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Презентация по английскому языку на тему An American festival (8 класс)


The 23 rd of February

To introduce an American festival, history and culture.

Expecting result:

They can understand all of the task and students can work in a group.

Resources :

Book, board, CD player, posters, cards. Interactive board, map of America and England .


 Dialogue, ask and answer, reporter, take a position, psychological training “ Good luck”

Organization moment:

-Good morning, students !

-Good morning, Teacher!

-How are you, students?

-We are fine thanks, and you?

-I’m fine too, thank you! Sit down, please.

a. Checking up the absentees

-What date is it today?

-Today is…

-Who is absent?

- All are present or today is absent….

Divide into two group

The class is divided into 2 groups: 

They should find dent of pictures and glue, then I give them paper of evaluation.

The first group name is…………….

The second group name is……

Psychological training

Good luck”

Students must give each other flower and say good words.

Good luck, you are very clever, beautiful, kind, smart, powerful, the best, cute……………

Home task:

Their home task was grammar exercises. Must, mustn’t and need.

Students will tell grammar rules. Then I will give them pictures of body language, then they will make grammar sentences.



New theme

Key words on the board : turkey, lobster, crab, pumpkin pie, vegetables.



Look at the board and tell me please, what about our new theme?

Thanksgiving day! Well it is right.

There many national holidays in the USA. Thanksgiving Day is one of them. Americans like to celebrate their holidays. Today we are going to speak about this remarkable day. Let us begin with the history of this holiday.

Knowing :

New words:

Wishbone [wiʃbəun]– a forked bone (the furcula) between the neck and breast of a bird

Lobster [lɔbstə] a large marine crustacean with a cylindrical body, stalked eyes, and the first of its five pairs of limbs modified as pincers.

Occasion [ə’keiʒən]- a particular time or instance of an event.

Opportunity [ɔpə’tju: niti]- a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Volunteers [vɔlən’ tiəz]- a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.

Homeless [həumilis] (of a person) without a home, and therefore typically living on the streets.

Fortunate [fɔ:tʃnit] favored by or involving good luck or fortune; lucky.

Distribute [dis’tribju:t] give shares of (something); deal out.

Work with text.

Thanksgiving in the USA

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving every year on the fourth Thursday in November. It’s a very important festival for families, who usually come together for a long weekend- even if some of them have to travel long distances to get home. According to American tradition, the first Thanksgiving took a place in 1621, soon after the first European settlers arrived in North America.

The most common meal at Thanksgiving in the USA is roast turkey and vegetables. According to tradition, the person who gets the wishbone must break it and make a wish. Of course, you needn’t have turkey at Thanksgiving lobster and crab are also popular.

Apart from the family meal, the Thanksgiving weekend is also a time for sport, parades and shopping. There are American football matches on TV, as well as college football matches around the country. In new York, the department store Macy’s organizes a famous fancy –dress parade which always ends with Santa Claus. The Friday of Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally a busy shopping day because people start to by presents for Christmas.

Traditionally, autumn festivals are an occasion to give thanks for having plenty of food. However, Thanksgiving is also an opportunity to remember those people who are less fortunate. In many US cities, volunteers spend some of holiday working in soup kitchen which distribute free food to the poor and homeless.

Students must read the text and prepare questions for the discussion Example:

  1. When Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

  2. What is the traditional food of Thanksgiving Day?

  3. Why is the turkey a symbol of that holiday?

They must write this question and put it in the box, then students will take the questions and answer. I will give them some minutes.


They will see video on interactive board. This video is about history of Thanksgiving Day.

The game. «The Pilgrims voyage».

On the board map of America and England. On the map fasten two flags. On the first flag written “Pilgrims” – On second flag written “Indians”. In this groups two students come to the board. Then teacher will ask some questions. If students have to right answer the ship will move to the bank. Which ship will be first achieve to the bank of America, this group will win. Answer the questions.

1. What was the name of the people who sailed to America? (Pilgrims)

2. What was the name of a small wooden sailing ship? (Mayflower)

3.How many passengers were on the ship?(102)

4. How many days were the Pilgrims at sea? (66)

5. It is the name of the ocean that these settlers crossed. What is it called? (the Atlantic Ocean)

6. It is the name of the state containing the location where the settlers landed and lived. What is its name? (Massachusetts)

7. Who taught the pilgrims how to survive in America? (the Indians)

8. It is the name of the season in which Thanksgiving is celebrated. What is it? (Fall)

9. When do people celebrate this holiday nowadays? (The last Thursday in November)

10. What is the main traditional Thanksgiving dish? (Turkey)

11. It is a vegetable that was first grown by Native Americans and was later used by the European settlers. What is it called? (Corn)

12. It is also a vegetable first grown by Native Americans and was called by the European settlers. What is it called? (Squash)

13. Why did the Pilgrims decide to leave the country? (to search the religious freedom)

14. When did Lincoln establish this holiday? (after the tragic Civil War)


I will show warming –up on the interactive board, then they should dance.


Work with exercise1 page 66. Which of the activities are not mentioned?

  • Dancing

  • Eating a big meal

  • Shopping

  • Spending time with your family

  • Volunteering for charity work.

Analyzing :

Students have poster. They will write American holiday and Kazakh holiday.


  1. How do Americans relax on this holiday? (Take part in or watch Thanksgiving Parade set fireworks, gather the family, sing, dance),

  2. What do people give thanks for? (Good things in their lives: mothers, fathers, friends, wonderful world, pets, homes, country…)

  3. Why do people celebrate this holiday?

  4. How do you think we have like this holiday in our country?

  5. Can you tell me both of this holidays?


Well! I will stick your task on the black board. Your task is why you like an American tradition festival or you don’t like it.

+ I like - I don’t like


+ I like this American festival tradition, it is interesting.

- I don’t like this American festival tradition, because I like animals and birds I feel sorry for them.


Reporter. One student will be a reporter in the class and ask students some questions. Example. What do you know about Thanksgiving day?

What you learn in this lesson?

Do you understand this holiday?

Can you tell me about Pilgrims?

Home task:

Exercises 1,2 page 62 and write short essay about Thanksgiving day. Retell the text.

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