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Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Routines"

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Grade: 6

The theme of the lesson: Routines. She/ He / It

(Present Simple tense: affirmative)

Настоящее простое время. Жай осы шақ

The aims of the lesson: 1.Presentation of new material and

consolidate them in different activities.

2. To develop the pupils writing ability.

To develop the pupils speaking ability.

3. To educate the pupils to be active and wise.

The equipment of the lesson: Interactive board, tape recorder, cards

The type of the lesson: Introduction lesson

The Оutline of the lesson

Org moment: Good morning boys and girls.

How are you? I am glad to see you

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent today?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

What day is it after Tuesday?

What month is it now?

What month is it after January?

What season is it now?

What season is it after winter?

Checking up the home task:

What was your home task ?

What did we learn ?

Are you ready today?

Warm up:

Make sentences from these verbs.

1.To play football.

2. To go to school.

3. To do exercise

Presentation of new material.

Present Simple Tense / Нақ осы шақ / Настоящее простое время

  • We use the Present Simple Tense to talk about things we do regularly.

  • Выражает действие, которые происходит в настоящем постоянно и периодически.

  • Here are some common time expressions we use with the Present Simple.

  • Типичная обстоятельства для Present Simple Tense:

  • Нақ осы шақта төмендегі уақыт пысықтауыштар қолданылады.

Usually обычно

Sometimes иногда

Often редко

Seldom редко

Never никогда

Always всегда

Before doing exercise let’s work with new words.

Make breakfast таңғы ас дайындау

Meet people адамдармен кездесу

Play the guitar гитарада ойнау

Study оқу

Travel саяхаттау

Have breakfast(lunch, dinner) таңғы(түскі, кешкі) ас ішу

Translator аудармашы

House wife үй кызметкері

Pre- listening task:

Answer the questions

1.When do you get up?

2.Do you watch TV every day?

3.Do you study at school?

4.Do listen to music every day?

While - listening task:

Now listen to the tape recorder then match the people with their jobs.

1.Translator and house wife


3.Computer programmer



Post - listening task:

You should find verbs from each text and write on the board

1.Works. 2.Gets up. 3.Makes

4.Cleans. 5.Does. 6.Goes.

7.Writes. 8.Meets. 9.Sleeps.

10.Travels. 11.Has lunch. 12.Plays


Now try to make sentences in Present Simple Tense. Use She /He/ It (orally)

  1. She works hard every day

  2. She always cleans her room

  3. He usually wakes up early.

  4. It sleeps every day. etc.

All of you open your books at page 53. Ex.5

Write sentences in the Present Simple

  1. Megan _____________(live) in Cambridge

Megan lives in Cambridge

  1. Her mother _________(work) in an office.

Her mother works in an office.

  1. Her father __________(teach) sport.

Her father teaches sport

  1. Adam ___________ (watch) football every week.

Adam watches football every week.

  1. His brother __________(study) medicine at university

His brother studies medicine at university

  1. Gabriella ___________(go) to bed late

Gabriella goes to bed late

  1. Paola ____________(play) the piano.

Paola plays the piano.

  1. Kostas __________(paint) in his free time.

Kostas paints in his free time.


Let’s conclude our today’s lesson. Answer the questions.

  1. In what action do we use The Present Simple Tense?

  2. How do we make sentences in third person?

  3. What adverbs of frequency do we use?

  4. Can you say the Key Words?

Giving the home task.

At home do exercise 3-6 (Language power book)


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