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Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Buying food"

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Ж. Абдикалыкова Сералиева Г.С .

Date : The 7th of December

Form: 6 G

The theme of the lesson: Buying food

The aims of the lesson:

1 Educational aim: to give some information about buying food.

2 Developing aim: to develop the pupils thinking understanding, listening and speaking.

3 Upbringing aim: to bring up love and interest for the subject.

Type of the lesson: The lesson of new information.

Methods: Interactive, demonstrative, reflective, oral, method of searching.

Visual aids of the lesson: interactive board, book, chalk, cards.

Literature : English 6 , T. Aiyapova, Z. Abdildaeva

I Organization moment

  • Stand up! Good morning, children.

  • Good morning , teacher.

  • How are you?

  • Who is duty today?

  • Who is absent?

  • What date is it today?

  • What day of the week is it?

  • Thank you very much. Sit down.

II Checking up the home task.

-Well , what was your home task for today? Are you ready?

-Repeat all the theme.

III Warm up

One read fruit, one green fruit, one yellow fruit.

Two kinds of which are made from milk.

Three thing people have for breakfast.

Four kinds of vegetable from which we can make salad.

IV New words. Ok, let’s start our lesson. Now look at the blackboard. These are todays new words. At first I’ll read , then you will repeat after me.

Food – тамақ

Meat- гөш

Drink – ичимлик

Coffee – кофи

Vegetable- көктат

Tea – чай

Orange – апельсин

Juice – сок

Apple – алма

Bread – нан

Banana- банан

Rice - гүрүч

Grape – үжүм

Cheese –сир

Egg- тухум

Milk –сүт

Butter –май

Biscuit – печенье

V. New theme .

Now look at the blackboard. Ask and answer the questions.

1 Now often does your family go to buy food?

2 Where do you usually buy food? Why ?

3 How often do you buy fruit and vegetable?

4 Do you often buy- fast food?

VI Doing exercises.

Well , pupils open your books on page 54

Ex3 Look at the baskets. Discuss with your partners.

1 Which baskets has healthy food?

2 Which baskets has unhealthy food?

3 Which food does your family prefer? Why ?

Ex 4. Read the sentences. Circle 1 or 2

  1. There are some grapes. 1 2

  2. There isn’t any chesse.1 2

  3. There is some fruit. 1 2

  4. There aren’t any vegetables. 1 2

  5. There isn’t an apple. 1 2

  6. There isn’t a biscuit. 1 2

Ex 5 p 54 Look at the sentences and complete the rules with some, any ,or a/an.

a. We use _________ with singular countable nouns.

b. We use __________ with plural noun and uncountable nouns is positive.

c. We use __________ with plural and uncountable nouns in negatives.

Ex 6 p 54 Study these words with your teacher.

Flavour altogether vanilla strawberry

Ex 7 p 54 listen and practice

Ex 8 p 55 talk to partner . Discuss the answer to these question:

a Where were Carol and Colin?

b Who were they with?

c What did they buy?

d Do you like ice-cream?

e What flavour do you like?

f How often do you buy it?

The game. Who is the best? Choose the odd one out from the list of words.

I . oranges apples pencil bananas

II. tea coffee juice ruler

III. kymyz carrot potato tomato

IV. many book much any

Ex10 p 56 Now change your roles.

Pronunciation practice

Listen and read

[ ] [ ]

this three

that third

they think

these thank

VII. Conclusion.

Ex 11 P56 Draw a table in your notebook. Pat the words in the correct column.

thick there than

theatre their thing

those thirsty anything

thirty the

________ ______
________ ______

VIII. Home task

Ex12.on page 56

Match the nouns to make new words.

IX. Marking.

The lesson is over.

Good Bye!




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