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Пример планирования урока чтения по английскому языку.

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Lesson plan

Subject: Language art. A Pretty Face. By John Escott

Lesson type: reading /with speaking prediction extension/

Level: pre – intermediate


  • Introducing and practicing new vocabulary

  • Revising previously thought vocabulary.

  • Free speaking (e.g. role play) for revision of previously thought language.

  • Developing reading skills – prediction/skimming/scanning/inferring, etc.

  • Developing listening skills – prediction/gist for specific information/inference.

Materials: text and exercise slides

Time: 40 min




 In this warm up activity, the teacher selects several pictures before the class starts. Students also get into pairs/groups to talk about the pictures, which will maximize student talk time during the initial stages of the lesson. However, students now speculate a conversation for the people in the picture. Students don't need to write a dialogue, but they should imagine what is being said. After a few minutes, students move on to another picture and repeat the activity. (picture of a classroom, shopping, cinema, restaurant) splitting the groups student gather as more words.

Vocabulary revision


St - St

Carry - to take

Magazine – a thin book with lots of pictures in it;

Surprised – feeling that something is new

is suddenly happening;

interview – a meeting to ask questions

playwright - a person who writes plays

ask students for the definitions of new words as it is expands the range of vocabulary.

Detailed reading (for full understanding of text)



Ask about the characters of the story by pictures on the board. Retelling the story. Acting Mike is drinking coffee at the Newport café. A woman comes into the café. She comes across. –My name is Kate Lawson I am the editor of “YES” magazine. Ask some students to act this part out. After acting. Children retell the story continuing the ideas of each others.

Acting out



Ask some students to act Zoe’s and Anna’s phone call. Class gives opinions expressing about this part. Agree-disagree; like-dislike

Group work:


St - St

Divide class into three groups.

Group 1. Reading check. Match the first and second parts of these sentences. Ex 1 p 18.

Group 2. Spelling. Use the words. Find the words from chapter 3 in the coffee cups. /make paper coffee cups/

Group 3. Word work.

Use the words from activity 1to complete the sentences.

  1. Shakespeare’s a famous English play writer.

  2. Newsweek is a famous American magazine.

  3. I’d like to be a reporter and write for a newspaper.

  4. It is difficult to be a good writer.

  5. Mike must make an interview with Todd Marine.

  6. Mike is surprised when kate Lawson says his name.

  7. Some magazines has a lot of gossip about famous people in them.

Continuing the story to help students develop prediction skills.


Interactive type of activity. Listen, answer the questions.

Language work.

Help students to understand the story.



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