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Инфоурок Иностранные языки ПрезентацииПрезентация по английскому языку 6-7 класс "Система образования"

презентация по английскому языку 6-7 класс "Система образования"

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    The UK educational system The educational system of Great Britain developed for over a hundred years. It is a complicated system with wide variations between one part of the country and another. Education in Great Britain is compulsory for all citizens at the age from 5 till 16 years. There are two sectors of education: state (free education) and private (paid education). In Great Britain there are two education systems which easily get on together: the first is in England, the Wales and Northern Ireland, the second — in Scotland.

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    Types of schools The most typical kind of school in Great Britain is Boarding School in which pupils both study and live.The first Boarding Schools appeared in Britain in the early Middle Ages at monasteries. In the ХII th century the Pope obliged all Benedictine monasteries to open charitable schools at monasteries. A little later they began to take a payment for training at such schools. British aristocratic families prefer their children to study at such schools.The other types of schools are Day Schools Combination of Boarding and Day Schools.

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    Classification of schools by the age of the pupils: All-Through Schools are schools where children are trained of the age from 2 till 18 years. Pre-Preparatory Schools are both a day nursery and kindergartens, for children from 2 till 7 years. Here they learn to read, to write, to count, to develop themselves through games. Usually such schools are organized with schools for younger schoolboys. Junior Schools are for children from 7 till 13 years. Here children have a special general cycle of training in various subjects and pass Common Entrance Examination. Successful passing of such examination is a must to entering the senior school. Primary schools are for pupils at the age from 4 till 11 years. Senior Schools are for teenagers from 13 till 18 years. Here children pass GCSE and A-Level examinations. Secondary school is for children at the age from 11 years. Grammar school is for children at the age from 11 years under the profound program. At the same schools it is possible to get preparation for university (Sixth Form)

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    Classification of schools by a sex of the pupils: Co-educational schools are the schools where both boys and girls are trained. Girls only Schools are schools where only girls are trained. Boys only Schools are schools where only boys are trained.

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    Secondary school education Secondary education is compulsory for children till 16 years. At all state and private schools children study from 11 till 16 years and prepare for GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) — the general certificate on secondary education, or GNVQ (General National Vocational Qualification) — the national certificate on professional qualification. Secondary education at private schools of England means studying of compulsory subjects and disciplines for choice. For each child the training program is made individually, proceeding from its abilities and interests in relation to the future trade. Compulsory secondary education (with 11 till 16 years) is divided into two basic levels - Key Stage 3 and Key stage 4/GCSE. Children pass a special general cycle of training in various subjects which comes to an end with passing Common Entrance.

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    General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) are the basic examinations which schoolchildren pass at the end of the first step of secondary education in England. In each subject, the schoolboy can receive marks from A (the highest mark) to G (the lowest mark). The final result of GCSE will depend on the received marks for course and practical works during the year and results of some examinations which are checked by special examination boards. The marks for GCSE subjects are taken into consideration at getting schoolchildren to the following educational level - A Level or its equivalent

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    Education since 16 years Training at high school in England after 16 years is called as the Sixth form (Sixth Form or A–level – from 16 till 18, sometimes till 19 years). The Educational program of the Sixth form is completely based on preparation of pupils for entering higher educational institutions. In 16 years, after the end of compulsory education, students can both leave school and start working and continue education to enter the university. A-level course is offered to enter the university. After the first year of training A-level examinations, and after the second year A2-levels are passed. The first year of training means compulsory studying of 4-5 subjects, the second – of 3-4. The student choose individual subjects from 15-20 offered by school, thereby defining the specialization to of training at university.

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    England is the country of conservatives, a school uniform is always approached to classical fashion there though lately English stylists created the most liberated and scandalous collections. For a long time the uniform for boys in Great Britain was consisted from a jacket-blazer, a gray flannel shirt which was replaced by white in summer or on holidays), dark grey trousers or shorts, grey long socks, a dark blue raincoat, black boots, and in cold weather – a pullover with triangular cut. Also a suit had a cap with a logo of school and a firm tie. Great Britain is the birthplace of a school uniform, and for many years and centuries schoolboys wore various uniforms.

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    Traditionally English schoolboy is dressed in a blazer, a cap and short trousers-shorts, and carries an obligatory leather satchel. To some extent this form is a past echo though the image lives in films and cartoon films. The blazer with a school badge on a breast pocket still rushes many pupils, but caps, short trousers and satchels tribute to the old form now there is more. There can be scarves of corresponding color of school.

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    Eton Eton is a highly-exclusive private school for boys where children only from the richest families of Great Britain or princes from royal family study, because a tuition fee is very high. The suit of the pupil of school Eton looked so: the wide white starched collar, a vest and a short black jacket that was usual clothes at many paid schools of the first half of the 20th century. In the late sixties the form of the Eton college was cancelled, but today this school uniform is worn at specialized choral schools for boys.

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    Education since 18th years

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    After passing A-levels students can receive either professional, or higher education. As a rule, universities in England demand good marks in 3-4 subjects from the general A-level program. Vocational training (Further education - FE) includes courses of vocational training and some courses for higher education (Degree of the Bachelor). The term "vocational training" is used to designate courses for those who left school at the age of 16 years. In Great Britain there are more than 600 state and private colleges of further education. These educational institutions offer various programs of training, including English language courses, programmes of preparation for getting the general certificate on secondary education and A-levels, professional courses. Higher education includes programs on getting Degree of the Bachelor, a Magistracy, Doctor's degree. The term "higher education" means training at universities, colleges and institutes which offer getting scientific or doctor's degree. In the majority of Universities of Great Britain higher education is received within 3-4 years and all marks for examination, scientific and other creative works are exposed on 100 mark scale. On each course, as a rule, 4 subjects are compulsory. The most famous and the oldest universities in Britain are Oxford and Cambridge.

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    Higher education is paid. Students study on credit which they must repay only after getting the diploma and employment with the minimum salary at a rate of 21 thousand pounds a year. If it doesn't occur, to repay a debt is not necessary.

Краткое описание документа:

Презентация содержит информацию о системе образования в Велкобритании. Ее можно использовать для первых уроков по этой теме.Презентация описательного харакактера на английском языке.

В ней содержится информация о типах школ, их классификации, описываются все ступени образования, дается краткая информация об экзаменах.

Конечно затронута  тема школьной формы для мальчиков и девочек. Как выглядит ученик Великобритании, традиции и обычаи.

В презентации вы можете найти также информацию о высшей ступени образования и о знаменитом ETONe.


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