn some money, and, having dug up the coffin with the remains, has offered to pay for him Oona Chaplin. In may, the criminals were found. Re the funeral took place at the Vevey cemetery. The remains were buried under a huge layer of concrete.

  • Thank  you  for   our attention

    8 слайд

    Thank you for our attention

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