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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Презентации / Презентация по английскому языку "Россия - моя Родина" (9 класс)
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  • Иностранные языки

Презентация по английскому языку "Россия - моя Родина" (9 класс)



Hello, my dear boys and girls! I am glad to greet you at our competition. You have learnt the theme “Russia” and today you will show your knowledge on this theme. You will answer the questions, guess the riddles, make up sentences, and tell us about famous people of our town and so on. Three are three teams in our classroom and we have three members of our jury today. They are: .... Let’s begin our competition. Good luck!

Captains of each team present themselves to us.

Task 1

Answer my questions on geographical position and political system of Russia.

  1. Geographical Position”

  1. Where is Russia situated?

(Russia is situated in Europe and Asia)

  1. What is the deepest freshwater lake in Russia?

(Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in Russia and on the Earth)

  1. What sea washes Russia in the south?

(The Black Sea washes Russia in the south)

  1. What Russian mountain chains do you know?

(The Urals, the Altai, the Caucasus and the m-ns of East Siberia)

  1. How many regions are there in R.F.?

(There are 88 regions in the R.F.: 21 republics and 68 other regions.)

  1. What is the longest river in Europe?

(The Volga is the longest river in Europe)

  1. Political System”

  1. What three branches does the federal government include? - (The federal government includes three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial)

  2. Whom the executive power belongs to?

(It belongs to the Government)

  1. Who is the head of the Government?

(The head of the Government is the Prime Minister)

4) Who was the first Russian President?

(The first Russian President was Boris Yeltsin)

  1. Who is the Head of the country?

(The President is the Head of the country.)

6) What is the highest law of the Russian Federation?

(The highest law of the Russian Federation is the Constitution.)

Task 2

Next task is to make sentences

1. Moscow St. Petersburg

2. Russian people called Smolensk the Novgorod, Suzdal, Vladimir,

key city” during the war of 1812 Zvenigorod and Yaroslavl

3. The original name of the city founded Yekaterinburg

on the banks by Peter the Great is

4. The biggest city of the Ural region is because it located the road to Moscow

5. Five ancient Russia’s towns into was founded in 1147

the Golden Ring are

Questions for supporters (вопросы болельщикам)

1 “Famous People”

1) Who made a tour around the Earth that lasted 1 hour 48 minutes?

(Yuri Gagarine made a tour around the Earth that lasted 1 hour 48 minutes)

2) What is the best known work of Aleksander Pushkin?

(The best known of Aleksander Pushkin is his novel “Eugine Onegin”

3) What marshal was four times awarded with the title “the Hero of the country”?

(George Zhukov was four times awarded with the title “the Hero of the country”)

4) What great scientist founded Moscow University in 1755?

(Michael Lomonosov founded Moscow University in 1755)

5) Name famous singers who began there career in Ufa and now they sing in Moscow.

(Zemfira, Yuri Shevchuk)

6)He is a famous ballet-dancer, lived in Ufa for some time, he was bashkir. But he

died far from his birth-place in Paris.

(Rudolf Nuriev)

You know we have many holidays try to guess the names of the holidays.

  1. Holidays”

1) What is the greatest holiday for Russian people?

(Victory day is the greatest holiday for Russian people.)

2) When do the Russian people celebrate Country Defendant’s Day?

(The Russian people celebrate Country Defendant’s Day on the 23-d of February)

3) What holiday do we celebrate on March 8?

(Woman’s day)

4)What holiday marks the end of winter and lasts for a week?


5)What holiday is celebrated with present giving by Father Frost,

decorating New Year trees and joyful parties?

(New Year’s day)

Task 3

You read the sights of Moscow at our lessons, some of them has been to Moscow now listen to me and guess what sights I read about.

1. It is one of the famous and well-known places in the country and all over the world. It is named after its founder who began to collect Russian painting in 1856. There we can see the pictures created by such painters as Serov, Repin, Ivanov, Levitan and others. It has about 3 millions of exhibits now. A lot of tourists visit this place every year.

{The Tretyakov Gallery.)

  1. It is the heart of Moscow. It is not only a historic centre, but also a unique architectural ensemble, famous all over the world. It includes over twenty towers joined by the wall. Each tower has its own name. On its territory there are beautiful Ancient cathedrals, Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon and the Armoury Museum.

(The Kremlin and Red Square.)

  1. It is one of symbols of Moscow. It is the tallest part of the Kremlin, it has 67,3 metres

tall. It has the famous clock and its minute hand is 3,28 metres long. The clock which

we can see today was installed in the middle of the 19th century.

{The Spasskaya Tower)

Task 4

Yuri Gagarin

made a tour around the Earth that lasted 1 hour 48 minutes

The best known work of Alexander Pushkin is

novel “Eugene Onegin”

George Zhukov was four times

awarded with the title “the Hero of the country”

Michael Lomonosov

founded Moscow University in 1755

Questions for supporters (вопросы болельщикам)

(вопросы содержат региональный компонент)

Questions for supporters

My native town.

1. When was Sibai founded?

2. What is the central street of the city?

3. What place of the city do newly married people usually visit?

4. How many people do live in Sibai?

5. Is there a lake or a river near our town?

6. What is the most famous symbol of the city?

7. What does the name of our town mean?

Capital of our republic

1. What is a political, economic, scientist and cultural center of our republic?

2. What river does Ufa stand on?

3. How old is Ufa?

4. What national hero of our republic do you know?

5. Is Bashkortostan a multinational republic?

6. Name famous Bashkir writers.

Студенты рассказывают о известных людях города и республики, посмотрели фильм об известном

балероне Рудольфе Нуриеве.

В конце урока жюри подводит итоги.

Thank you for your work. You are good at English and you show your knowledge of the history of our country,

our republic and our town. Now it is time to finish our work. Your marks... Thank you, see you next week.



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Краткое описание документа:

Урок-обобщение для старшеклассников по страноведению. Последний урок по теме "Россия". Задания составлены на расширение кругозора учащихся и затрагивают историю России и республики, где проживают учащиеся, применяется региональный компонент. Урок проходит как соревнование между двумя командами, продуманы задания для болельщиков.

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