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Презентация по английскому языку на тему My things (4 класс)

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form: 4 
The theme of the lesson: My things .

1.Introducing and practicing new vocabulary.
2. Developing pupils speaking, writing, reading skills.
3. Bringing up children to be tidy, polite and friendly.
Visual aids: pictures, , cards.
Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment.
Teacher: Good afternoon, children?
Pupils: Good afternoon, teacher.
Teacher: How are you?
Pupils: We are fine.
Teacher: Who is on duty today?
− What date is it today?
− What day is it today?
− Who is absent today?

II. Teacher: Last lesson you have learnt “Colours”. Let’s repeat these colours by playing the game.
Teacher: I will ask questions. For example: I say the colour in Kazakh language and you must say it in English.
Сары - yellow ------------ жасыл - green --------- ақ - white
Қоңыр - brown ---------- қызыл - red ------------ қызғылт сары - orange
Қара - black -------------- көк - blue
Teacher: We have a new theme about “Clothes”. There are a lot of clothes, but we will stop in some clothes, which we must know.
Open your vocabulary and write down the date and new words.
English ------------ transcription --------- Kazakh
Trousers ---------- [ trauz
әz] ----------- шалбар
Skirt --------------- [ sk
з: t] ------------- белдемше
Sweater ---------- [‘swet
ә] -------------- жемпір
Dress -------------- [dres] ---------------
Shirt --------------- [ ] -------------------
T - shirt ------------ [‘ti: -----------------
Shorts ------------- [sc: ts] -------------
Socks -------------- [soks] --------------
носки, шұлық
Shoes -------------- [ z] -----------------
Jeans -------------- [d
зi: nz] ------------ джинсы
Hat ----------------- [hæt] ---------------
бас киім

Teacher: Have you finished? Look at the blackboard and repeat after me all together.
Teacher: Ok. Thank you. Let’s answer the questions which I ask you. I have a picture. We see the clothes in the picture. And I’ll ask you a question and you have to give full answer. Let’s start.
Teacher: What is it? What colour is the skirt?
Pupil: It is a skirt. It is red.
Teacher: What is it? What colour is the jeans?
Pupil: It is jeans. They are blue.
Teacher: What is it? What colour is the dress?
Pupil: It is dress. It is yellow.

III. Play game.
Teacher: Now. We play the game. Look at the blackboard. And you see the wrong words. You must make the right words.
I ----------------------------------- II ---------------------------------------- III
TRIKS – SKIRT ----------- CKOSS – SOCKS --------------------- HESOS – SHOES
AHT – HAT --------------- RESDS – DRESS ---------------------- WEARETS – SWEATER
IRTHS – SHIRT ----------- RESSOURT – TROUSERS ----------- THIRS - T – T - SHIRT

IV. Speaking.
I have cards. We see the picture on the cards. Your task is to make up sentences.
V. Conclusion.
a) Giving marks.
b) Giving home task

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