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Презентация по английскому языку на тему "holidays"


Theme: “ Holidays ”

Teacher: Tanirbergenova A.B.

School: № 22

Class: 10 Ә

Date: 26.02.2014 y.

Aktobe -2014

The theme of the lesson is:” Holidays”.

Aims: teaching pupils talking about holidays of Kazakhstan

To develop pupils skills of oral and writing English speech

To search and learn necessary material on the theme on their own way,

To master pupils respect and keep traditions.

To bring up patriots of our motherland.

The methods of the lesson: questions-answers, individual work, group work, interactive methods.

Technical aids: an interactive board

The procedure of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment:

Good morning, dear pupils and guests!

Sit down, please!

Today we are going on to speak about holidays and traditions of Kazakhstan.

  1. Brainstorming:

Please, answer the question:

  1. What holidays of our country do you know?

  2. Do you like celebrations?

  3. What is your favorite holiday?

  4. What holidays celebrate in winter?

  5. What holidays celebrate in spring?

  6. What holidays celebrate in summer?

  7. What holidays celebrate in autumn?

  8. What kind of holidays do you prefer?

  1. O’K, let’s work with new vocabulary.

Listen to me and repeat after me in


public [pΛblik] - қоғамдық

movable [mu:vә bl] – жиналмалы

celebrate [selibreit] – тойлау

observe [ә b´z3:v] сақтау

decorate [´dek ә reit] – безендіру

commemoralion [k ә,memə´rei∫ən] - той

Complete the sentences with the missing words.

1.The yurt is traditional ______Kazakhs´ house.

2. New Year Day is _____holiday.

3. People _____streets and parles with flowers and flags.

4. _______of Nauryz is important for Kazakhs.

5. People ______birthday with family.

6. Kazakhs_____all traditions and customs.

4. The themes of pupils’ presentation:

O’K, I’ll give you tasks to make a slide show about some holidays.

What holiday we celebrate in the 7th of January? You, please, go to the blackboard.

1.The 7-th of January, Orthodox Christmas

2.The 8-th of March, International Women’s Day

3.The 1-st of May, May Day

4.The 9-th of May, Victory Day

5.The 30-th of August, Constitution Day

6.The 16-th of December, Independents Day

7.The 4-th of October, Kurban Ayt

8.The 1-2 of January, New Years Day

5. All right, but we know that people in Kazakhstan celebrate the New Years Day two times. At 1-st time it is in January and the 2-nd – in March.

What the 2-nd New Years Day people celebrate in March? Who knows?

Pupil: On 21-22 of March we celebrate Nayruz.

A little show how people celebrate Nauryz.

Pupil 1: Nauryz is a very important holiday for Kazakhs, which marks the beginning of a new year. It is celebrated several days starting from 21st of March, the day of the spring equinox. Nauryz means “new day”, it is celebrated in the Great Steppes from ancient times.

Pupil 2: During the Nauryz holiday, large and small cities, villages become festival centers, felt-yurts – traditions nomad houses are erected in city centers and rich dastarkhan is laid down in each of them. People wear beautiful national clothes, listen to Kazakh songs and play of musical instruments.

Pupil 1: Now , let’s to listen national Kazakh instrument dombyra.

Pupil 3: play the dombyra.

Pupil 1: Spring

The flowers are blooming everywhere,

On every hill and dell;

And oh, how beautiful they are!

How sweetly do they smell!

The little birds now hop along,

And look so glad and gay;

I love to hear their pleasant song,

I feel so glad as they.

Pupils of the 1-st grade: sing the song “My country”

Pupils of the 5-th grade: recite poetry

Pupil 1: Spring is here

Summer is near

Grass is green

So nice and clean

Winter, spring, summer fall

I like spring best of all.

Pupil 2: Spring is green

Summer is bright

Autumn is yellow

Winter is white.

Pupil 3: I love the spring .

For every day

There’s something new

That’s come to stay.

Another bud

Another bird

Another blade

The sun has stirred.

Pupil 4: Spring is here! Spring is here!

Winter is gone and two flowers appear.

Three little robins begin to sing.

Four bicycle bells begin to ring.

Five children come out and jump the rope.

Spring is here now! I hope, I hope!

Pupil 5: March wind goes out to play,

He will have such fun today!

When the boys and girls come out,

He blows their caps and hats about.

Pupil 6: Spring, spring is coming soon,

Grass is green and flowers bloom,

Birds returning from the south,

Bees are buzzing all about,

Leaves are budding everywhere,

Spring, spring is finally here!

Pupil 7: Green for spring

And blue for summer

As the days go by,

Cold for autumn,

White for winter,

Old years’ gone

Good – bye!

Pupil 2: Spring is coming, spring is coming.

How do you think I know?

I see a flower blooming,

I know it must be so.

Spring is coming, spring is coming.

How do you think I know?

I see a blossom on the tree,

I know it must be so.

