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Презентация по английскому языку "Traditions of New Zealand" (самостоятельная работа студентов)

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  • Traditions of New Zealand.

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    Traditions of New Zealand.

  • Public holidaysDay of the Treaty of Waitangi. On February 6, the country cele...

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    Public holidays
    Day of the Treaty of Waitangi. On February 6, the country celebrates the National Day of New Zealand. On this day in 1840, the Treaty of Waitangi was signed for peaceful coexistence between the British and Maori.
    The Canterbury Show. In the second week of November, horse races, fashion contests and music concerts are held in Christchurch (South Island).
    Fireworks festival (Fiesta week). It takes place in mid-March in Auckland. Since fireworks are rare in New Zealand, crowds of people gather to watch this spectacle.
    Wine festival. The annual New Zealand Festival, which takes place in Marlborough at the end of the second week of February. In addition to wine tasting and local delicacies, concerts and fashion contests are held here.
    Jazz festival. This music festival has been held for more than 30 years before Christmas, in the last week of December.

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  • Wedding in New ZealandThe strength of family relations in this country is tak...

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    Wedding in New Zealand
    The strength of family relations in this country is taken very seriously: marriage should be concluded once in a lifetime. It is a custom to hang a rope loop around the neck of the newlyweds as a symbol of the eternal connection of their souls. The wedding ceremony is held in a sacred place for Maori. At the beginning of the ceremony, the folk ensemble performs a traditional wedding song and a pofiri dance. At the end of the ceremony, instead of kissing, the newlyweds should rub their noses.

  • Features of New Zealand national cuisineThe national dishes of New Zealand ar...

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    Features of New Zealand national cuisine
    The national dishes of New Zealand are considered to be:
    Hangi. Raw meat or fish is shifted with vegetables or root vegetables (pumpkin). Then such a "sandwich" is wrapped in leaves, buried shallowly in the ground, and a bonfire is lit on top for a couple of hours. When the fire burns out, the hangi is ready.
    Fish and chips. Fried fish with French fries, one of the most popular options of New Zealand fast food.
    The colonial goose. This is not a goose, but a baked leg of lamb stuffed with dried apricots, onions, breadcrumbs, honey and herbs.
    Sea cocktail. Mussels and king prawns boiled with herbs and spices.
    Rice in New Zealand. Long-grain rice with onions, vegetables and herbs, cooked in meat broth in a deep frying pan.

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  • The Maori peopleAmong the traditions of the island state, it is also worth hi...

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    The Maori people
    Among the traditions of the island state, it is also worth highlighting the haka dance, a legacy of Maori. Tribal residents used it without fail before fighting the enemy. Men perform sharp, aggressive movements, sing battle songs, thereby warming themselves up before the battle. Another important Mari custom that has influenced the entire New Zealand culture is tattoos, including on the face. They have a deeply symbolic meaning - a connection with nature, space, and the ocean. Wood carving is an ancient art, which is owned by most representatives of the Maori. Household items, tableware, decorative ornaments amaze with their beauty and skillful work.

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  • What day is considered the national day of New Zealand? 

What is the most mu...

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    What day is considered the national day of New Zealand?

    What is the most musical holiday in New Zealand?

    What holiday phenomenon is rare for New Zealanders?

    What do newlyweds do instead of kissing in New Zealand?

    What is a greeting sign instead of a handshake?

    What percentage are the Maori people of the total population of New Zealand?

    What is the oldest art owned by the Maori people?
    February 6
    Jazz festival
    rub their noses
    rubbing their noses
    wood carving

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