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Календарнотематическое планирование. Level 2. “Primary colours” 68 hours-2 hours a week

By Diana Hicks, Andrew Littlejohn Translated by I. Bondarenko and N. Mukhamedjanova

Lesson №

Unit №

Lesson in the unit


Gramm ar


Practice in speech activities






I quarter- 9 weeks- 18 hours.





(вводный урок)


It’s got…

They’ve got…

Nouns: adventure, chorus, computer, lots (of), noise, propeller, rocket, roof, second, start/stop button, wheel.

Verb: get in.

Adjectives: strange, sunny.

P.B.ex 1p. 4 Dialogue “The adventure car”

P.B.ex3 p.5 Game “What have Su and Leo got?”

A.B.ex1 p.2 match the things

P.B. ex 1p.4 Dialogue


P.B.ex 2p.5 Wright the numbers

A.B.ex2 p.2 Wright about Leo and Su

ex3 p.3What’s missing

ex.4 p.3 make your adventure car




In the sea.

Is it…?

Can it…?

It eats…

there is/ there are

Nouns: arm, coral, flying, fish, list, mouth, octopus, plant, sea horse, tail, wing.

Verbs: check, move, test.

Adjectives: beautiful, long, normal, warm.

Pre"border: 1px solid #000001; ">

P.B. ex.4 p.7 read about coral

P.B. ex.2 p.6 test your friend

P.B. ex.5 p.7 talk about animal

P.B. ex.3 p.6 answer the questions

P.B. ex.4 p.7 listen about coral

P.B. ex.1 p.6 find strange/normal things

A.B. ex.1 p.4 complete the puzzle

A.B. ex.4 p.5 true or false

A.B. ex. 2-3 p.4-5





I’ve got…

We’ve got…

Nouns: difference, emergency.

Verbs: ring, wiggle.

Adjectives: clever.

Adverb: (over)there

Pre"border: 1px solid #000001; ">

P.B. ex.2 p.9 ask a friend

A.B. ex.4 p.7 what a shark can do

P.B. ex.1 listen and follow p.8

P.B. ex.3 p.9 sing a song

A.B. ex.1 p.6 what’s wrong?

A.B. ex.2 - 3 p.6 -7



Unit 1. Adventure in the jungle.


Where’s our car?

Whose…is this?

It’s …thanks.

Nouns: bottle, camera, frog, home, jungle, people, snake, spider, track, way.

Verbs: be careful, take.

Adjectives: little.

Adverb: always

P.B. ex.1 p.10 can you find the dangerous animal

P.B. ex.2 p.11 ask your friend

P.B. ex.3 p.11 play a game

P.B. ex.1 p.10 listen and follow

P.B. ex.4 p.11 sing a song

A.B. ex.1 p.8 write about things

A.B. ex.3 p.9 write a sentence for the group of animal

A.B. ex.2 p.9 color the correct way




In the jungle.

They eat…

They’ve got…

They are…

Nouns: clue, crocodile, insect, sun, teeth.

Verbs: mime.

Determiner: another.

P.B. ex.4 p.13

read about crocodiles

P.B. ex.1 p.12 look at the picture and find the animal

P.B. ex.3 p.13 play a game

P.B. ex.4 p.13 listen about crocodiles

P.B. ex.2 p.12 what animals are they?

P.B. ex.5 p.13 writ about animals

A.B. ex. 4 p.11 find out about giraffes

A.B. ex.1 p.10 write the name of animals

A.B. ex.2 p.11 true or false?

A.B. ex. 3 p.11 write about hippos




The monkeys

We haven’t got…

Hasn’t got…

They haven’t got…

Don’t worry!

Well done!

Nouns: Disguise leaves, plan, radio, rope, stick, tent, torch.

Verbs: push, wait.

P.B. ex.1 p.14

What’s Su’s plan?

P.B. ex.2 p.15 what sings haven’t they got?

A.B. ex.3 p.13 where can you put the animals?

P.B. ex.1 p.14 What’s Su’s plan?

