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Презентация по английскому языку на тему '' The night sky''

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4 “A”

The theme

2D. Know it all! The night sky.

The main objectives

To explain children meanings of new words.

To teach them the names of planets.

To develop children’s reading, listening and speaking abilities.

To bring up to be the patriot of their country.

Drills in auding.

Visual aids

A CD, cards, an interactive board


I.Org. moment

-Good morning children!

-Sit down please!

-Who is on duty today?

-What date is it today?

- Who is absent?

- Thank you. Sit down.

-Good morning teacher!

-I’m on duty today.

-The 10th of December

- All are present.

II. Speech drill

-Before beginning our lesson let’s do a training. Let’s begin.

- Come here. Make a circle please.

Look at the board. You can see a picture there. And you must say wrong things.


-Thank you. Very well.

-I wish you to do right things in our today’s lesson.

Let’s continue!

Take your seats,please!

-And we’re going to compete today. You must try to do the tasks more quickly to earn the points. Let’s divide our class into two groups. Go to the board one by one and take a card.

(On the cards will be written the names of groups)

The 1st group’s name is Stellar 3X.

The 2nd group’s name is Astro LE.

-People who has taken the card with the word “Stellar 3X” will be one team. Take your sit please.

-For each right answer I’ll give you stickers. And you must earn more of them to be the winner.

Birds don’t wear glasses!

Rain doesn’t go up!

People don’t eat shoes!

Plates don’t float in the air.

Cups don’t float in the air.

Trees don’t smile!

Tress don’t have faces!

Flowers don’t fly!

Thank you!

(The class will be divided and taken their seats.)

III. Checking up the home task

  • Let’s begin our competition!

  • At first let’s check your home task.

  • What was your home task for today?

  • Look at your books on page 21.

  • I will ask the questions. You must answer for them. If you want to answer raise up your hands. At first let’s remember the names of spaceships.

Look at the pictures and guess their names.


Which spaceship is the fastest?

Which spaceship is the oldest?

Which spaceship is the most modern?


  • Very well. And let’s travel to space on these spaceships. Lift off!

Ex 3b P 21.

On the board will be shown the pictures of spaceships.

Zodiac M2

Zodiac M2

Stellar 3X

IV. New theme

Look at the interactive board.

  • What can you see there?

  • What parts of the day is it?

  • Is it morning or afternoon?

  • Is it night?

  • Is it the Earth?

  • Of course, it’s the sky. It’s the night sky. And today’s our theme will be “The night sky”.

  • Look at the board again.

  • What are these?

  • They are planets of course.

-First let’s watch the video and repeat the new words.

Neptune -

Earth -

Jupiter -

Uranus -

Mars -

Venus -

Saturn -

Mercury –

  • Look, listen and repeat.

Something dark.

No, it isn’t.

No, it isn’t.

Yes, it is.

No, it isn’t. It’s the sky!

These are planets.

Pupils will repeat the words.

Children will read the words one by one.

V. Creative work

- Let’s do tasks

Task I.

- Listen to professor.

- Choose the correct answer.

(Pupils will choose the correct answer and earn points.)









Task II.

  • I’ll give you a paper with the text about planets.

  • And you must make a poster about it.

(Pupils will be given 4 minutes.)

Pupils will read the text and make a poster.

VI. Setting up the home task

  • Take your home task for the next lesson.

  1. Learn by heart the words.

  2. Ex 2 P 22 (Activity Book)

Pupils will write the home task into their exercise books.

VII. Marks

  • By the lesson you were given stickers for every correct answer. Let’s count them and find the winner team.

  • The team which has the most stickers is the winner.

Pupils will count the stickers.

VIII. Conclusion

  • And we’ll conclude our lesson.

Answer for my questions.

  1. How many planets are there?

  2. What are they?

(sing a song again)

-The lesson is over. Good bye!










Good bye teacher!

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