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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Презентации / Презентация по английскому языку на тему " My Favourite Sport"
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Презентация по английскому языку на тему " My Favourite Sport"


Plan of the lesson “ My favourite sport” conducted

by Seitbembetova Zh.S. on the 8-th form

The main goals: to develop students’ speech habits and skills in

expressing their own ideas, opinions and conclusions.

- to improve abilities in reading, writing and listening

- to teach the students to bring up healthy way of life.

Visual aids: cards, active-board, pictures of the sportsmen.

Types of the lesson: Creative lesson

The procedure of the lesson.

1. Organization moment

- Who is on duty? -I am

-What date is it today? - Today is ----------

Who is absent for today’s lesson. – All are present.

What was your home tasks? - Our home tasks are -------------

II. Brainstorming:

The Olympic quotation:“ The most important thing is not to win but to take part.”

Teacher: Today we take an interesting lesson, we’ll speak about sport and when we speak about sport we always think how to keep fit. Sport plays a very important part in our life. Millions of people regularly take part in sport or do exercises. It’s popular among young and old people. People like sports differently some people only watch sports games on TV and listen to sports news on the radio. Look at the active board. Read it, please. How do you understand this quotation? “ The most important thing is not to win but to take part” Give, please, your explanation.

Pupil #1 (one by one give how they understand it.) We’ve always paid great attention to sport. There are gyms and sports grounds in every our schools, colleges and universities. Every city and town has a few stadiums or swimming pools where local competitions are usually held. This care are done by our government for people to go in for sport. Not all people may be the winner of this or that competition but every people may take part in them. I understand it in that way.

III. Checking up home tasks.

Teacher: Let’s check up your home tasks. For this I give sheet of papers students write “Quiz” to new words which helps us in this lesson. Then I check up the other ex-s.

IV. Teacher: We continue the theme “ Sport”

Today the theme of lesson is “My favourite sport” I put questions:

1. What do you think about sports?

- Sports help people to keep in good health.

-If you are healthy you can learn and work and be active in life.

- Sport is very popular with young people.

Pupil#2 Physical training is an important subject in schools. Pupils have physical training twice a week. We play volleyball and football at the lessons. A lot of different competitions are held at school. Many pupils take part in them. All the participants try to get results and become winner. But it’s not main pleasure of the competition. Victory is not main thing, more important is participating in the competitions. Sport help people to support health and to keep fit.

2. What kinds of sport are popular in your class ( school)

3. What sport do you go in for and why you have chosen it?

( to become stronger, physically developed, to prepare for a future profession, to take part in different competitions -using these expressions pupils give their opinions.)

V. Now we read the text : “ My favourite sport”( students read one by one)

VI. We do ex-s : Agree or disagree:

1. I love many sports but best of all volleyball.

2. We train hard and we often play for the school in various regional youth tournaments.

3. I do sport on Sundays.

4, Football is an excellent way to keep fit.

5. He became a world star at the age of only 19.

6. I hope sport will help to develop confidence, persistence, responsibility, and courage.

VII. Listen to the dialogue, the read it. Answer the questions.

Why does Mike think that it will be easy for the other team to win the game? Why does Peter think it won’t be so easy for the other team to win?

Pupil 1 – Mike thinks that it will be easy for the other team to win because they have very tall players .

Pupil 2 – Peter thinks it won’t be so easy for the other team to win because Nick has refused to play this time.

Teacher: Let’s do ex.- IV

The task is make your own dialogue with your partner.

P1- Say, What’s your favourite sport?

P2 – It’s hard to say that. I like golf a lot but I guess I like swimming.

P1 – Do you go in for swimming? How about a game football?

P2 – Sorry. I’m strictly a spectator- baseball, tennis, and football… I watch them on TV.

P1 – I see. You are a sports fan, then.

VIII. Teacher: Answer the questions:

1. What do you think about girls playing football with boys?

2. Do you think there are male sports and female sports? Why?

Why not?

3. What is your favourite sport?

4. Why do you like this sport, what gives you this sport?

IX. Conclusion. Every girl and boy must go in for one of sports. If you want to be healthy, to become stronger, physically developed you will choose sport. If you go in for swimming it teaches you how to save someone’s life.

IX. Home task: Write 5-6 sentences on the theme “My favourite sport”

X. Evaluation.

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