P.B. ex.3 p.15 sing a song

A.B. ex.1 p.12 answer the questions

A.B. ex.2 p.12 write the names of animals

A.B. ex.4 p.13 write about each plays




The old box

I don’t know.

Nouns: box, city, volcano, deer, squirrel, wolf, wolves.

Verbs: understand.

Adjectives: old, sure, tired.

Adverb: too.

Determiner: some.

P.B. p.17

Read with Alina

P.B. ex.2 p.17

act out the story

P.B. ex.1 p.16 listen the story

A.B. ex.2 p.14 puzzle

A.B. ex.4 p.15 look at photos

A.B. ex.1 p.14 find five more differences

A.B. ex.3 p.15 write the answers



I know.

I can…

He/she has got…

Names of animals.


A.B. ex.5 p.17 learning skils

A.B. ex.4 p.17 correct the sentences

A.B. ex.1 p.16 colour the hippo

A.B. ex.2 p.16 names of animals’ part

A.B. ex.3 p.16 put the words in correct ractangel


Test. (Teacher’s book. Unit1)

grammar from unit 1

words from unit 1


Correction work


Extra practice 1

(Teacher’s book.)

grammar from unit 1

words from unit 1

II quarter- 7 weeks- 14 hours.



Unit 2. Adventure in the mountains.


Be quiet!

She lives in/on…

She goes…

Nouns: avalanche, circle, egg, farm, goat, mountain, ski, snow, summer, winter, year.

Verbs: collect, feed.

Adjectives: enormous, far, quiet!

P.B. ex.1 p.18 Is Sally happy?

P.B. ex.1 p.18 Is Sally happy?

P.B. ex.3 p.19 Sing a song

P.B. ex.2 p.19 write the sentences

A.B. ex.1 p.18 puzzle

A.B. ex.2 p.19 in the summer in the winter

A.B. ex.3 p.19 write the missing words




In the mountains.

(Present Simple)

She goes…

She likes…

He climbs…

Nouns: explosive, helicopter, rescue team, sport, wind.

Verbs: build, camp, compare, go for a walk, happen, plant, ski, use.

Adverbs: also, only, sometimes.

Conjunction: because.

P.B. ex.4 p.21 read about adventures

P.B. ex.1 p.20 in the mountains

P.B. ex.2 p.20 sport

P.B. ex.3 p.21 true or false

P.B. ex.5 p.21 find the differences

A.B. ex.1 p.20 Sally’s farm

A.B. ex.2 p.20 look count and write

A.B. ex.3 p.21 match the pictures and the sentences

A.B. ex.4 p.21 what do they do?




Fire and water.

I /people/ we don’t…

Nouns: computer game, fire, food, ground, idea, kilo, life, sleeping bag.

Adjectives: sorry.

P.B. ex.1 p.22 how can the Adventure car help?

P.B. ex.2 p.23 you can take 25 kilos

P.B. ex.1 p.22 how can the Adventure car help?

P.B. ex.3 p.23 sing a song

A.B. ex.3 p.23 What’s wrong?

A.B. ex.4 p.23 true or false

A.B. ex.1 p.22 What have they got?

A.B. ex.2 p.22 What can you do with each thing?




The giant.

I don’t like…

There isn’t…

There are not…

Nouns: giant, rock, race, sheep.

Verbs: wake up.

Adjectives: delicious, hungry, true, Kazakhstani

Pronouns: a few.

Determiner: many.

P.B. p.25

Read with Alina.

P.B. ex.1 p.24 listen and follow

P.B. ex.2 p.25 act out the story

P.B. ex.1 p.24 listen and follow

A.B. ex.1(1-4) p.24

A.B. ex.1(5-8) p.25 write the missing words


Revision U.2

grammar from unit 2

words from unit 2

P.B. ex.4 p.27 play a game

P.B. ex.3 p.26 your free time

P.B. ex.1 p.26 animals

P.B. ex.2 p.26 talk and write


Test. (Teacher’s book. Unit2)

grammar from unit 2

words from unit 2



Unit 3. Adventure in space.


