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Презентация урока на тему "Who wants to win?"

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The theme of the lesson : WHO WANTS TO WIN?

The aims:

- To develop listening, speaking, reading, writing skills.

- To improve pupils knowledge of English language.

- To develop their interest in learning English.

- To develop critical thinking. Equipment: an interactive board, cards, pictures.

The steps of the lesson

1.- Hello, children! I am glad to see you. Today we have a very interesting competition «Who wants to win?». (Teacher explanes the rules of the game)

- I will read the tasks, and you must give the right answers and show me the card with the proper letter. You will be given 30 seconds to think and you have a chance to get a help only two times. They are 50:50 and teacher`s help. For each right answer you will get one point.

2. The game:

Warm up: Write the numbers in correct order.

A) seven B) ten C) three D) five (C, D, A, B)

1 question: [aɪ] Дыбысы бар сөзді табыңыз.

A) big B) tiger C) take D) giraffe

2 question: Қай сөз артық?

A) pig B) cat C) red D) dog

3 question: «е» әрпі қай сөзде оқылмайды ?

A) red B) hen C) pen D) like

4 question: «-s» жалғауын қай сөзге жалғау қажет?

A) six pig_ B) a big pig_ C) a cat_ D) a fat cat_

5 question: Қай сөз санды, мөлшерді және түсті білдірмейді?

A) six B) his C) big D) green

6 question: «ақымақ» сөздің аудармасын тап.

A) angry B) good C) stupid D) strong

7 question: Артық сөзді тап.

A) carrot B) cabbage C) tomato D) apple

8 question: «Ас алып отырыңыз» деген сөйлемнің аудармасын тап.

A) Help yourself, please. B) Yes, I do. C) Yes, please. D) No, thank you.

9 question: Қай сөзді «he» есімдігімен алмастыруға болады?

A) Ann B) Tom C) Kate D) Bess

10 question: Қай есімдіктің қасына «are» қоюға болады.

A) he B) I C) we D) she

11 question: Сұраққа жауап беріңіз: Are foxes green?

A) Yes, it is. B) Yes, they are. C) No, it isnʼt. D) No, they arenʼt.

12 question: Сұраққа жауап беріңіз: Would you like some juice?

A) Yes, please. B) Yes, I do. C) No, please. D) No, I don’t.

13 question: «Болады ма…?» деген сұрақты табыңыз.

A) Would you like some juice? B) May I have some juice?

C) Do you like juice? D) Have you got some juice?

14 question: Дұрыс сөйлемді табыңыз.

A) A crocodile have got a long tail. B) Crocodiles can jump.

C) Crocodiles like to swim. D) Crocodiles are orange.

15 question: Қайсысы сұрақ емес?

A) Have you got a pet B) Do you like sweets

C) Can she ride a bike D) We can play football well

3. Conclusion of the game.

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