Pupil 1: also in holiday exhibitions and fairs traditional gifts and souvenirs are sold.

Pupil 2: Usually young people gather around Altybakan, which is a large handing swings, with colourfull decorations, where songs are sung, and traditional games are played.

What traditional games are played on Nayruz?

Pupil 1: What traditional dishes prepared on Nayruz?

Nayruz kozhe is the most important of all meals and a main symbol of Nayruz,since it is prepared specially for this day. Nayruz kozhe is special for its unique resipe. Traditionally, 7 different ingredients are added to Nayruz kozhe, which may vary, but basically these ingredients include: water, meat, salt, milk or yoghurt, one type of grains, chosen from rice, corn or wheat, and others.

Pupil 2: Seven ingredients symbolize seven virtues or qualities, such as joy, success, intelligence, health, wealth, agility and security.

During the celebration of Nayruz, the kozhe is offered to all guests in any city or village of Kazakhstan. Besides, other traditional Kazakh meals, such as beshbarmark, kuyrdak, baursak, and many types of meals made from milk (yoghurt, kurt, cream, butter, cheese, etc.) are also offered.

Pupil 1: Now, answer the questions about Nauruz.

  1. When do we celebrate Nauryz?

  2. Why is this holiday so important for Kazakhstan?

  3. What does the word “ Nauryz” symbolize?

  4. What do people do during this holiday?

  5. What is the traditional Nauryz food?

  6. How much ingredients include Nauryz Kozhe?

  7. What are the meaning of these ingredients ?

  8. Is Nauryz a popular holiday in Kazakhstan?

  9. What activities are popular on these days?

  10. Do Kazakhs work on this day?

O’K. Thank you, sit down, please!

Now we talk about some holidays of Kazakhstan, which celebrate not only in our country.

But there are some holidays that connected only to Kazakhstan.

What kind of holidays celebrate only in Kazakhstan?

  1. Associations: work in group

I’ll give you a shit of paper and markers . You will must give associations to the following holidays.

1-st group: the 7th of May, Defenders Day

2-nd group: the 6th of July, Capital Day

3-rd group: the 1-st of December, the 1-st President Day

  1. The result of the lesson.

So our lesson is over. Thank you for the lesson.

Your marks for the lesson are: ………

Your home work is: prepare a report on Holidays in Kazakhstan.

The lesson is over. Good – bye.

1. The 7-th of January, Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox Christians celebrate in accordance with the Julian calendar on Jan. 7, is a state holiday in Kazakhstan. In his address to Kazakhstan citizens on Christmas Eve, President Nazarbayev emphasized that this Christian holiday is celebrated by all citizens of multipath and multinational Kazakhstan. "A respectful and considerate attitude towards different religions is one of the most important foundations of Kazakhstan society. Our country has never experienced religious, national or racial intolerance.”

He added the state has ensured that all peoples living in Kazakhstan could preserve their national languages, original culture, customs and traditions and freely express their religious views. In conclusion, Nazerbayev said that is what makes it possible for all citizens to work together to build a new and modern Kazakhstan.

Christmas is one of the main Christian holidays, when the religious celebrate the birth of Christ from Virgin Mary. The Christmas Eve was yesterday, when all the Orthodox religious people had the fast and they started eating only after dark or appearance of the first star on the sky. It is a symbol of the portent seen by the wise men of the East who came to worship baby Christ and presented their gifts.

2. March 8: International Women's Day

March 8th is also known as the International Women's Day .In one of his latest speeches, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said there are three “main” women in a man’s life to love and to respect: mother, who gives life, the beloved woman and the Motherland.

March 8th is an official public holiday. This beautiful spring holiday is most often celebrated in the family circle with a festive meal and champagne. Another popular choice to celebrate March 8th is by visiting friends. Men and women give flowers, postcards with poetry, chocolate, and other pleasant gifts to their mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. Some Russian men like to undertake all household duties on this day—starting with washing dishes and ending with cooking dinner and looking after children, so that women can enjoy a full day of rest.

3. The 1-st of May, May Day

Kazakhstan is a multinational country, home for 150 nations and nationalities. To unite all these nationalities the country’s government hold different events one of which is the celebration of Day of Unity. The official day of this holiday is 1 May. This day was celebrated as a holiday of workers’ solidarity in the Soviet time. Today this is a holiday of unity of all peoples who live in the territory of Kazakhstan. This bright spring holiday is held in every city of Kazakhstan with parades and processions along the central streets of the cities and also with entertaining events.

Participation of different cultural centers which familiarize the people of Kazakhstan with the traditions of other nationalities is of great importance. Merry dances, sports competitions - all these make the event one of the brightest and most favorable holidays for the people of Kazakhstan.

Probably the brightest moment of the holiday is an ethno-cultural exhibition. Different national dwellings of the representatives of all nations who live in Kazakhstan are installed in front of the Central Park of the city. These are peculiar mini-museums where you can see national clothes, traditional tableware, jewelry, but what is more important you can taste dishes of different national cuisine there. 