Let’s go

(correction work)

I’m bored.

It’s interesting.

I don’t want to …

He/she/it doesn’t…

Yes, it does.

Nouns: Earth, garden, light, moon, night, room, something, space, star, table, tennis.

Verbs: drink, feel, get, go to bed, reflect, shine.

Adjectives: bored, fast, great, interesting, space.

Adverb: to night

Prepositions: at, from, into.

A.B. ex.4 p.27 the moon

P.B. ex.2 p.29 true or false

P.B. ex.3 p.29 tell a friend

A.B. ex.2 p.26 rock it

P.B. ex.1 p.28 the moon

P.B. ex.4 p.29 sing a song

A.B. ex.1 p.26 puzzle

A.B. ex.3 p.27 write about Mike Fiona and David




In space

numbers 20+


Do they…?

Yes, it doesn’t.

No, they don’t

Nouns: air, astronaut, crater, flag, kilometer, moon, order, packet (space), shuttle.

Verbs: come, back, float, wash.

Adjectives: difficult, fresh.

Possessive: their

Pronoun: nothing

P.B. ex.6 p.31 read about the space shuttle

A.B. ex.5 p.29 Astronauts

P.B. ex.3 p.30 numbers

P.B. ex.5 p.31 answer the questions

A.B.ex.1 p.28 What’s this?

P.B. ex.2 p.30 numbers

P.B. ex.4 p.30 play bingo

P.B. ex.6 p.31 read about the space shuttle

P.B. ex.1 p.30 count and write numbers

A.B. ex.2 p.28 write about the picture

A.B. ex.4 p.29 look and write

A.B. ex.3 p.29 fly to the moon

III quarter- 10 weeks- 20 hours.





That’s my/his/her/our/their/your…

Nouns: family, glove, helmet, jacket.

Verbs: go back, work.

Adjectives: famous, late, quick

P.B. ex.1 p.32 listen and follow

P.B. ex.2 p.33 closes

A.B. ex.5 p.31 true or false

P.B. ex.1 p.32 listen and follow

P.B. ex.3 p.33 sing a song

A.B. ex.1 p.30 closes

A.B. ex.3 p.31 find 5 more words

A.B. ex.2 p.30 complete the sentences Su’s family

A.B. ex.4 p.31 write the missing words




The butterfly


Present Simple do/does

Nouns: butterfly, land.

Verbs: control, die, grow.

Adjectives: crazy, later, lost

P.B.p.35 Read with Alina

P.B. ex.1 p.34 listen and follow

A.B. ex.1 p.32draw a circle

A.B. ex.3 p.33 answer the questions

A.B. ex.2 p.32 She’s wrong

A.B. ex.4 p.33 puzzle


Test( Teacher’s book U3)

grammar from unit 3

words from unit 3



Unit 4. Adventure in the sky.


Let’s find out.

Do they…?

Yes, they do/ No, they don’t.

Where/What/ When do they…?

Nouns: cloud, field, lion, meat, panda, storm, swallow.

Verbs: know how to…

P.B. ex.1 p.36 let’s find out!

P.B. ex.2 p.37 Choose an animal

P.B. ex.1 p.36 let’s find out!

P.B. ex.3 p.37 sing a song

A.B. ex.1 p.36 find differences

A.B. ex.3 p.37 questions about butterfly

A.B. ex.2 p.37 match the questions and answers

A.B. ex.4 p.37 read about butterflies




In the sky.

When is…?

Why do…?

Nouns: months, of the year, Africa, beak, birthday, Europe, holiday, month salmon, turtle, whole, world.

Adverbs: after, all, over, before

P.B. ex.4 p.39 read about swallows

P.B. ex.3 p.38 ask your friend

P.B. ex.5 p.39 turtles

P.B. ex.1 p.38 names of the month

P.B. ex.2 p.38 Chant with me!

