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Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Наш город" (7-9 класс)

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Л.В. Макаренко

Н.М. Жарікова



м. Красний Лиман

для використання на уроках

з теми «Місто»

Цей посібник видано на основі історичного матеріалу про м. Красний Лиман. Він містить тексти для практичного використання на уроках англійської мови з читання. Матеріали посібника розраховані на учнів 7-9 класів.

м. Красний Лиман

2006 р.



The town began like a song

From the cries of locomotive horn,

And gliding along ringing rail

The trains are singing far away.

Krasny Liman… To blue lakes

The buildings came like sails.

Restricting forests far away

Without hasten in a way.

Maybe in the map of hemisphere

You are not so big and clear

But having a great life

Your soul is so bright.

Our town is belting

By many roads helping,

And it is called Donbass gates

Everywhere in every place.

Every guest at the table will be sitting

And in the streets with smile will be meeting

Everywhere in any ground.

We don’t forget magic sunsets

Maple trees and traffic lightens

And if we go someday

Our hearts are staying in any way.

hello_html_26045c81.gif - Its land is rich in forests, fields, rivers, lakes, but the main wealth is people. We are proud that 13 Heroes of the Soviet Union, 8 Heroes of Socialist Labour, 3 complete Cavaliers Order of Glory were from here. In the centre of the town there is a monument to L.D. Kizim, twice a Hero of the Soviet Union.

Our region is beautiful in all season but especially in summer when all fields are yellow-golden of wheat, and in gardens there are many ripe fragrant apples, pears, plums and rivers and lakes are full of silver fish.

Thousands of citizens of Donbass, Ukraine, countries of UIS arrive to our boarding-houses, sanatoriums, holiday-homes, and rest camps, tourist inns to have a rest and restore their health.

Krasny Liman unites the town and the region. The territory is 120.1 square kilometres. The longest distance from the North to the South is 49.5 km, and from the East to the West is 42.2 km. the population is 34.5 thousand people.

The main branch of industry is railway transport.


It is considered to be feeder of the town and also the northern gates of Donbass. The main branch of agriculture is the complex that unites 11 collective farms, 4 agro firms, 93 farming sections, 34 serving enterprises.

Besides, we have dairy factory, tinned factory, food factory “Chaika”, animals’ factory, 2 fish factory and so on.

There are 25 secondary schools, one evening department, 27 kindergartens, and 2 non-school establishments. The town Lyceum was opened in 1999 and the gymnasium started its work in 2002 on the basis of school # 6. We are proud of the branch of Kharkov Academy of railway transport functioning in our town since 1966. Since 1945 a vocational school # 119, where there are more than 500 students, was opened. There is also a musical school for our children. It started to work in 1962. The older by its age is the railway technical school. It began its functioning in 1944. For entertaining people and making our people’s leisure bright we have 24 clubs (among of them the House of science and culture).



  • In June 1920 Izyumsky uyezd became Slavyansky uyezd. Liman and Limanskaya volost were included there. So Liman was a part of Slavyansky uyezd Bahmutsky okrug Donetsk guberniya.

  • 22107 inhabitants lived in a new district. Rail junction was restoring and developing. Education and culture were developing too. Living conditions of working people became better.

  • On the 1st of October, 1922 Limanskaya electric power-station was equipped. Krasny Liman’s railwaymen were always innovators, explorers (pioneers) in many famous projects in the former UUSR. In 1929 engine-driver I.S.Belan was the first who began to drive heavy trains made up 2000 -2500 tons instead of 1300. In the UUSR the first tests of famous locomotives by mark “FD” were passed in Krasny Liman.

  • The local industry was developing milk and bread factories (works, plants) were built. Collective farms also were made. The beautiful streets, many-storeyed buildings, Palace of culture by Artyom, new railway station, the House of Commune appeared in Krasny Liman.

  • In 1933 the first primary-secondary school (now it is school № 4) was opened. In 1936 primary-secondary school № 25 (now it is gymnasium) and town boarding-school were opened.

  • In 1937 Medical school and the first ten-year secondary school began to function.

  • Early 1932 the branch of Kharkov Railway Institute (now it is the Academy) was opened in Liman.

  • Railwaymen liked sports very much that are why in 1927 a strong football team “Locomotive” was formed.

  • In Krasny Liman shed newspaper “Transportnik” was published (hand-writing – since 1924, printed from 1929).

  • On the 6th of June in 1930 the first issue of district newspaper “Za tempy” was published (from 1965 – “Zorya of communism”, from 1996 – “Zorya”).

  • 1938 is famous for settlement and village Liman were united. The new populated area was classified to the category of town and was named as Krasny Liman.


57 years passed from unforgettable the 9th of May, 1945. But we don’t forget 1418 fiery days and nights. Krasny Liman’s land is saturated with the blood of soviet soldiers, partisans, underground workers. Front stood twice here – from November 1941 to July 1942 and from February to September 1943.

In June 1941 every second grown-up went to the front. The collective of locomotive shed fulfilled very important tasks. It equipped trucks for armored trains. Krasnolimansky locomotive junction didn’t function during fascist occupation.

During the Great Patriotic War large forces of partisans and underground workers acted in the territory of Krasny Liman. Arseniy Alexandrovich Demchenko and Vasiliy Timofeevich Borovik headed the party of underground work. Leonid Abramovich Kashuba and Vasiliy Petrovich Tertychny headed the work of komsomol underground.













