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Презентация проекта "My Motheland"


Presentation of a project «My Motherland»

Grade 8

Pupil - Mandzhijeva Valeria

Teacher – Kolorova L.U.

Поселок наш любимый

Стоит среди степей

От братьев трех родимых

Пошел наш род «келькет»

Every man has his own Motherland. It is the place where a man was born.May be this place is usual and uninteresting for other people, but for you it is the dearest placein the world. There is no place like home.One of such place is my native Chagorta.

The history of my village is connected with the name Kelkety and began at the end of 19th century when people began yo settle it. Before the revolution it belonged to Manichesk Ulus .

Accoding to the opinion of old local residets the settlement’s name came from the names of three brothers Budzha, Duuva and Janga who were very strongly united and related. Kelket means united with one family.

Many historical events taking place in our country didn’t pass over our village. In 1926 there was the first Selski Sovet in our village. The head of it was Shonchorov Borkchin. In November 1929 the kolchos «Friendship» was formed on the territory of Kelkety. Many people of different nationalities lived in our village: Russian, Tatar, Ukrainian. They all lived and worked very friendly and happily. The first tractor appeared in Chagorta in 1939 and it was a great event for all people in Chagorta.The first woman who could work on it was Aslikova Maria.

People were busy farming and cattle- breeding, they also planted many vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and watermelons.

It is interesting to know where the name Chagorta came from.The scientists from KIGI RAN wrote that there were many springs in this place. People used for watering «чигирь»- an old ancient device like a big wheel with container of water. The wheel sinking to the water was working with the help of a camel. In such way people watered the animals and plants. Later the village was named as Чигиртя then it was renamed as Chagorta. Officially Chagorta was founded in 1969.

In 1936 the first school for poor children was opened in Kelkety. The Head of schoolbwas Bultukov Sarang Danilovich. His wife Bultukova Tatjana Egorovna was teacher too and she had been working in that school for 52 years. Tatjana Egorovna did much for school and she was a really great teacher who loved her school and children more than her life. In 2005 our school was called after her name. You can learn much about Tatjana Egorovna in our school museum. We find our museum very unusual. You can see a big tree in the middle of room which demonstrates the kin of kelkety.There you can come into contact with the history of village, know much about the veterans, famous people of our Chagorta.

About 200 families lived in Kelket before the Great Patriotic War. About 200 young men were mobolized to the war from Kelkety.There is an obelisk to veterans in front of our school. Every veteran’s names of Chagorta were written here. Every year on the 9th of May we honour all of them and put flowers to our veterans.

We would like to invite you on excursion over our native place. The population of Chagorta is 326 people. Our village is located in a picturesque place I think. There is a small river where we can swim in a hot summer and skate in winter. In summer many fishmen come to our river.

There is a stadium not far from our school. We can enjoy playing volleyball and football. On the bank of the river there is a small garden. From stories of old residents we know that one legent is connected with this garden.

Once upon a time there was a big garden of a rich noijon. He had a young beautiful wife.Having planted some fruit trees he decided to grow a big garden and present it to his lovely wife because he loved her very much. The were many fruit trees of apple, pear,plump and even a cherry avenue. He looked after them very carefully, watered the garden from the river nearby. The garden was nicely blosseming in spring and gave many fruits in autumn.Nobody had such a such a beautiful garden fnd such a lovely wife.They liked there garden where they walked and had a rest.Sudddenly his wife had fallen ill and she couldn’t recover from her bad illness. He was very sad and dissapointed. Every day her husband took care of her, treat her with with fresh fruit from the garden but inspite of it she died. He buried her wife in the garden but soon he died too. Since that time there are not so many fruits sa earlier in the garden. Such touching and sad legend old people remember and tell each other. For a long time people from our village used to come here and pick fruits.

Now I’d like to tell about a man who is very famous and respected in Chagorta and a few words about his horcefarm which is located on the other side or my village.People know Chimidov Grigori Badmajevich – the Head of the horcefarm «Achal». He is very modest,intelligant and a hardworking person. All his life he devoted to horses because he is very fond of them. He knows much about horses of achaltekin breed, looks after them very carefully. Many famous people visited our horcefarm: well-known traveller Fjodor Konjuhov , kalmyk poet David Kugultinov, delegations from abroad, tourists from Germany. People always admire the horses and find them very graceful, beautiful and hardy. Our horses always took part in many horce-racing competitions and won the first prizes.

As for the people of our village I find them optimistic, hospitable and very patriotic. We mustn’t forget our own origin, our national traditions, the long and hard history of our republic. When I think of my Motherland I imagine my small village with no traffic noice, a quite part of a big country which I’m tremenously proud of it.

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