A.B. ex.1 p.38names of the month

A.B. ex.3 p.39 write your answers

A.B. ex.2 p.38 puzzle

A.B. ex.4 p.39 swallows





It’s never/sometimes/usually/always…

Nouns: crack, parachute, trouble.

Adjectives: rainy, stormy, sunny, windy.

Adverb: always, never, so, usually.

P.B. ex.1 p.40 listen and follow

A.B. ex.3 p.41

P.B. ex.3 p.41 ask your friend

P.B. ex.1 p.40 listen and follow

P.B. ex.2 p.41 weather

P.B. ex.4 p.41 sing a song

A.B. ex.1,2 p.40 weather , tick the boxes

A.B. ex.3 p.41 colours

A.B. ex.4 p.41 month




A strange animal.

Let me go!

Nouns: dream, zoo, eagle, fox/ foxes, nest.

Verb: lay (eggs).

Pre"Times New Roman, serif">Conjunction: or.

P.B. ex.1 p.42

Read with Alina p.43

P.B. ex.2 p.43 act out the story

P.B. ex.1 p.42 listen and follow

A.B. ex.1 p.42 a sky adventure



Revision U.4

Extra Practice U.4

grammar from unit 4

words from unit 4

P.B. ex.4 p.44-45 play a game

P.B. ex.2 p.44 ask other friends

P.B. ex.3 p.44 Caspian seals

P.B. ex.1 p.44 write questions



Unit 5. Adventure in the city.



Present Continuous

They’re …ing.

It’s …

Nouns: danger, help, wave.

Verbs: answer, clean, leave, need.

Pre"Times New Roman, serif">Pronoun: everybody.

P.B. ex.1 p.46 listen and follow

P.B. ex.2 p.47 the wave is coming

A.B. ex.1 p.44 Danger!

P.B. ex.1 p.46

P.B. ex.3 p.47 What are the people doing?

P.B. ex.4 p.47 Sing a song

A.B. ex.2 p.44 Find the people

A.B. ex.3 p.44Find the people

A.B. ex.4 p.45 Read about waves

P.B. ex.5 p.45 True or false




In the city.

It’s… because…

You’re …ing.

Nouns: action, crossing, policeman, policewoman, road, traffic, lights.

Verbs: cross.

Pre"Times New Roman, serif">Pronoun: across.

P.B. ex.1 p.48 in the city

P.B. ex.2 p.49how many dangerous things can you see?

P.B. ex.3-4 p.49 Cross the road safely! Play a game

A.B. ex.1 p.46 Complete the picture

A.B. ex.3 p.47 correct the sentences

A.B. ex.2 p.46 Find your way to the park

A.B. ex.4 p.47 draw your posters


Test. ( Teacher’s book U4)

Correction work

grammar from unit 4


words from unit 4

IV quarter- 8 weeks- 16 hours.




It’s coming this way!

Is he/she…ing?

What are you doing?

I’m …ing.

Nouns: control, rest, steering wheel.

Adjective: brilliant, fine, frightened, metal.

Adverb: quickly.

P.B.ex.1p.50 listen and follow

P.B.ex. 2p.51Play a game

P.B.ex1 p.50

P.B.ex3 p.51sing a song

A.B. ex2p.48 choose the correct answer

A.B. ex3p.49 write the correct word

A.B. ex1 p.48 puzzle

A.B. ex4-5 p.49 write the correct numbers, count and colour






Nouns: code, message, pot, treasure, year, aquarium, meter, top.

Verbs: dig.

Adjectives: hard.

Adverb: inside

P.B.ex1 p.52 listen and follow

Read with Alina

P.B.ex2 p.53 act out the story

P.B.ex1 p.52

A.B.ex1 p.50

A.B.ex3 p.51

A.B.ex2 p.50

A.B.ex4 p.51 Fun in the city



grammar from unit 5

words from unit 5

A.B.ex3 p.52 Birthday

A.B.ex4 p.53 Poem

A.B.ex1 p.52 Colour the car

A.B.ex2 p.52 Bats

A.B.ex5 p.53 Learning skills



Unit 6. Adventure in the night.


What was that?

What was…?

