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Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Английские писатели"

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Английские писатели (English writers)
Уильям Шекспир (William Shakespeare) (1564-1616 гг.) William Shakespeare (156...
Марк Твен (Mark Twain) (1835-1910 гг.) Mark Twain was born in the state of Mi...
Джек Лондон (Jack London) (1876 - 1916 гг.) Jack London was born in 1876 in S...
Льюис Кэрролл (Lewis Сarroll) (1832-1898 гг.)  Lewis Carroll was the pen-name...
Агата Кристи (Agatha  Christie) (1890-1976 гг.) Agatha Christie is known all...
The end
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№ слайда 1 Английские писатели (English writers)
Описание слайда:

Английские писатели (English writers)

№ слайда 2 Уильям Шекспир (William Shakespeare) (1564-1616 гг.) William Shakespeare (156
Описание слайда:

Уильям Шекспир (William Shakespeare) (1564-1616 гг.) William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was one of the greatest and famous writers in human history. He was born in Stratford-on-Avon, a small town in the middle of England. Studying at school the boy actually did not have any free time. But he spent his rare spare hours walking in the forest or watching the river Avon. Those days there were not a lot of theatres in towns and actors and actresses had to travel moving from one place to another with their shows. Sometimes they visited Stratford-on-Avon. William liked to watch them playing. He got fond of their profession and he decided to become an actor. He went to London and there he became an actor. At that time he began to write plays too Most famous of his plays are Othello, King Lear, Hamlet, and Romeo and Juliet.. He produced thirty seven plays at all. He had connections with the best English theatres for about 25 years. William Shakespeare wrote also a lot of poetry including his unbeaten sonnets. We do not know much about his life. We can only guess what kind of man he was . Shakespeare died in 1616, but millions people today still admire his plays.

№ слайда 3
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 4 Марк Твен (Mark Twain) (1835-1910 гг.) Mark Twain was born in the state of Mi
Описание слайда:

Марк Твен (Mark Twain) (1835-1910 гг.) Mark Twain was born in the state of Missouri in the United States in 1835. His father was an unsuccessful lawyer. The family seldom lived more than a year or two in the same town. That is why the future writer did not even finish secondary school. He went to work at the age of 12. In 1876 he wrote «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer». The book was read by everybody, «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer» was such a success that in 1884 he wrote «The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn», and then «Tom Sawyer Abroad» and «Tom Sawyer the Detective» in 1896. There were many other books written by Mark Twain. But his novels about Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn brought him world fame. Mark Twain’s real name was Sammuel Clemens. He took his penname from the words «to mark» and «twain» which were used by leadsmen on the steamboats to mark the depth of two fathoms. Many years have passed since Mark Twain’s death, but even now we enjoy reading his works. Besides being a humorist, Mark Twain is also a realist — the author of biting satires and bitterly critical pages revealing a good deal of the truth about American way of life.

№ слайда 5
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 6 Джек Лондон (Jack London) (1876 - 1916 гг.) Jack London was born in 1876 in S
Описание слайда:

Джек Лондон (Jack London) (1876 - 1916 гг.) Jack London was born in 1876 in San Francisco. His real name was John Griffit. His father was a farmer. The family was extremely poor and the boy had to earn his living after school. He sold newspapers, worked at a factory. Later he became a sailor; during some time he wandered vrith the unemployed. For a year he attended the Oakland High school and spent a semester at the University of California, but as he had no money he had to stop his studies and went to work again. This time it was a laundry. In 1897 he went to the Klondike as a gold miner. His first short story was published in 1898. Some of the difficulties he met during the first years of his literary work are described in his novel «Martin Eden». During the sixteen years of his literary career Jack London published about fifty books: short stories, novels and essays. In his best stories London described the severe life and struggle of people against nature. He died at the age of forty in 1916.

№ слайда 7
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 8 Льюис Кэрролл (Lewis Сarroll) (1832-1898 гг.)  Lewis Carroll was the pen-name
Описание слайда:

Льюис Кэрролл (Lewis Сarroll) (1832-1898 гг.)  Lewis Carroll was the pen-name of Charles L. Dodgson, the man who wrote a famous book for children "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". Charles L. Dodgson was born in England in 1832. He got his early education at a public school. Then he became a student at Oxford. Charles studied mathematics and later taught this subject in the same college. Charles Dodgson had no family, but he loved children very much. He often visited his friend, who had a large family. There were three little girls in the family. One of them Alice, was four years old. Dodgson liked Alice very much and he often told her interesting stories which he made up himself. Charles told Alice Liddell about the adventure of a little girl, and she liked the stories very much. When Alice Liddell was about ten years old, she asked Charles to write down the stories for her, and he did so. He called the heroine of his book also Alice. This hand-written book had many pictures made by Charles himself. They were not very good pictures but the children liked them. One day a friend of the Liddells, a writer, came to see the family. He saw the hand-written book made by Charles Dodgson and began to read it with great interest. He read the book to the end and said that it was good and that all the children in England must read it. Charles decided to publish the book but he did not want to do it under his own name. So he took the pen-name of Lewis Carroll. The book came out in 1865 and all the people who read it liked it very much. Later the book was published in the United States, in France and in Germany. The first Russian translation of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" came out in 1923. In England the book was published very many times during the author's life and you can always find it in the bookshops of today. "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is still a favourite children's book.

№ слайда 9
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 10 Агата Кристи (Agatha  Christie) (1890-1976 гг.) Agatha Christie is known all
Описание слайда:

Агата Кристи (Agatha  Christie) (1890-1976 гг.) Agatha Christie is known all over the world as the Queen of Crime. She wrote 78 detective novels, 19 plays, and 6 romantic novels. Her books have been translated into 103 foreign languages. They are the third best-selling books in the world (after Shakespeare's works and the Bible). Many of her novels and short stories have been filmed. The Mousetrap, her most famous play, is now the longest-running play in history of world theatre. Agatha Christie was born at Torquay, Devonshire. She was educated at home and took singing lessons in Paris. She began writing at the end of the First World War. Her first novel, "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" was published in 1920. That was the first appearance of Hercule Poirot, who became one of the most famous private detectives since Sherlock Holmes. Agatha Christie became generally recognized in 1926, after the publishing of her novel "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd". It is still considered her masterpiece. When Agatha Cristie got tired of Hercule Poirot she invented Miss Mar-pie, a deceptively mild old lady with her own method of investigation. The last Poirot book, The Curtain, appeared shortly before the writer's death, and the last Miss Marple story, The Sleeping Murder, and her autobiography were published after her death. Agatha Christie's success with millions of readers lies in her ability to combine clever plots with excellent character drawing* and a keen sense of humour with a great observation. Her plots always mislead the reader and keep him in suspense. He cannot guess who the criminal is. Fortunately, evil is always conquered in her novels. Agatha Christies language is simple and good and it is pleasant to read her books in the original.

№ слайда 11
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№ слайда 12 The end
Описание слайда:

The end

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