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Урок "The green world"

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Zhetiaral” secondary school

Prepared by: an English teacher

Kabdenova B.B.

2016 year

Outline of the lesson plan

7th form

The theme of the lesson: The Green World (2 hours)

The Aims of the lesson:

- To teach pupils to speak about trees, to practice the present tense and present perfect

- To educate pupils in quickness and punctually, to bring up pupils to save the nature and comparing things

- To develop pupils skills of speaking, writing and reading and oral speech

The form of the lesson: traditional

The type of the lesson: combined

The Method: warm-up, talk to your partner, , matching.

Connecting with subjects: ecology, geography

Procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment

Good morning, pupils! Take your seats

I`m glad to see you.

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What season is it now?

Do you like this season? Why?

What`s the weather like today?

II. Checking up home task. What was your home task? Ex

III. Warm-up Guess: What is it?


slide 1 slide 2 slide 3


slide 4 slide 5 slide 6


slide 7 slide 8 slide 9


slide 10 slide 11 slide 12


slide 13 slide 14

IV. Explanation of the new theme


slide 15 slide 16

Today we have some new words:




Saquaro cactus-[sæɡuaroʊ,’kæktəs]-Сакуаро катусы


V. Practice Look at the picture C:\Users\123\Documents\Bluetooth Folder\2016-02-01-12-28-08-826341921.jpeg

      1. Is this cactus beautiful? Yes, it`s beautiful

      2. What does it look like? I don`t know

      3. How old is this cactus? This cactus about 200 years old.

Ex 8 read, then translate

The Saguaro is the giant of the cactus family. Its height is often 50 feet. It grows very slowly. It grows about one inch per year. The first branch of the cactus does not appear until the plant has grown to a height of 16 feet. The first flowers appear when the plant is 50-75 years old.

The largest saguaros are about 200 years old and weigh more than 908 kg. There is Saguaro National Monument in the state of Arizona in the USA. It takes 100 years to grow its full 50 feet in height.


Complete the semantic map


slide 20 slide 21




It grows very slowly. It grows about one inch per year.


slide 24 slide 25 slide 26


slide 27 slide 28


Speaking . Speak about a Birch:


slide 29 slide 30

For ex: It`s small. It grows in Kazakhstan. Its green and white. Its height is often 30-35 m etc.

VI. Conclusion of the theme


  • Do you plant trees? Yes, I do.

  • How often do you plant trees? Once a year

  • Are you a green person? No, I don`t

  • Do you like the green world? Yes, I do

  • What trees do you plant every year? Usually Apple tree slide 31

Thank you, children. Now it is time to make a Green Tree.

  • I promise to be nature’s best friend.

  • I promise to be sorry for animals.

  • I promise to take my litter with me.

  • I promise not to drop in the street.

  • I promise to turn water off.

  • I promise not to harm plants.

  • I promise not to pick wild flowers.

  • I promise to plant trees.

  • I promise to feed birds.

VII Home task Ex 15,17 p.56

Giving marks.

The lesson is over!

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