It was…

We played…

I went…

(Past Simple)

Nouns: bang, crash, finger, half, outside, quarter, time, yesterday.

Adjectives: last

Adverb: o’clock.

Pre"Times New Roman, serif">Pronoun: somebody.

P.B.ex1 p.54 Listen and follow

P.B.ex2 p.55 Play a game

P.B.ex1 p.54

P.B.ex3-4 p.55 time, sing a song

A.B.ex1 p.54 write the time

A.B.ex3 p.55 Do you know this animal?

A.B.ex2 p.54 Draw the clock

A.B.ex4-5 p.55 A hedgehog




In the night!

Yesterday I …

We watched…

Nouns: afternoon, Australia, Canada, morning, side.

Adjective: amazing.

Adverbs: everywhere.

P.B.ex3 p.57 My friends

P.B.ex4 p.57 True or false

P.B.ex2 p.56 Yesterday

P.B.ex1 p.56 In the night

A.B.ex1 p.56 Puzzle

A.B.ex3 p.57 The stars

A.B.ex2 p.56 Time

A.B.ex4 p.57 Space




Don’t touch

We are … ing.

Nouns: clock, face, meteor.

Verb: touch

P.B.ex1 p.58 Listening and follow

P.B.ex2 p.59 Clock

P.B.ex3 p.59 Play a game

P.B.ex1 p.58

P.B.ex4 p.59 Sing a song

A.B.ex2 p.58 Meteors

A.B.ex3 p.59 Complete the sentences

A.B.ex1 p.58 Draw a clock

A.B.ex4 p.59 Write about these pictures




Marvin the wizard.

Pr. Cont.

Past Simple.

Nouns: lot, shoes, wizard, festival.

Verb: bang.

Adjectives: friendly, safe, exciting.

Adverb: then.

Pronouns: nobody, something.

P.B.ex1 p.60 Listen and follow

Read with Alina

P.B.ex2 p.61 Act out the story

P.B.ex1 p.60

A.B.ex1 p.60(1-4)

A.B.ex1 p.60(5-8) Write the missing words



grammar from unit 5-6

words from unit 5-6

P.B.ex2 p.62 Match the times and the clocks

P.B.ex3-4 p.62 Tell your friend about last week, play a game

P.B.ex1 p.62 Write a sentence about each picture


At home with King cat.


Days of the week.

A.B. ex.1 p.62 King Cat’s house

A.B. ex.2 ,3 p.63 Sport and food


Control work

grammar from unit 1-6

words from unit 1-6

Выберите курс повышения квалификации со скидкой 50%:

Краткое описание документа:

Открытый урок английского языка на тему "Animals"


  • Закрепление грамматических навыков (степени сравнения односложных и двусложных прилагательных);
  • Совершенствование навыков монологической речи;
  • Закрепление лексического материала по теме «Животные».


  • Обобщение материала по теме «Животные»;
  • Закрепление орфографических навыков и навыков чтения по транскрипции;
  • Практика монологической речи.

Материально-техническое обеспечение:

  1. Доска под мел;
  2. Магнитная доска, магниты;
  3. Картинки с изображениями животных;
  4. CD-проигрыватель, диск к УМК;
  5. Компьютер;
  6. Мультимедийная установка;
  7. Мягкие игрушки;
  8. Раздаточный материал (чайнворд).

Ход мероприятия.

Организационный момент.


Hello, girls! (Hello.)
Hello, boys! (Hello.)
Hello, our dear guests!
I’m glad to see you. (We are glad to see you too).
How are you? (We are fine, thanks. And how are you?)
I’m fine, thank you.

The topic of our today’s lesson is “Animals”. Today we shall have an unusual lesson. You’ll be participants of an exciting competition. You’ll practice your speaking skills, repeat the words on the topic “Animals” and learn what sounds different animals make. I hope everyone will enjoy our today’s lesson. (Учитель объявляет цели и задачи урока).

Далее учитель проводит разминку (Warm-up).

Основная часть урока.

