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Инфоурок Английский язык ПрезентацииПрезентация по английскому языку на тему " Черты характера" ( Знаки Зодиака)

Презентация по английскому языку на тему " Черты характера" ( Знаки Зодиака)

Описание презентации по отдельным слайдам:

  • 1 слайд

    The Chinese zodiac has been around for thousands of years and used to be the main astrological belief that Chinese people based their actions and predictions on. It is believed that the animals in the zodiac represents the characters of the people born under each zodiac sign.

  • 2 слайд

    Chinese zodiac or astrology is made up of 12 animal signs that run on a 12-year cycle, i.e. each year is represented by an animal and is repeated after every 12 years. Traditionally, the Chinese zodiac always starts with the Rat, so the right order of the zodiac is: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

  • 3 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals Rats tend to be smart and creative. They can adapt easily to new environment and are quick to take advantage of various opportunities. They’re curious and can be good at anything . In general, rats are lovely and kind people, but can sometimes be impolite to others. Lucky colours: blue, gold, green Lucky numbers: 2, 3 Lucky flowers: lily, African violet

  • 4 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals Oxen are diligent and honest . They’re hard workers. They tend to be ambitious and patient. But, oxen can be quite stubborn. They also have poor communications skills. Lucky colours: white, yellow, green Lucky numbers: 1, 4 Lucky flowers: tulip, morning glory

  • 5 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals Tigers are brave and competitive, with self-confidence and charm that make them well-liked by others. They can be unpredictable. They are born to be a leader. With their stubborn personality, they can be hard to handle. Lucky colours: blue, grey, orange, white Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 4 Lucky flowers: yellow lily

  • 6 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals Rabbits in general have likeable characters, being the gentle, kind and patient people that they are. They are also very faithful to their friends and families. However, they can be stubborn and overly-discreet; reluctant to reveal their minds to others. Since they’re also too cautious and conservative, they tend to miss good opportunities. Lucky colours: red, pink, purple, blue Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 6 Lucky flowers: lily and jasmine

  • 7 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals The dragon is thought to be the most powerful sign in the Chinese zodiac, despite being an imaginary animal. People born in this sign tend to be hotheaded and have sharp tongues. They’re also ambitious risk-takers who are not afraid of challenges, thus making them feel they could control everything. Most dragons are filled with enthusiasm and confidence, with a lot of courage and intelligence Lucky colours: gold, silver, grayish white Lucky numbers: 1, 6, 7 Lucky flowers: bleeding-heart glory bower, dragon flowers

  • 8 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals Snakes are the most intuitive animal sign. Being the symbol of wisdom, they are considered great thinkers. They prefer to work alone and have their own space. Some snakes can be materialistic and like to own the best of everything. Lucky colours: black, red, and yellow Lucky numbers: 2, 8, 9 Lucky flowers: orchid and cactus

  • 9 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals Horses are energetic and active. They are very social and like to be the center of attention, and they can be found easily in a crowd. With their quick wit horses have no problem handling difficult questions or comments. Lucky colors: yellow and green Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 7, and numbers containing them (like 23 and 37) Lucky flowers: calla lily and jasmine

  • 10 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals Goats are thought to be calm, gentle people. They’re mild-mannered, shy and kind-hearted. They tend to be very creative and determined in their professional world. Goats like to spend money trendy things and enjoy the finer things in life. Lucky colors: green, red, purple Lucky numbers: 2, 7 Lucky flowers: carnation, primrose

  • 11 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals Monkeys are very likeable people. They are also curious and witty, a combination that makes them very naughty. They enjoy playing (pranks) but are well-meaning, though others may be offended by their actions. Monkeys have many interests and need a lot of stimulation. Their creativity and cleverness make them big-time opportunists, a factor that makes other people consider them as sly. Lucky numbers: 4, 9 Lucky colours: white, blue, gold Lucky flowers: chrysanthemum

  • 12 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals Roosters tend to be talkative, outspoken and frank. However, they can be vain. They sometimes annoy the people around them. Despite this trait, roosters are very confident people who are hardworking and courageous.  Lucky numbers: 5, 7, and 8 Lucky colors: gold, brown, and yellow Lucky flowers: gladiola, cockscomb

  • 13 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals Dogs have a high degree of loyalty and sincerity. They treat people who are important to them very well and will do everything for them. Dogs are always ready to help others. It is, however, hard for dogs to communicate their thoughts and opinions well and they make people think they’re stubborn. Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 9, and numbers containing them (like 34 and 49) Lucky colors: red, green, and purple Lucky flowers: rose, cymbidium orchids

  • 14 слайд

    Personalities of the 12 Zodiac Animals Pigs are thought to be generous. They will help anyone in need, but won’t likely to ask for help from anyone. They’re good problem solvers. With a great sense of responsibility and diligence, pigs always finish what they started and achieve their goals. Due to their naivety, pigs can be easily fooled. Lucky numbers: 2, 5, 8, and numbers containing them (like 25 and 58) Lucky colors: yellow, gray, brown, gold Lucky flowers: hydrangea and daisy

  • 15 слайд

    Now you know your good points and bad ones. Try to improve the last and encourage the first.

Краткое описание документа:

Презентация по теме " Черты характера" предназначена для изучающих английский язык. Уровень обучения - Intermediate ( Upper Intermediate )

В презентации в увлекательной форме на примере китайского гороскопа вводится новая лексика. Материал предназначен для тренировки навыков чтения и говорения.

Материал может быть использован как на уроках, так и на внеурочных занятиях.

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