In addition, this day the museums and libraries of Kazakhstan organize exhibitions dedicated to the holiday and peoples who live in Kazakhstan. This holiday does not only familiarize with traditions and culture of the nationalities that live in the country’s territory but also it aims to consolidate people of all nations, living in Kazakhstan.

4. The 9 May, Victory Day.

One of the remarkable public events in my country is the Victory Day. It is traditionally celebrated on the 9th of May.

This patriotic holiday commemorates the victory of the USSR over the Nazi Germany.

Every year in honor of this day in all cities across the country lots of cheerful parades and celebrations are held.

Despite the fact that the holiday is celebrated in a flamboyant way, May 9 is a sad day for majority of our population.

Many people have lost their loved ones and close relatives during this ruthless war. From one hand everyone is happy that the country wasn’t occupied by the fascists invaders, from the other hand everyone grieves over their loss. In my opinion, the Victory Day is one of the greatest holiday during the year.

5. Constitution Day celebration in Kazakhstan

Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the official holidays celebrated in Kazakhstan on 30 August. It was 30 August 1995 when the Kazakh people approved the new Constitution draft at the national referendum. This was one of the decisive moments on the way of building an independent state in Kazakhstan.

The Constitution allowed the accelerated economic reform while maintaining political and social stability. It consolidated the unity of the people and united more than 120 nationalities in Kazakhstan. Along with changes in the economy, the Constitution of Kazakhstan has opened new opportunities for process of political modernization in the society. The Constitution has recently been updated to keep up with the pace of rapid changes in the country's political system. The gist of the Constitutional amendments approved in May, 2007 is the gradual ceding of powers by the President to the Parliament and a thoughtful move towards a parliamentary majority system.

By tradition on Constitution Day festivities, concerts and different exhibitions are held in all regions and cities of the Republic. You can watch parades and games in the rural and mountain regions. The main festivity and official events are held in the country’s capital Astana. You can visit concert stages, where Kazakh and foreign artists give performances. Solemn events are held in many parks and in the evening you can enjoy watching.

6. Independence Day of Kazakhstan

Since 1991 Kazakhstan celebrates December 16 as its Independence Day, after the adoption by the Supreme Council of the USSR of the Law on Independence and State Sovereignty of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstanis officially celebrate this event for two days 16th and 17th December of each year.

Whichever part of Kazakhstan you are in, you just need to go to the local main square to see what's on and enjoy it. It might be too miserable outside to sit inside all day.
It's not a warm holiday, if you know what I mean.

On the 16th people go out to local squares where first there will be opening speeches by local authorities, and then public organizations and educational institutions hold their short entertainment programs. And then all the fun begins.

People stroll round the city or visit friend and families. Later in the evening it's time to check the local square from more entertainment.

17th December - this is when people start getting into big holiday mood. It's like a rehearsal for coming New Year holidays. People do their New Year shopping, have their New Year trees up, do more family and friends visits or do winter related activities: skiing, sledging, skating and more. Some just stay at home to recover from the day before to get fit to go back to work. 

7. Kazakhstan to celebrate Kurban Ait

Kurban Ait (or Kurban-Bayram) is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to honour the willingness of the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his young first-born son Ismail (Ishmael) as an act of submission to God's command and his son's acceptance to being sacrificed, before God intervened to provide Abraham with a Lamb to sacrifice instead.

Kurban Ait (or Kurban-Bayram) is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to honor the willingness of the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his young first-born son Ismail (Ishmael) as an act of submission to God's command and his son's acceptance to being sacrificed, before God intervened to provide Abraham with a Lamb to sacrifice instead.

- Kurban Ait is the days of the sacred devotion, strengthening human faith and humility, compassion and understanding. It was sent down by Allah to all people, so on these days it is important to suppress impulses of the soul, not pleasing to Allah, - said Absattar Haji. – I thank the Almighty for the fact that today peace and harmony are reigning in Kazakhstan. 

8. New Year celebration in Kazakhstan.

One of the most favorite holidays for the Kazakh people is considered New Year. This holiday was celebrated in the territory of Kazakhstan beginning from mid - XIX century when Russian migrants settled there.

Celebration of New Year traditionally begins from the night of 31 December. Cities and villages host open – air merrymaking, and the coming – in of New Year is celebrated with salute.

Father Frost comes in New Year and presents children with gifts brought in a bag his back. He is often represented in a dark –blue, silver or red fir coat embroidered with ornaments wearing a cap on his head with a long white beard and a stick in his hand.

One of the main attributes of New Year worldwide is a festive New Year tree.

Another New Year tradition is a festive tableful. To celebrate New Year, close friends and relatives gather at table to watch in.

On the New Year Eve the head of state traditionally addresses to the people of Kazakhstan with congratulation. When clock is chiming everybody congratulates each other on New Year wishing new successes and victories in the coming year.

1 and 2 January are festive and non-work days in Kazakhstan.

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