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Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Sightseeing in London"

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Grade: 7«Б»

Date: 30 .04.15

The theme of the lesson: Sightseeing in London

The objectives of the lesson: To give some information sightseeing of London. Pupils will be able to watch the video, to answer the questions, to read and translate the text, to listen the video of Jane and open the envelope , complete the sentences in the Present Simple Passive Voice, to associate the diagram, to complete the Vienn diagram , completing the semantic map the pupils must read the word the pupils can improve their skills of reading, speaking, writing, listening. To educate pupils to respect our Motherland .

The type of the lesson: Білік пен дағдыны қалыптастыру

The variety of the lesson: ізденіс

The method of the lesson: сұрақ-жауап

Language materials: slide , English in Mind - Student`s book 1(Herbert Puchta and Jeff Stranks)

page 5, video ‘Sightseeing of London’, card (Big Ben, Baiterek, Double decker),poster (3), information about London, audio (Jane) , envelope (3), cards (exercises (3)), association (2), Vienn diagram (1), semantic map (1), video ‘Astana’, post (1) , pictures ( Big Ben, Great Britain, Kazakhstan), marks (diagram (3)), slowly music

The procedure of the lesson

I Organization moment of the lesson:



All are view go to the blackboard

Hand and hand with one another

How do you feel?

I`m OK

I`m very well

Take one card please

I`ll divide you into 3 groups

‘Big Ben’


‘Double decker’

Sit down please.

II To check the h/t:

English in Mind

Student`s book 1

Herbert Puchta and Jeff Stranks

Page 5

Complete the dialogue and translate

III. The presentation of the lesson:

What is the formula of the Present simple passive voice ?

What is the formula of the Past simple passive voice ?

What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

What is the capital of Great Britain?

To watch the video


How do you think what is the theme of our lesson?

IV The new theme:

  • situated [ `sitjuetid ]орналсқан

  • crown[ `kraun ]тәж киіу

  • bury [ `bеri ] – көму

I`ll give you poster to each group, you must explain about London

Give the title of the text

You may use the internet

I`ll give you 10 minutes

London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic and cultural centre. It’s one of the largest cities in the world. Its population is more than 9 million people. London is situated on the river Thames. London is an ancient city. There are four parts in London: West End, East End, the City and Westminster.

The City is the oldest part of London, its financial and business centre. There are many offices, companies and banks in this part of the capital. The Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral are situated in the City.

Westminster is also important part of the capital. The Houses of Parliament, the seat of the British Government, are there. Opposite the Houses of Parliament is Westminster Abbey where kings and queens have been crowned and many famous people were buried.

The Towers of the Houses of Parliament stand high above the city. On the highest tower there is the largest clock in the country, Big Ben. Big Ben strikes every quarter of an hour.

To the west of Westminster is West End, the richest part of London. It is full of luxury hotels, super-markets, cinemas and concert-halls. In the centre of the West End the Trafalgar Square is situated with the famous statue of Lord Nelson.

There are many museums in London. For example, the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum. The British Museum is the biggest museum in London. The museum is famous for its library — one of the richest in the world.

There are many beautiful parks in London. St James’s Park, Green Park, Hyde Park, To the west of Westminster is West End. Here we find most of the big shops, hotels, museums, art galleries, theatres and concert halls. Picadilly Circus is the heart of London's West End. In the West End there are wide streets with beautiful houses and many parks, gardens and squares . London has many places of interest. One of them is Buckingham Palace. It's the residence of the Queen. There are many streets in London which are known all over the world.

Your time is over

V. Practice

Now children listen the audio

-Dear pupils !

My name is Jane . I am from London. I want to check your knowledge of English. I sent you a letter. Open the envelope and do my task please.

Complete the sentences with the Present Simple Passive Voice.

1.Tea… (grow) in India.

2.The picture … (paint) by my friend.

3.The newspapers .. (write) in English.

4.The city… (visit) by many people.

5.Computers … (use) in a lot of schools.

The picture of Baiterek

1.The Internet … (use) to get information.

2. This apple-tree ... (plant) by me.

3. The game … (win) by our school team.

4. Spanish … (speak) by a lot people in the USA.

5. Honda is a company that …. (make) cars.

The picture of Big Ben

1. BMV cars … (make) in Germany.

2. Coca- Cola … (sell) in almost every country in the world.

3. Ferrari cars … (make) in Italy.

4. Jeans … (make) in the USA.

5. Millions of pizzas … (eat) in the world every year.

The picture of Kazakhstan and Great Britain

To listen and watch the video «Astana»



Big Ben


To compare two countries

Kazakhstan Great Britain


VI. Production

A semantic map

If you сomplete the semantic map you will see a secret word

Names of sights


Cultural or historical




British museum




Khan Shatyr

+ 1st

Independence Monument

+ o


+ f

The house of culture

+ M

Shalkar Lake

+ a

The monument of Idiris Urgenishbaev

+ y

The 1 st of May

I wish you success in your life! We congratulate you with the 1 st of May!

Қазақстанның көпұлтты халықтары арасындағы бірлік пен ынтымақтастығы нығая берсін!

VII. Explaining the h/t:

Open your diaries and write down the homework

VIII. Evaluating the pupil`s answers:



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В этом разработке можно получить информацию об Лондоне.Я разделила учеников на три группы. Биг Бен, Байтерек, Дабл дека. Отвечая на вопросы ребята смогут вспомнить грамматику, есть видео про Лондон.Работа с новыми словами,раздала тексты про Лондон , дети сами дали заголовок текста,прочитали и перевели на казахский язык. Есть грамматические задания , сопоставление двух стран.

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