In the middle of our town you can see a beautiful monument to a living man. It’s a monument to Leonid Denisovich Kizim. He is a cosmonaut and twice the Hero of the USSR.

We are proud of the exploits of L.D. Kizim. A stellar son of Donbass made three flights into the space. There are many flowers near the monument. They are put by newly wedded, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and by schoolchildren.

He was born on August 5, 1941 in a family of hereditary railwaymen. His father – Denis Leontievich has worked more than 40 years at the railway. He was a participant of the Great patriotic War. Denis Leontievich has one from the Caucasus to Poland and had many battle rewards. His mother – Varvara Alexasndrovna worked at the railway too.

Since childhood Leonid was fond of poems by Pushkin and Lermontov but later of Math, Physics, and Chemistry. He had good results at school. He was going in for sports very hard. Kizim finished school № 3 and in 1963 entered Cherngov Higher Military Flying School for pilots. In two years he was taken to the squadron of astronauts.

On November 27, 1980 at 5 p.m. was realized the starting of three-seater ship “Soyuz T-3”. On its board there were lieutenant colonels L.D. Kizim the captain of the ship, a flight engineer twice of the Hero of the USSR O.G. Strekalov – cosmonaut-researcher. On November 28, 1980 was made the junction of “Soyuz T-3” with the orbit station “Salyut - 6”.

On December 10, 1980 L.D. Kizim was awarded the Hero of the USSR for the test in the space the ship “Soyuz T-3”.




Krasny Liman is called the emerald necklace of Donbass, and also the lungs of industrial territory because 30 thousand hectares of wood produce oxygen almost for 5 million people of Donetsk region.

That’s why from early spring to late autumn the inhabitants not only Donetsk region but the other regions of the country and the near abroad come here. The sanatorium “Locomotive”, the health centre “Shurovsky” which are belonged to the Donetsk rail way, the region kid’s health centre “Lesnoy” receive visitors for the whole year.

The kid’s health rest camps are in the wonderful oak wood on the banks of the river Donets. These are “Lastochka”, “Orlyonok”, and “Beryozka”.

The inhabitants of Krasny Liman keep and increase the natural wealth. And the main among of them are woods. Only in Pridontsovye they cover area about thousands of hectares. These woods especially the pine-trees are planted by foresters of Slavyansk and Krasny Liman state wood farms. Our woods are open-handed with mushrooms and berries. The pine-trees, secular oaks, linden-trees, maples, alders, poplars, asps, birches, pussy-willows grow in our region. In our woods there are many kinds of birds such as wild ducks, swans, herons, cranes, sandpipers and woodpeckers.

The climate of our region is characterized by continental with not equal distribution of precipitations and damp air for the whole year: a cold winter and a hot summer with a biting fluctuation of temperatures.

The surface has many beams, rivers’ valleys. The main river of our region is the Seversky Donets. We have many lakes around our town. These are well-known the Blue Lakes. Nowadays many new tourist centers and recreation departments are built on the banks of the Blue lakes. Every summer many people visit our lakes.




For the first time about 100 years ago the botanist V. I. Taliev had explored the woods near Svyatogorsk. The scientist dreamed about the game-preserve. His dream had become reality only on February 19th, 1996.

In Ukraine there are only 6 national parks. And our park is the youngest and unique on the Left - Bank Ukraine. Its territory is 40.589 hectares. Its neighbors are such areas as Krasny Liman, Drobyshevo, Yarovaya, Novosyolovka, Alexandrovka, and Krymki.

In the park there are 720 kinds of plants. Many of them are registered into the Red Book of Ukraine and into the European Red List.

The versatility of the National Park is underlined by the presence of the original and not repeated natural-territorial complexes in its area. These are the chalk rocks of the right bank of the Donets. Their length is 100 meters and their age is about 70 – 100 million years. They are covered by woods which grow on the bottom of the former sea.

The territory of the Park “The Saint Mountains” is characterized by rich historical and cultural legacy. There are 129 objects of archaeology and 78 monuments of history. The cave complex of Svyatogorsk cloister in the chalk rock has the world fame. Many tourists from different parts of the world come here almost every month.


  • E.V. Volkotrubova

  • O.N. Ignatenko

  • L.V. Makarenko

  • N.N. Zharikova

  • A.E. Sushko


Краткое описание документа:

Данная разработка является творческим продуктом группы учителей английскогоя зыка ОШ № 4 г.Красный Лиман., моих ПЕРВЫХ коллег (О.Н.Игнатенко, Е.В. Волкотрубова, Н.Н. Жарикова, А.Е.Сушко и, конечно, я - МакаренкоЛ.В.),   Работа была совместная и очень интересная!!!. Правда, прошло уже 7 лет. Но не поделиться я не могу. Это были наши первые шаги в покорении ИКТ.  А сейчас  мы все умеем уже намного больше.


Это пособие издано на основе исторического краеведческого  материала о моем городе Красный Лиман. Он содержит тексты для практического использования на уроках английского языка по чтению. Материалы пособия рассчитаны на учащихся 7-9 классов. Можно предложить самим учащимся  по-своему презентовать города.

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