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Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Лондонский Зоопарк".

  • London Zoo is the oldest among all public zoos in the world . It was founded on April 27, 1828 . This zoo is not the largest in size, but has an impressive collection of animals , numbering 700 species and more than 16,000 individuals. Interestingly, the first zoo was designed exclusively for the research of the London Zoological Society and was closed to the public . However, extensive collection of rare species , many of which had not yet been widely known, led the founders to open the zoo to see in 1847.Among the first inhabitants of the zoo were rare species such as the Arabian oryx, kudu antelope , orangutans and even today extinct quagga and marsupial wolves . Initially, all pets zoo kept indoors. It was believed that moist climate is unfavorable for London inhabitants of hot countries . In 1902, Secretary of the Zoological Society of London , Peter Mitchell held a large-scale reorganization , due to which many of the animals are living in open-air cages . This not only caused them harm, but also contributed to the prosperity of many kinds. Since then, the London Zoo is constantly modernizing exhibition and auxiliary facilities . Modern London Zoo - one of the world centers for breeding rare species of animals . What can be seen in his exposure ?Now London Zoo includes the main exhibition , which presents large mammals and birds, parrots and a pavilion for tropical birds , terrarium , aquarium and insectary . In the main exhibition attracts "House Gorillas " , which contains a whole family of these rare monkeys. Gorilla at London Zoo breed successfully and visitors have a great opportunity to watch not only for adults but also for the cubs.By the way, besides the gorillas at the zoo and many other rare apes - orangutans , tamarins , marmosets . Another crowded place - it is a lovely pool with penguins . He resettled in a way that you can watch the birds from the ground ( outdoor display ) and under water. Viewing platforms themselves have interesting design and create a cozy atmosphere.Visitors often linger near the enclosure with the otters . These animals are not very flashy at first sight not often seen in zoos. But London otter refute this idea ! Here dwells the whole happy family eastern beskogotnyh otters and they tirelessly amuse visitors with their antics , funny poses and begging.Among other rare inhabitants of the zoo is worth noting okapi , pygmy hippos , wombats and Tasmanian devil . Last 2 species found only here and in other zoos UK will not meet them .Necessary to mention the pink pigeons. 

  •   They say exotic animals were first taken (были привезены) to Britain in the thirteenth century when King Henry III received a gift (подарок) of leopards and elephants. The animals lived in the Tower of London in a place. Later the King of Norway presented Henry III with a polar (полярный) bear. The bear liked to go fishing in the Thames at the end of a long rope (веревка). Five hundred years later, Queen Charlotte was given the first zebra to come to Britain. She kept it near Buckingham House. Curious people came there to see it. Giraffes have been an attraction (привлекали внимание) at London Zoo since four of them arrived in 1839. Soon the giraffes were moved to Regent’s Park. One female gave birth (подарила жизнь) to six babies within five years. Today there are many thousands of exotic animals at London Zoo.

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