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Презентации "Том Сойер" сценарий

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Сценарий по мотивам произведения М.Твена «Приключения Тома Сойера».

Dear friends!

I hope you realize how great it is to have an English week at our Cadet School.

During this week you’ll have some out-of-class activities in English which help you to get to know English better and improve your knowledge at this subject.

Today you’ll have a chance to watch some scenes from the famous M. Twains book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and just enjoy yourselves!

My name is Mark Twain and I once wrote a story “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

Some of you may have read this book, others – may not. The book was read by everybody – by the young and old and was translated nearly every language in the world.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” was such a success that in 1884 I wrote “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and then “Tom Sawyer Abroad” in 1894 and “Tom Sawyer, Detective” in 1896.

Mark Twain’s stories enjoy widespread popularity.

His characters are always well-drawn, his stories are true-to life, and the plots of his stories are skillfully built up.

Many years have passed since Mark Twain’s death, but even now we enjoy his work.

I’d like to tell you about M. Twain’s masterpieces.

I think all children like to read “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. You can read them in Russian, Ukrainian, English and other languages.

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are loyal friends. Tom is romantic and Huck is a realist. Both of them are adventure seekers. And now meet the main characters of the book.


Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Tom Sawyer. I am an ordinary boy. Though of quicker wits.

Scene 1:

(Aunt Polly and Tom)

Aunt Polly: Tom! Tom! When I find you… You, Tom! What were you doing in that corner?

Tom: Nothing! What is that on your hands and your face?

Aunt Polly: I know! You have been eating jam! I have told you a hundred of times not to eat jam! That boy! I never know what he will do next. And he knows that I do not want to hit him. But I should. I must try to make him a good boy. He is my dead sister’s son and it is my duty. I must do my duty.


As you can see Tom Sawyer is a brilliant boy with lots of ideas in his head. He is never bored, he is a creative person and he is able to make people treat him the way he wants.

The next morning…


The next morning Tom was very sad. This was the beginning of another week of slow suffering at school. He lay in bed, thinking.

Tom thought carefully about all parts of the body, but he could discover no sickness.

He had an idea! He began to cry as if with pain!

Scene 2

(Tom, Sid and Aunt Polly)

Tom: If I were sick, I could stay home. Sid! Sid! (Продолжает спать) Sid!

Sid: Oh, Tom, what’s wrong?

Tom: Oh, do not do it, Sid. It hurts me!

Sid: I must call Aunt Polly!

Tom: No, do not call her! I will forget everything you have done to me, Sid! When I die..

Sid: Oh, Tom, are you dying?

Tom: Give my cat with one eye to that new girl, and tell her...

Sid: Dying! I can’t believe it!

(Прибегает Т.Полли)

Aunt Polly: Tom! My angel! What is wrong?

Tom: Oh, I’m dying! Please, forgive me everything my dear Aunty! I’m dying... It’s my foot and I hurt it! The doctor must cut it off…

(Т. Полли садится в кресло)

Aunt Polly: That boy! I never know what he will do next. Every day he has another adventure…Tom! My dear boy! Please, get out of bed and go quickly to school… Quickly! Quickly!


It was a summer evening. Tom walked along the street whistling like a bird. Then he stopped whistling. He had met a stranger, a boy he had never seen before.

The boy’s clothes were new and good and he was wearing shoes. Tom would wear shoes and good clothes only to church on Sunday. Tom looked and looked. The boy’s clothes seemed to become better and better and his own clothes seemed to grow poor. Neither boy spoke. If one moved, then the other moved. But they moved only to the side, in a circle. They remained face-to-face and eye-to-eye.

Scene 3

(Tom Sawyer and a stranger)

Tom: I can beat you!

Stranger: Try!

Tom: I can!
Stranger: No, you can’t!

Tom: I can!
Stranger: You can’t!

Tom: Can!

Stranger: Can’t!

Tom: I could beat you with one hand!

Stranger: Do it! You say you can do it.

Tom: That hat!

Stranger: Hit it off my head if you can.

Tom: I will.

Stranger: You are afraid.

Tom: I am not afraid.

Stranger: You are.

Tom: I am not.

Stranger: You are.


Tom: Have you had enough?

Stranger: Have you had enough? Enough!!!


Tom Sawyer is a remarkable person. He is always busy thinking over his adventures.

He doesn’t want to obey any rules, he doesn’t like to study, he doesn’t like to work, but he is a real gentleman in his relationship with his girls.

Scene 4

(Tom and Becky)

Tom: Becky, have you ever been engaged?

Becky: What does that mean?

Tom: Did you ever promise to marry?

Becky: No.

Tom: Would you like to be engaged?

Becky: What do you do?

Tom: You tell a boy that you will marry him. Then you kiss. That is. It is easy.

Becky: Why do you kiss?

Tom: They always do that. Do you remember I told you that I’m in love with you? Shall I tell you once again?

Becky: Yes! (No…)

Tom: We must kiss.

Becky: Yes, but not now. Tomorrow.

Tom: No, now! I will say it quietly, close your ear. ( Говорит в ухо) I love you, Betsy. Now you tell me!

Becky: (Стесняясь) I…love you. (Том целует Бэки).

Tom: Now it’s all finished, Becky. After this you can’t love any boy except me or marry any boy except me.

Becky: And you can’t marry any girl but me!

Tom: Certainly! That is part of it. And we will walk to school together. Because we are engaged.

Becky: It is nice. I never heard of it before.

Tom: Oh it is fine. Me and Amy Lawrence…

Becky: Oh, Tom! I’m not the first that you were engaged to! (Начинает плакать).

Tom: I do not love her now. I do not love any girl except you. (Бэки рыдает. Том достает что-то из кармана). Becky, take this!


I hope you enjoyed Tom Sawyer’s adventures and had a good time with us.

I also hope that those who have read Mark Twain’s book re-read it, and those who haven’t read it yet find some time and read it with great pleasure.

Thank you for being friendly and attentive.

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