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Презентация сценария. Спектакль "Синдбад-мореход"

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Scene 1

Shahrazade:   This story begins in old Baghdad. A rich man is very ill in bed. He calls his son, Sinbad.

Father:            Son, my dear son, come here!

Sinbad:            I am here, father.

Father:            I am dying, Sinbad. You can have all my money, my son. But you must be careful with it.

Sinbad:            Please father, don’t die. Oh. Allah, creator of all things on this earth, I feel so sorry for my dad and suffer so much.

Shahrazade:   Sinbad had been very sad for a long time. However, little by little his soul pain left him and again he became the same Sinbad happy and adventurous.

Sinbad:            Oh. I am a lucky man. I’ve got a lot of money now, some beautiful things and a huge house. Hey, dear friends, come to my place and let’s have a lot of fun.

Scene 2


Shahrazade:   Every evening Sinbad’s friends come to his house. They have a big dinner and laugh all night. But after a year, Sinbad had no money left and he decided to sail to different countries.

Sinbad:            Hi, are you a captain of this ship?

Captain:          Yes, I am and this is my team. What can I do for you?

Sinbad:           I need a ship to sail to foreign countries and sell my carpets.

Captain:          I will help you, but you must pay me when you sell your carpets.

Sinbad:           I swear with Allah

Scene 3

Shahrazade:   They had been sailing for a long time. Sinbad enjoyed wonderful view of the sea and  was thinking of his money. One day he saw a very strange dream. He saw his father.

Father:           Dear my son. I am sorry because you have spent all my money, but you are my son and I do love you and will always defend you. Be careful. Today you will see two beautiful creatures, but don\t look into their eyes or you’ll become a rock. They are Gorgona Medusas

Sinbad:            What a strange dream I saw! What does it mean?

Scene 4

Shahrazade:He didn’t take his father’s words seriously, but one day…

Captain:         Sinbad, Sinbad! I see something strange in the sea! Come here and look!

Medusas:        Hello, brave Sinbad. Where are you sailing?

Sinbad:           I wanna find Sumatra to sell my carpets and got money.

Medusas:        We can help you! We can show you the way to get there.

Sinbad:           Sorry ladies, I don’t want your help

Medusas:        Why aren’t you even looking at us? Are we so ugly?

Medusas:        Please, Sinbad, look at us. We are your friends.

Sinbad:           Don’t look at them! They are monsters. Get out, ugly creatures!

Medusas:        What??? How dare you to talk to us like that. None of the sailors has never stayed alive once meeting us!!!!! Ha-Ha-Ha!!!!!!

Sinbad:           Get ready for battle! Captain, have you got any mirrors. They are our main weapon now!!

Captain:          Luckily for us I have some. Sailors, take mirrors and do, attack them!

Scene 5

Shahrazade:   All the sailors fought bravely and many of them were killed in that battle but still they managed to kills Gorgona Medusas.

Sinbad:            Who are you?

Jasmine:         I’m Jasmine. I’m the monsters prisoner.

Sinbad:            Let’s run away while he is sleeping     

Jasmine:         Be careful, he is very strong and may easily kill you! You\d better leave me here and safe your life.

Sinbad:            Are you going to live here all your life?

Jasmine:         Of course not!

Sinbad:            Then you must be brave, cold-hearted and be ready to run with me.

Scene 6


Shahrazade:    Sinbad took Jasmine by her hand and they started running, when suddenly the monster woke up and began following them But Sinbad was too brave to give up and began to fight with the monster. It was a very hard work to kill a monster and they fought and fought and fought until Sinbad killed him

Jasmine:              Oh brave Sinbad, you’ve saved me

King:                    What’s your name?

Sinbad:                Sinbad, but people call me Sinbad the Sailor. Tell me want do you want for your brave dead?

Sinbad:                Nothing. Your Majesty! It’s a duty of any real man to save a woman’s life

King:                     Oh. Allah! This man is saying wise words! Servants!! Give this man 2 bags of gold, 4 bags of silver and 6 bags of bronze coins.

Shahrazade:    This is how Sinbad got his money and lived happily ever after.

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