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Методический материал по теме "Friedrich Froebel - founder of the kindergarten system"

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Froebel, Friedrich Wilhelm August (1782-1852) was a German educator and founder of the kindergarten system. He initiated a pedagogy rooted in creative self-activity that helped prepare the path for art education in schools. He propelled six ideals to help prepare for education.

Elements of a Froebelian Education

The Principles include:

  • recognition of the uniqueness of each child's capacity and potential

  • a holistic view of each child's development

  • an ecological view of mankind in the natural world

  • a recognition of the integrity of childhood in its own right

  • a recognition of the child as part of the community

What would Froebel say about the kindergarten classes of today? I think he would be pleased to see that kindergartens are still in use today. In 1848, the Prussian monarchy banned kindergarten. The kindergarten briefly became a sort of miniature Utopia in which political and religious as well as educational ideals were tested.

I also think Froebel would be pleased to see mainly women as professionals in modern day kindergartens. Fröbel had not originally envisaged the kindergarten as a female realm; in fact, he had first proposed it to the teaching profession, then almost wholly male. But when the men rejected a pedagogy that was based on play rather than on academic learning, Fröbel turned to women, whom he admonished to exercise spiritual motherhood as teachers of young children.

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