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Примеры применения элементов тестовой технологии в контрольных работах

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Примеры применения элементов тестовой технологии в контрольных работах.

Grammar test. (Past Indefinite правильных глаголов)

  1. Put the verb in the correct form.

  1. They (play) chess yesterday.

  2. Kate (clean) her teeth yesterday morning.

  3. Pete (help) his mother about the house yesterday evening.

  4. Yesterday afternoon my family (watch) TV.

  5. She (skip) at the sportground yesterday.

  1. Choose the necessary question.

  1. I worked at school yesterday.

A) Did you work at school yesterday? B) Did you worked at school yesterday?

  1. She washed up yesterday morning.

A) Did she washed up yesterday morning? B) Did she wash up yesterday morning?

  1. They thanked their mother for supper.

A) Did she thank her mother for supper? B) Did they thank their mother for supper?

  1. He wanted to play computer in the evening.

A) Did he want to play computer in the evening? B) He wanted to play computer in the evening?

III. Disagree.

  1. We cleaned our teeth in the morning.

  1. We didn´t cleaned our teeth yesterday. b) We didn´t clean our teeth yesterday.

  1. Bob lived in Africa.

  1. Bob did not live in Africa. b) Bob lived not in Africa.

  1. She played with her friends.

a) She didn´t play with her friends. b) She did played with her friends.

Тест (6 класс)

Вариант 1

Task 1. Complete the sentences using the words in the right form.

There is one extra word in the word box.

Service, path, agricultural, fluently, rescue, brief, enter, argument, injure.

  1. Please, … the house by the back door.

  2. There is a lot of … land in the south-east of England.

  3. Fred fell down from the ladder and … his leg.

  4. Could you jump into the river and … a child?

  5. I’ve been waiting for a bus for half an hour! The town has a bad bus … .

  6. I heard Mr. Green speaking French… .

  7. They had a … trip to Scotland last week.

  8. In the park there are many … for people to walk on.

Task 2. Give English equivalents for these.

  1. Я слышал, как он открыл дверь.

  2. Она почувствовала, как кто-то коснулся ее руки.

  3. Ты видел, как тот человек переплыл реку?

  4. Он наблюдал, как мама срезает розы.

  5. Никто не заметил, как вор вошел в дом.

Task 3. Choose the correct word.

  1. My uncle collects book … famous discoverers.

a) in b) on

2. Who gives you classes … Literature?

a) in b) on

3. Don’t look … him so angrily! It’s not his fault.

a) on b) at

4. Just a minute! I’ll look the word … in the encyclopedia.

a) up b) for

5. I need money. I’m looking .. a job.

a) up b) for

6. Do you help your mother to look … your baby brother?

a) through b) after

Вариант 2

Task 1. Complete the sentences using the words in the right form.

There is one extra word in the word box.

Cathedral, injured, serve, brief, rescue, argument, stream, enter, agriculture.

  1. There were … of water running down the streets after the rain.

  2. What is the most famous … built by Christopher Wren?

  3. Will you … in the army for two years?

  4. The … girl was taken to hospital an hour ago.

  5. They had a long … but the decision wasn’t made.

  6. is farming which means growing things and keeping animals.

  7. What university would you like to …?

  8. I have no time. Will you tell me the story in …?

Task 2. Give English equivalents for these.

  1. Он увидел, как девушка идет вниз по тропинке.

  2. она услышала, как кто-то крикнул изо всех сил.

  3. Мы заметили, что мужчина забыл свой зонт.

  4. Я почувствовал, что он смотрит на меня сердито.

  5. моя мама любит наблюдать, как играют дети.

Task 3. Choose the correct word.

  1. I looked … my sell phone everywhere but couldn’t find.

a) through b) for

2. You can look … the magazines and find the information.

a) for b) through

3. Look … the map and point to the capital of Wales.

a) at b) on

4. She looks … her flowers carefully, that’s why they are so nice.

a) after b) for

5. Do you know any facts … the history of Scotland?

a) in b) on

6. When are you having your exam … England?

a) in b) on

Обобщающий тест по теме «Великобритания»

  1. London is the worlds … biggest city.

  1. fifth c) tenth

  2. seventh d) twelfth

  1. London, the capital of the UK, and such historical cities as Windsor, Dover and Brighton are situated in ….

  1. East Anglia c) the Southeast

  2. The Southwest d) the Midlands

  1. The Southwest used to be known for its ….

  1. Actors c) pirates

  2. Sailors d) architects

  1. One of the remarkable historic places in the UK which located in the Southwest is ….

  1. Stonehenge c) Eiffel Tower

  2. Big Ben d) Kremlin

  1. is an English general and politician (1599-1658) who was leader of the army against King Charles I in the Civil War.

  1. Oliver Cromwell c) Robin Hood

  2. Peter Pen d) Cherchill

  1. Stratford-upon Avon is the birthplace of great ….

  1. Robert Burns c) Robert Stevenson

  2. Jane Austen d) William Shakespeare

  1. Cambridge is situated in ….

  1. East Anglia c) the Southeast

  2. The Southwest d) the Midlands

  1. is old English university city.

