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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Приложения к уроку по английскому языку в 9 классе на тему «Телевидение. За и против».

Приложения к уроку по английскому языку в 9 классе на тему «Телевидение. За и против».

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Приложение 1.

  1. Which media is the most popular in your family?

  2. Do you have a colour or black and white television?

  3. Who in your family watches television more than others?

  4. How many TV channels do you have in your area?

  5. Which radio broadcasting company is your favourite?

  6. Can you watch any American or British programs in your area?

  7. How many hours a day do you watch TV?

  8. What TV program do you prefer?

  9. Do you watch TV before or after you have done your homework?

  10. What was the last movie you have watched?

Приложение 2.

  1. A short informative film describing and praising some product.

(an advertisement)

  1. A serial about people’s relationships especially love and friendship.

(a soap opera)

  1. A TV program where people discuss a problem. (a talk show)

  2. New information about sports presented in a short TV program.

(sports news)

  1. A program about weather. (a weather forecast)

  2. A program which gives us information about the modern trends of music and lets us listen to it. (a music program)

Приложение 3.

  1. Текст для аудирования:

  • Will you turn it down? It’s awful to do maths when something is blowing up and crashing in the next room.

  • Forget your maths! It’s a great action-adventure film. I’m sure you’ll like it.

  • OK. I can’t concentrate anyhow. What’s it about?

  • There is a big group of criminals that is going to get the whole supply of gold in the country.

  • It’s an American film, I bet.

  • What makes you think so?

  • It doesn’t matter. I’m sure there is a hero who is trying to break up their plans. He is strong, good-looking and fights alone.

  • You’ve hit it again. He is a former policeman. He left his job years ago because his partner had betrayed him.

  • And the end of the film will be absolutely unexpected: the hero will save the world and some pretty girl and he’ll give her a kiss just next to the bodies of his enemies. OK, let’s watch the film, but promise that when it’s over, you’ll help me with my maths, will you?

  • Oh, I certainly will.

  1. Согласитесь или опровергните утверждения:

  1. It’s fine to do maths when something is blowing up and crashing in the next room.(F)

  2. It’s a great fantasy film.(F)

  3. The movie is about a group of criminals that is going to get the whole supply of gold in the country. (T)

  4. It’s a British movie. (F)

  5. The main character is a former policeman. (T)

  6. At the end of the film the hero will be killed. (F)

Приложение 4.

Tекст для чтения:

TV or not TV

Television plays a very important role in people’s lives. It’s a wonderful source of information and one of the best ways to spend free time. Television viewing is the most popular leisure pastime. It’s not surprising, because TV channels show a great variety of programs: documentaries and current affairs, feature films and comedies, soaps and police series, concerts and talk shows. Television is a reflection of the modern world. It gives you an opportunity to travel all over the world, to see different people and to learn about their customs and traditions. Television keeps you informed about the rest of the world. It also helps to escape from our everyday problems. A lot of people usually relax watching soaps. Their story lines are entertaining, but often unbelievable. I don’t think that they show life realistically. But to many people, the characters in the TV serial have become more important than real people. Of course, not everything shown on TV is made in good taste. There are badly-written programs that contain unnecessary bad language and violence. Another thing I would like to complain about is the amount of smoking in the films that are shown on TV. Smoking is often shown as a very “cool” thing to do, making young people take up smoking themselves. Many people admit that the quality of television could be better. One reason for the poor quality of programs is advertising. Not all people like watching commercials. They find ads silly and boring. But I am not against commercials on TV, because television companies get most of their money from advertising. Some people say that television is a terrible waste of time. Of course, there are TV addicts who can’t drag themselves away from the box. But if we watch TV for an hour a day, to find out what is happening in the world or to relax, then television is really useful. So I think we should not blame the TV for the bad effects it has. We must know how to make the best use of it.

Приложение 5.


  • As for me

  • As far as I know

  • As far as I’m concerned

  • In my opinion

  • I think (suppose, believe)

  • To my mind

  • I personally think

  • If I’m not mistaken

  • On one hand… On the other hand

  • I (dis)agree that

  • First of all…Secondly…

  • Besides

  • Moreover

  • In conclusion I’d like to say that…

Краткое описание документа:

Данный материал представляет собой приложения к уроку по английскому языку в 9 классе средней общеобразовательной школы.

Тема урока: «Телевидение. За и против».

 Тип учебного занятия: традиционный с использованием ИКТ.

Цель урока: систематизация полученных знаний, отработка умений и навыков, полученных на уроке и в пройденной теме, использование лексических единиц и оборотов, разговорных клише в устноязычном высказывании.


  • Обучающие:

ü  формировать лексические навыки;

ü  учить строить аргументированное высказывание.

  • Развивающие:

ü  развивать навык чтения и восприятия речи на слух;

ü  развивать способности к логическому изложению содержания высказывания, к формулированию выводов из прочитанного и услышанного.

  • Воспитательные:

ü  воспитывать терпимое отношение к мнению других людей, умение работать в группах;

ü  учить вести дискуссию.

Оснащение учебного занятия: комьютер, проектор, доска, раздаточный материал по новой теме (карточки с текстом).

Продолжительность урока: 40 минут.

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