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Презентация по английскому языку "My future profession"

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Краткое описание документа:

Theme: My future profession

Aims: 1. A speaking activity with emphasis on oral fluency. To practice question forms and word order in questionsTo develop students’ communicative skills and abilities using various kinds of activities; 2. To enrich the students’ vocabulary;           3. To motivate self – study and pair work;  To arose the students’ interest to English. To enlarge the students’ outlook;

The type of the lesson: mixed.

Activities: reading, discussing, doing exercises 

Aids: Cards, tables, pictures.

Interaction: Kazakh, Russian. Kazakhstan railways

                             The course of the lesson

I.                   Org. moment.  The student on duty report. The main task of the lesson

II.                Warm up

III.             Ch. up h.t.1.

     IV.      Presentation: 




What is your future job?

This trade requires special qualities; the person should be careful; should have quick reactions; should have vision and hearing; should be a good mechanic.

A train driver needs:

      good eyesight and quick reflexes

      punctuality and reliability

      strong communication skills

      problem-solving and decision-making skills

      a safety conscious attitude to their work

      They also need excellent vision and hearing

Working conditions

Drivers generally work inside confined cabins which can reach speeds of 160 kmh. They work in all weather conditions and generally work shifts including weekends, public holidays, late nights and early mornings. Some may drive long-distance which may mean being away from home.  Train drivers, like other rail employees, are randomly tested for alcohol and drugs.

Duties of locomotive driver assistant 

      Under direction performs routine railway driving tasks, and receives instruction and training in locomotive driving.

      assists the train driver in the operation of trains

      observes signals and track conditions

      may drive locomotive during rolling stock shunting

      Inspecting locomotives before commencing a journey, for example, the coupling between locomotives.

Train drivers do a lot of traveling. This is a great job for someone who dreams of seeing the country, and loves to visit new places. It is often possible to move from the position of driver to an upper management position in the railroad, providing a good opportunity for advancement if you ever decide that you are interested in a position with less travel later on in your career.

       V.    Conclusion

       VI.   Marks

       VII. Home task

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