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Приложение к презентации по теме "Герои в наших сердцах"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


Ход урока (сопровождается презентацией)

  1. Организационный этап.


T. Glad to meet you. How are you?

Ps. Fine, thanks. And you?

T. I’m fine today, thanks. Let’s begin our lesson.

2. Целеполагание и мотивация (слайд 1-3, mp3 запись)

T. What do you think? What is the topic of our lesson? And pictures help you to guess…

Ps. The topic of our lesson is…

T. Today we are going to speak about heroes who live in our hearts…

(cлайд 3) Look at the photos. Work in pairs and write two questions you`d like answered about what you can see.

  1. Актуализация. (слайд 4-5)

T. Before reading I`d like you to revise the lexical material. You should divide these words into two groups with positive and negative meanings.

4. Освоения нового знания (слайд 6-8)

T. I want you to divide into two groups, read the text and after reading you should select the elements that are important (key information). 3 - 4 sentences.

Douglas Bader

The Second World War was the largest military conflict in history. Douglas Bader is one of the best known war heroes in Britain. Douglas was 18 years old, he won a cadetship to Cranwell Air Forse Academy. The young man fell in love with flying immediately and started flying solo after only six and a half hours of training. He quickly became one of the best young pilots in the Academy. In December 1931, while attempting some aerobatics, he crashed and lost both his legs. But Douglas insisted:”They will have to call me up”. Douglas was right. When Britain declared war on Germany in 1939, the country quickly became short of fighter pilots. Bader was given a second chance. He learnt to fly with prosthetic legs. After war Douglas dedicated his life to helping charities for the disabled.

cadetshiphttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/%5b.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/107.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/113.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/39.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/100.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/101.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/116.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/83.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/73.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/112.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/%5d.gif- прохождение службы в качестве курсанта

aerobatics http://www.multitran.ru/gif/%5b.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/34.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/101.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/40.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/113.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/41.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/114.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/113.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/39.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/98.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/120.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/116.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/73.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/107.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/115.gifhttp://www.multitran.ru/gif/%5d.gif- фигуры высшего пилотажа

prosthetic legs - протезы

charities for the disabledблаготворительные организации для инвалидов

Aleksey Petrovich Maresyev

Aleksey Petrovich Maresyev was born in Russia in 1916. After serving in the army in the Russian Air Force Maresyev went on to study at a professional college for military pilots. When the Nazis invaded Russia in 1941 Maresyev was sent to the front to serve as a fighter pilot. In August 1943, Aleksey Maresyev was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union medal the highest military award in the Soviet Union. He lost his legs but he become a hero. When “The Story of a Real Man” by Boris Polevoy came out after the war Maresyev became a national hero. But Maresyev didn’t like the title of a living legend. «I Am A Man, Not A Legend” he said. “There is nothing special in what I did».

Ps. (учащиеся извлекают информацию).

T. These two persons are heroes of the Second World War. Thank you. You have done this task well.

(слайд 9-10)

T. Let`s listen to the story about a hero and answer the questions. (запись 2)


Ps. (Отвечают на вопросы) 1.He is talking about someone from «real life»…

  1. I tend to agree that this person sounds like a hero because…

(распределяют в верной последовательности пункты плана)

5.Подведение итогов.

T. Look through your questions and check if your questions are answered. (слайд 11)

T. Our time is up, thank you for your fruitful work and I’d like to know what new things have you learned?

Ps. I’ve learned…

T. Put down your homework … (слайд 12) you’ve worked very hard and done very well. The lesson is over. Thank you. Good bye!

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