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Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Scottish food and drinks: haggis and whiskey" (10-11 класс)


Scottish Food and Drinks: Haggis and Whiskey

"He who has contempt for food is a fool.“ - the famous Scottish saying





To hand, to mash, to hack

To simmer, a liver, to enclose, to distill, barley, intricate

A stomach, innards, to assume, a commission, contempt

Grain, made, taste

Address to Haggis

Fair and full is your honest, jolly face,
Great chieftain of the sausage race!
Above them all you take your place,
Stomach, tripe, or intestines:
Well are you worthy of a grace
As long as my arm.

1786, Robert Burns

В тебе я славлю командира 
Всех пудингов горячих мира, - 
Могучий Хаггис, полный жира 
И требухи. 
Строчу, пока мне служит лира, 
Тебе стихи.

What is a Haggis?


The famous Scottish saying "S mairg a ni tarcuis air biadh," ("He who has contempt for food is a fool.") describes precisely the attitude to the food and cooking of Scotland. The Scots have learnt over the years to make best use of the offerings nature handed to them in Scotland, from the rugged mountains, lakes, sea lochs and streams, to the fertile valleys and moorlands.

Haggis is the national dish which is not to everyone’s taste thanks to its seemingly unnoticing composition of sheep’s stomach, innards, suet and oatmeal.

Haggis is a kind of savoury pudding containing sheep's 'pluck' (heart, liver and lungs), minced with onion, oatmeal, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally enclosed in the animal's stomach and simmered for approximately three hours.

The haggis is a traditional Scottish dish, considered the national dish of Scotland as a result of Robert Burns' poem Address to a Haggis of 1787. Haggis is traditionally served with "neeps and tatties" (Scots): turnip and potatoes, boiled and mashed separately) and a "dram" (i.e. a glass of Scotch whisky), especially as the main course of a Burns’ supper.

Robert Burns is Scotland’s national poet and Scottish people have a big dinner every year to celebrate his birthday (25 January). The main part of the meal is “haggis”. Then everyone reads poems and sing songs written by the great “Rabbie” Burns himself.

Haggis is popularly assumed to be of Scottish origin, but there is a lack of historical evidence that could attribute its origins to any one place.

Many people believe that the term "haggis" is come from the verb haggen - to hack. But the Scots think that haggis is the animal. Muzzle is looked like hedgehogs. The body is covered with mixed fur with feathers. They have underdeveloped wings like ostriches, and run on three legs. And some people believe in this legend.

The Scottish Whisky Centre


Whiskey has been distilled in Scotland since at least the 15th century, with the first record of it dating back to 1494 when Friar John Cor of Lindores Abbey in Fife was granted the king's commission to make acqua vitae, Latin for 'water of life'. The word 'whisky' derives from its Gaelic translation: uisge beatha(pronounced oosh-ga beh-huh). Whiskey was originally recommended as a medecine to keep health and to continue the life.

Also you can meet their resident ghost, the former Master Blender, who explains about life in the Whisky trade and lets you in on some secrets of the art of whisky blending. If you want to discover the history and mystery of Scotland`s most famous export, visit the Scotch Whisky Centre. Through a short and light hearted film you can discover what makes Scotch whisky unique. Adults receive a free taste of Scotch Whisky and a discount voucher for the Gift Shop. Children receive juice and a balloon.

There are two kinds of Scotch whisky: malt whisky, which is made by the pot still process, and grain whisky, which is made by the patent still (or Coffey still) process. Malt whisky is made from malted barley only while grain whisky is made from malted barley together with unmalted barley and other cereals. A third, blended whisky, involves an intricate process of mixing different single malts with grain whisky.

The main regions of producing Whiskey


The categories of whiskey and famous marks:

Standard blend: Johnnie Walker Red Label, Long John, Teacher’s Highland Cream

Clan Campbell, John Barr, Black & White, White Horse,Highland Cup.

Semi-Premium: MacLeod’s Isle of Skye 8 YO.

Premium blend: Ballantine’s Finest, Cutty Sark, John Player Special Rare.

Deluxe: Ballantine’s Gold Seal, Cutty Sark Discovery, Whyte & Mackay 12 YO, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V Edition.


Find the synonyms:

To hand

A medicine

A course

To cut

To mince

To put in

A drug

To give

An adult

A present

To enclose

To boil

A gift

A dish

To simmer

A grown-up


  1. What is a haggis?

  2. When do English people usually eat haggis?

  3. Do some people consider that haggis is an animal? Who is it?

  4. What can you receive in the Scottish whiskey centre?

  5. Where does the word “Whiskey” come from? What is the translation?

  6. When did the first official record about whiskey appear?

  7. Would you like to taste haggis and whiskey?

Краткое описание документа:

Данная разработка может быть использована на уроках английского языка по теме "Шотландия". Там описываются основные традиции Шотландцев и их национальная еда и напиток. Дети узнают о праздновании дня рождения знаменитого шотландского поэта Роберта Бернса, а также о его стихотворении, посвященному блюду "Хаггис". Также можно будет познакомиться с легендой про ежика, в честь которого произошло название "Хаггис". Содержание материала ориентируется на 10-11 класс. Так же там есть предтекстовые и послетекстовые задания. Эта презентация расширит кругозор школьников по страноведению. 

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