Teacher: As you know animals play an important role in our life. What groups can all the animals be divided into?

Children: They can be divided into wild animals and domestic animals.

Teacher: I’m glad that you know it. Are rabbits wild or domestic animals? Are tigers wild or domestic animals?

Children: Rabbits are domestic animals. Tigers are wild animals.

Teacher: You are perfectly right. Now let’s divide our class into two teams: Rabbits and Tigers. Your aim is to do all the tasks in a proper way because it will allow you to go upstairs. If your team reaches the top first, you’ll become winners. (Учитель делит класс на две команды: Кролики и Тигры, прикрепляет на доску магниты с изображением тигра и кролика, рисует лестницу. Цель соревнования: выполнять различные задания правильно и раньше соперника достигнуть вершины лестницы).

Teacher: Now let’s start. Task 1. I want to invite two participants from the teams. Your task will be to write the word near the transcription and place the right picture near the word. Учитель на доске заранее готовит слова, названия диких и домашних животных, написанные в транскрипции. (Медведь, крокодил, волк, лев, заяц, лошадь, хомяк, корова, собака, свинья). Дети должны написать напротив транскрипции слова и правильно подобрать картинку с изображением животного.

Teacher: Task 2. I’d like you to guess two riddles. The first will be the winner. Отгадываем загадки.

I’m big. I’m grey.
My nose is long.
My tail is short.
I’m an ………(elephant).
I’m little. I’m grey.
My nose is short.
My tail is long.
I’m a …………(mouse).

Дети отгадывают загадки.

Teacher: Task 3. Who will be the best in retelling the text about tigers? Дети пересказывают текст про тигра. Упражнение №10 стр.32. Лучший из участников становится победителем.

(Проведение физкультурной минутки под песню “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”).

Teacher: Task 4. Now let’s do the chain word. Your task is to translate the words and put them down. Учитель раздает обеим командам по чайнворду, выполненному в форме змеек. Победителем становится та команда, которая быстрее и без ошибок заполнит все слова в чайнворде. Чайнворд составлен таким образом, что последняя буква в слове является началом следующего за ним слова. Слова для чайнворда: hamster, rabbit, tiger, rat, tortoise, elephant. Слова в задании даны на русском языке, т.е. их еще нужно перевести на английский язык, а потом уже записать в чайнворд.

Teacher: Task 5. It’s time to play with toys. Your task is to put the toys in order I’ll ask you. Учитель раздает обеим командам одинаковый набор из мягких игрушек. Затем учитель называет порядок, в котором должны быть расположены игрушки. (Monkey, frog, dog, elephant, mouse, duck, pig, bear, tiger, cat) Выполнение данного задания позволяет повторить не только лексику по теме «Животные», но и порядковые числительные. Команда получает право подняться на одну ступеньку по лестнице, если задание выполнено безошибочно.

Teacher: Task 6. Now it’s time to draw funny pictures. We are going to draw a tiger. I’ll call the parts of body; you’ll draw them with close eyes. Учитель вызывает к доске по одному представителю из команд и завязывает участникам глаза повязкой. Далее учитель называет различные части тела, а ученики рисуют их на доске. Победителем становится та команда, чей рисунок больше всего будет похож на изображение тигра.

Teacher: It’s time to award our winners! Учитель поздравляет победителей и вручает им медали.

Teacher: Now I want you to learn what sounds different animals make. Let’s listen to the song and see the pictures. It will be a consolation prize for losers and a nice surprise for everyone. Учитель предлагает детям познакомиться со звуками, которые издают разные животные. Материал представлен в виде забавной песенки очень легкой для восприятия.

Teacher: Thank you very much. Now it’s time to put down your home task. I’d like you to read and translate the text from your Reader pp.33-35 and to do Exercise 5 page 19 from your Workbooks. Today you were active, worked well and deserved good marks! (учитель благодарит учащихся за урок, подводит итоги, выставляет оценки и задает домашнее задание).

Teacher: I hope you and our guest liked our today’s lesson. Our lesson is over. Good bye!

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