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Презентация по английскому языку на тему " The English Year"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

The English Year ”

conducted by Seitbembetova Zh.S. on the 4-th form,

The main goals: to develop students’ speech habits and skills in

writing, reading, listening and speaking, expressing

their ideas and opinions .

- to enlarge the students’ outlook, to enrich their word

stocks; to improve students’ skills in expressing their

own ideas, opinions;

-to use “There is / there are” structures using their

lexics on the theme year, months and weather.

The type of the lesson : mixed

The kind of the lesson: practical

Visual aids: cards, pictures of the seasons of the year, classroom things.

The procedure of the lesson.

1. Organization moment

- Who is on duty? -I am

-What date is it today? - Today is ----------

Who is absent for today’s lesson. – All are present.

What was your home task? - Our home tasks were -------------

II. Warming up: Working with the picture: What season is it now?

Picture #1 It is winter now. The days are cold than in winter.

Picture# 2 It is spring now. The children are playing in the picture.

Picture# 3 It is summer now. The days are longer and the nights are shorter in summer.

Picture #4 It is autumn now. Children go to school in autumn.

Answer my questions:

-Are there 4 seasons in a year?

- What are they?

- Are there 3 months in each season?

- How many months are there in English winter season?

- What are they?

- Do you like winter?

- What holiday do people celebrate on the 31-st of December?

- What games do you play in winter?

Thank you for your answers, we continue the theme:

I give you the cards with the definitions, find what month this is or that:

1. Cold … brings us skating.

For the New Year we are waiting. ( December)

2. … brings sunny days and winds

So we know that spring begins. (March)

3. … brings the snow.

Makes our feet and fingers glow. ( January)

4. … snows again,

And sometimes it brings us rain. (February)

5. … brings flowers, joy and grass

And the holiday for us. ( May)

III. Let’s remember your poem “Spring”

Spring is here

Summer is near,

Grass is green,

So nice and clean,

Winter, spring, summer fall-

I like spring best of all.

IV. Checking up home tasks.

Teacher: Let’s check up your home tasks. Ex- 3

IV. Teacher: Today we work on the theme “The English Year

(part II) we continue to work on the structure “there is/ there are” for these we do different kinds of exercises:

I.Make up sentences:

  1. like, the spring, I, very much

  2. spring, green, grass, in, is,

  3. will, be, warm, tomorrow

  4. birthday , in, April, is, my

  5. March, February, after, comes

V. Put the questions: Working with the pictures:

-Is there any…?

- Are there any… ?

- What are there … ?

When are there …?

VI. Teacher: - What holiday do people celebrate in November in America?

-Are there 31 days in December?

- What holiday is there on the 25th of December in England?

- What is the traditional English dinner on Christmas?

-When do people celebrate ion the 31st of December?

VII. Now we read the text “The English Year” ( part II) :

We’ll learn about another English traditions

(students reads the text one by one)

  • find the sentence with the words: First food, brings luck, not a woman, send them, dark hair.

VIII. Agree or disagree:

There are 4 seasons in a year.

There are 2 months in winter.

There are 28 or 29 days in February

In England people celebrate X-mas in January

We celebrate “Nayrus” in March.

W e like all the seasons.

IX. Conclusion. Today we speak about the English Year again, we try

to do different kinds of ex-s .Some students are active, some are not. Your marks for today’ lesson…

IX. Home task: Ex. 9 and Ex. 10

make up sentences with new words,

retelling of the text

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