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The differences between American and British English.

Galaganova A.A.

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization Secondary School «Sodrujestvo».

Antonyan G.S. – English teacher ANO SOSH «Sodrujestvo».

The urgency of my work is that adolescents face daily American English while exploring British English. Of course, they notice the differences of language options, they face in practice, from which they are studying in school. This fact explains the relevance of my work.

The aim of the project work is systematizing the main difference between American and British English and making recommendations for their learning.

Methods for solving the problem.

  1. Communication with native speakers.

  2. Searching and exploring an information.

  3. Development and production of British - American dictionary.

  4. Create a Power Point presentation.

In the 17th century, colonists from England began to bring their language in America. Speakers of different dialects, were settled to the west and south. In the 17th – 18th centuries flows of immigrants were growing, bringing with them a variety of languages and dialects. Mass emigration to the new state – the US – continued in the 19th – 20th century. Currently, many «Americanisms» have spread even in British English.

Inside the British variant there are 3 types of language: English conservative, accepted standard and advanced English. The basis for the standard to «correct English» is the language of the best private schools and universities. This is the classic, literary English, which is the base of any training course.

Differences between American and British English are divided into lexical, grammatical and phonetic.

Lexical differences are due to numerous borrowings in the American version of the language of Indian and Spanish, also worked other languages, such as German and French. Also, there are 2 features in the lexicon: a synecdoche and an American slang.

The most common grammatical differences:

In American English Present Perfect time replace into Present Simple, the verb shall into will, does into do. Many irregular verbs in the American version are correct. The articles and prepositions are used in various ways.

One of the most typical features of American English is the transition in many words of British vowels. A characteristic feature of American English is the stress sliding and the type of palatalization.

So, as I saw, between American and British English difference is quite noticeable, bur the view of the significant differences between them – just a myth. But still, in the opinion of Russians linguists, the right language is British, or rather that part of it which is called the accepted standard. American grammar is comparison with the British considerably simplified. American English can be called «casual» language. This, of course, speaks in favor of the British version for study in school therefore, the basis for the study must be British English.

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