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Инфоурок Английский язык ПрезентацииПрезентация на тему: Значение цвета в английском языке.

Презентация на тему: Значение цвета в английском языке.

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    meaning of colors Цветков Семен 11 Б класс

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    What does red mean ?

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    red Red warns of danger. The expression red alert is used to warn of a sudden and very dangerous situation. The expression like a red rag to a bull means that something is likely to make someone very angry and cause them to react violently. People imagine that the devil is red. Red heart shapes and red roses are used to represent romantic love. Red is thought to be an exciting colour; the expression paint the town red means to go out at night to bars, clubs etc and have a very good time. In politics, red is used to represent communism and socialism. In the UK the Labour Party is represented by a red rose. If someone is red in the face, they are very embarrassed. It is traditional to welcome a king, queen, or president to a place by having a red carpet for them to walk on.

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    brown «brown» считается символом уныния и депрессии: «brown study» - глубокое раздумье, мрачное настроение; «I’m browned off with it» – мне это опротивело.

  • 7 слайд

    Yellow The colour yellow is often used to represent a lack of courage. Cowards are connected with this colour and people sometimes say that a coward is “yellow” or “yellow-bellied”. From Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture

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    blue In the US and UK it is very common for clothes to be blue. Navy blue (=very dark blue) is a common color for uniforms such as those worn by sailors and the police, and formal clothes worn for work: a navy blue suit. In the UK, blue is the color of the Conservative Party. There is a joke that old ladies who support this party have a blue rinse, which means that they have their white or grey hair dyed a pale blue color. The expression blue-color is used to talk about social class. A blue-collar worker works in a factory, repairs machines etc (compare white-collar). Blue is connected with coldness. If you say that someone is blue with cold, you mean that they are very cold. Pale blue is associated with baby boys, who are traditionally dressed in this color. Today many parents avoid dressing their boys in blue because they think that it strengthens sexual stereotypes. People who belong to royal families are said to be blue-blooded (=to have blue blood). This suggests that they are special, and different from ordinary people, who have red blood.

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    green British and American people think of green as the color that represents nature. If you describe a place as green, you mean that it is covered with grass or trees: green fields. The green belt is an area of land around a city where building is not allowed, in order to protect fields and woods. Green is the national color of Ireland, also known as the Emerald Isle because of its many green fields. Green also means “connected with environment”. Green issues are ideas about the environment that are discussed in parliament, newspapers etc. In Britain and some other countries there is a political party called the Green Party which is chiefly interested in Green issues. Products that are described as green are thought to cause less harm to the environment than other products. Green is used to describe someone who is young and lacks experience in a job. Green represents jealousy. If you are green with envy, you are very jealous with someone who has something that you want. The expression green-eyed monster is used to mean sexual jealousy. If someone’s face is green, they look pale and unhealthy, especially because they are about to vomit.

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    white In the UK and the US, white is associated with purity and virginity. Traditionally, women wear long white dresses when they get married. White is also associated with moral goodness. People imagine that the Christian god and his angels wear white, and that Heaven is a place where there are many white clouds. If someone’s face looks as white as a sheet, they are pale because they are ill or very frightened. A white flag is traditionally used by people fighting in a battle, to show they surrender (=accept that they have been defeated). The expression white-collar is used to talk about social class. A white-collar worker works in an office, bank etc (compare blue-collar).

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  • 16 слайд

    Значения, совпадающие в двух языках White flag - Белый флаг White- hot - Доведенный до белого каления White magic- Белая магия  

  • 17 слайд

    black In the US and UK, black is a very popular color for clothes of all types and especially formal occasions. It is typically worn at funerals to show respect and sadness. Black clothes are often worn to social occasions in the evening, when women sometimes wear a little black dress (=a simple, short, black dress with no sleeves, that is acceptable at most casual occasions that happen in the evening or at night) and men sometimes wear a black dinner jacket. Black is associated with death and evil. Witches are thought to wear black and to have black cats. Black magic is believed to be magic that uses the power of the devil for evil purposes. The black sheep of a family is a member of a family who chooses to live his or her life in a way that is different from the other members, and that they disapprove of. The phrase "in the black" is often used to refer to personal or corporate finances that are in a positive state.

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    Цвета также могут ассоциироваться с определенными праздниками: например, с Рождеством соотносятся красный и зеленый; Хэллоуин - с черным и желтым; День Святого Валентина - розовый и красный; Пасха - желтый, зеленый, голубой.

  • 21 слайд

    установлено, что обозначения цветов в английском и русском языках могут иметь как идентичные ( red - faced, green light, yellow press), так и абсолютно разные значения (red berets, green old man, yellow line)

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    Цвета и ассоциации

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    Thanks for your attention!!!

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