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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Презентации / Презентация по английскому языку на тему " Kazakhstan is my motherland"
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Презентация по английскому языку на тему " Kazakhstan is my motherland"


  Предмет: English 

Дата проведения:

 Учитель: Махаметова Ш. У

Тема урокаKazakhstan is my Motherland

Цели  научить работать с новой лексикой по теме урока.

- научить рассказывать о своей Родине на английском языке

- уметь применять навыки взаимодействия в группе для достижения поставленных задач

обучить: - повышение познавательной активности учащихся и мотивации к изучению английского языка;

- формирование коммуникативных навыков по теме, навыков аудирования с полным пониманием прослушанного, чтения с извлечением необходимой информации.

развить: развитие мыслительных операций: анализа и синтеза; творческих способностей учащихся, память, внимание, умение сотрудничать

Воспитать: воспитание патриотических чувств к своей родине, развитие познавательной деятельности учащихся.

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, раздаточные материал

Ход урока

Plan of the lesson.
І. Organization moment.
- Good morning pupils, sit down.
- Who is on duty today?
- Who is absent?
- Let`s begin our lesson.
ІІ. Checking up the homework.
- What was your homework for today?
- Who wants to read? Ex7. Translate, p 66
ІІІ. New lesson.
Now pupils, today we had a new theme. The theme is about Kazakhstan.
- All of you were born in Kazakhstan. 

What national symbols of Kazakhstan?
The state flag.
The sun as the symbol of place is depicted against a blue background. You can see the Eagle the symbol of freedom under the sun. There is a traditional Kazakh ornaments on the left.

National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan has a shape of circle and represents the image of shanyrak (upper arch of the yurt) on a blue background from which to all sides diverge uyki (supports) as the sun's rays. On the right and left of the shanyrak are images of mythical winged horses. At the top of the volume is a five-pointed star and at the bottom is the inscription "Kazakstan". Image of the star, shanyrak, uyks, the mythical winged horses and the "Kazakstan" inscription are in the color of gold. At the heart of the State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan is shanyrak. It became the heart of the emblem. This is a focus, integrity of the world, symbol of primordial state of the family. Winged tulpar (horse) ia an image of immortality, infinite development and spiritual wealth of the peoples living in Kazakhstan under one shanyrak. Tulpar is a symbol of the conservation system of sovereign Kazakhstan. The winged tulpar is a flight, a dream, the younger generation always associating expectations. The five-pointed star crowns the emblem. Each person has his own guiding star. Such a star should be also at the state. The authors of the National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan are the architects and Shota Ualikhanov and Zhandarbek Malibekov.

The National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan The national flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a rectangular blue cloth with an image in the center of the sun with rays and a soaring eagle under it. The flagpole has a national ornament in the form of vertical stripes. The image of the sun, its rays, eagle and national ornament are of golden colors. The ratio of the flag width to its length is 1:2. The blue-color National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan reflects not only the adherence to the unity idea, but also a reminder of a cloudless sky which always and in all was the personification of peace, tranquility and prosperity. In the language of heraldry the blue color and its hues are consistent with such human qualities as honesty, loyalty, hope. The golden sun, bathed in its rays represents peace and wealth, and the steppe eagle generosity and vigilance, the height of the intentions of Kazakhstan. The author of the National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an artist Shaken Niyazbekov. On June 4, 1992 the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev signed the Law "On the National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "On the National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and "On the musical version of the National Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan." National Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan Authors of the text: Zhumeken Nazhіmedenov, Nursultan Nazarbayev Composer: Shamshі Kaldayakov

Гимн Казахстана

Kazakhstan is my Motherland”

Kazakhstan is very large country. It is in Asia. There are rivers, lakes, forests and mountains in Kazakhstan. There are many people of different nations live in Kazakhstan. The president of the country is Nursultan Nazarbayev. Kazakhstan has its symbols. One of them is flag. The colour of the flag is blue and there is a golden sun and eagle in the centre. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana. Astana is a modern and beautiful city. I love my country. Kazakhstan is my Motherland.

Pupil 1 : “ Astana”

Pupil 2 : “Kazakh national music”

Pupil 3 : “Nature of Kazakhstan”

Pupil 4 : “Kazakh national customs and traditions”

Pupil 5 : “Kazakh national food”

Pupil 6 : “Kazakh national costumes”

учащиеся задают вопросы друг другу:

Now I 'll give you a card you must read and ask questions
each other

1.How many economic zones are there in Kazakhstan ?


2 Where is the collection of gifts and souvenirs presented to President Nazarbayev ?

Central  State Museum

3What sea is the home of sturgeon ?

the Caspian Sea    

4. What river flows out of China into the lake Balkhash ?

the Ili

5. Who was the first director of the Kazakh film studio ?

Shaken Aimanov          

6.What is the main party of Kazakhstan ?


7. A horse-race with a young girl rider is called…


 8.How can you translate from Kazakh into English “ beshparmak” ?

5 fingers 

9.Who is the Prime Minister of  Kazakhstan?


10.Where is the Balkhash lake located ?

in the steppes of Sary-Arka

11.Where is Astana situated ?

on the river Ishim

12 a sour milk beverage made of mare”s milk is…


13.What does the word “Almaty” mean from Kazakh into English?

with apple

14How many oblast centers are there in Kazakhstan ?


15 The struggle for the goat”s carcass is…


16 .What is the money currency in Kazakhstan ?


17. How do we call the Kazakh national competition of bard singers ?


18How do you name “ a blue hill” in Kazakh?


Is it true or false?

Almaty is the capital of Kazakhstan. -
• Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia. +
• The population of Kazakhstan is 9 million people. —
• Russian is the official language of Kazakhstan. -
• Kazakhstan borders Russia, The USA, China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan. -
• Almaty is the largest city in our country. +

Translate the sentences.

Akmolinsk was founded in 1830 as a fortress in Kazakh steppes.
• Astana is famous for its beautiful central square.
• Almaty is situated in the south of the country.
• Sport complex Medeo is situated in the mountains.
Казахстан омывается Каспийским морем на западе.
• Население Казахстана — около 17 миллионов человек.
• Русский — язык международного общения.
• Акмола была переименована в Астану в 1998 году.

Answer the questions.

What is the full name of our country?
• What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
• What is the total land area of Kazakhstan?
• What is the population of Kazakhstan?
• What is Kazakhstan washed by in the west?
• What countries does Kazakhstan border?
• What is the largest city of Kazakhstan?
• What is the population of Astana?
• Where is Astana situated?
• Where is Almaty situated?

Translate the words from English into Russian.

• Rename
• Census
• Urban
• Population
• Oil
• Desert
• Former
• Annual
• Rural
• Capital
• Wash by












Translate the words from Russian into English.

Республика Казахстан
• deposition • City • Grain • Soft • River • The Republic of Kazakhstan • Ethnic • A country • Barley • Wheat • West

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