  1. London c) Windsor

  2. Oxford d) Manchester

  1. Heathrow Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports is about … km west of central London.

  1. 10 c)33

  2. 26 d) 77

  1. Most people remember King Henry VIII only because he had six ….

  1. Sons c) daughters

  2. Wives d) dogs

  1. never married and is remembered as a very popular and strong queen.

  1. Elizabeth II c) Victoria

  2. Elizabeth I d) Henry VIII

  1. The monument of … you can see in front of Buckingham Palace.

  1. Prince Charles c) Victoria III

  2. Victoria d) William Shakespeare

  1. Queen Victoria ruled the longest period in the English history, for ….

  1. 50 years c) 64 months

  2. 90 years d) 64 years

  1. Museum is a big palace with rich collection of paintings and other works of art.

  1. Charles and Anne c) Victoria and Albert

  2. Henry and Elizabeth d) Andrew and Edward

  1. Elizabeth II is Queen Victoria’s ….

  1. granddaughter c) daughter

  2. great granddaughter d) son

  1. William Shakespeare’s father was ….

  1. artist c) glove-maker

  2. actor d) writer

  1. William Shakespeare married ….

  1. Anne Hathaway Jane Black

  2. Anne O’Connell d) queen Jane

  1. Anna and William Shakespeare had got … children.

  1. 3 c) 9

  2. 6 d) 2

  1. Most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed in the … built on the bank of the river Thames.

  1. Music Hall c) Elizabeth’s Theatre

  2. Globe Theatre d) Holy Trinity Church

  1. is the place where Shakespeare was buried.

a) Globe Theatre c) Buckingham Palace

b) Music Hall d) Holy Trinity Church

  1. The symbol of Scotland is ….

  1. an apple c) a thistle

  2. a clever d) a sunflower

  1. is the capital of Scotland.

  1. London c) Dover

  2. Glasgow d) Edinburgh

  1. One of the best known monuments in Edinburgh is a monument to ….

  1. a cat Pussy c) a dog Bobby

  2. a mouse Grey d) a bear Balu

  1. is the capital of Wales.

  1. London c) Canterbury

  2. Washington d) Cardiff

  1. Mount … , situated in Wales, is the highest mountain in Britain.

  1. Snowdon c) Sundon

  2. Raindon d) Winddon

  1. In Wales people celebrate St. David’s Day on ….

  1. 23 April c) 31 December

  2. 1 March d) 1 May

  1. is the national game of Wales.

  1. Football c) rugby

  2. Badminton d) tennis

  1. In rugby a team consists of … players.

  1. 5 c) 15

  2. 11 d) 20

  1. Snowdon is … meters high.

  1. 1085 c) 560

  2. 4567 d) 2240

  1. Street is the most beautiful street of the New Town in Scotland.

  1. Round c) Queen

  2. Princes d) Green

Лексико-грамматический тест по теме «Clothing»

Task 1. Write down the comparative and superlative degrees of the adjectives:

    1. a beautiful doll – 5) a good son -

    2. a nice puppy- 6) a bad song -

    3. big ears- 7) a long walk -

    4. a tasty cake- 8) an interesting tale -

Task 2. Translate from Russian into English:

  1. Моя сестра любит носить шляпки.

  2. Вчера мама купила мне новые туфли.

  3. Мой свитер хорошо подходит к моим джинсам.

  4. Ты надевал новую куртку вчера?

  5. Какого цвета шорты ты носишь летом? (in summer?)

  6. Твоя мама любит носить юбки и блузки?

  7. Завтра мы купим новую рубашку для моего брата.

  8. Что ты обычно надеваешь, когда холодно?

  9. Я всегда ношу пальто, кепку, ботинки, брюки и теплый свитер, когда холодно.

  10. Какого размера (size) колготки вы носите?

Task 3. Ask questions for more information. Write the negative sentence.

He will go there.

  1. общий вопрос, 2)альтернативный вопрос, 3)Кто? 4)Куда? 5)Когда? 6)Отрицание

Task 4. Complete the sentences with the adverbs:

Медленно, быстро, красиво, опрятно (опрятный -nice), плохо, хорошо

  1. The tortoise is a slow animal, it moves ….

  2. The hare runs very ….

  3. She is a beautiful singer, she sings ….

  4. This woman is … dressed.

  5. She is a bad cook. She cooks….

  6. He is a good footballer. He plays football ….

Task 5. Open the brackets. Use the necessary Grammar Tense: Present Indefinite, Present Continuous, Past Indefinite, Future Indefinite.

  1. Tom (to play) football every Sunday.

  2. He (not to play) football every day.

  3. I (to wear ) a raincoat now.

  4. They (to play) in the room now?

  5. She (to help) her mother every day?

  6. You (to come) to my place next Sunday?

  7. Look! Kate (to go) to school.

  8. When you sister (to leave) home for school tomorrow?

  9. My brother (not to drink) coffee yesterday.

  10. We (to buy) a new coat last week.

Лексико-грамматический тест по теме «The English Year»

  1. Put in the missing words. Make the sentences complete.

  1. In Great Britain …, …, … and … are winter months.

  2. I like winter … in winter I can skate and ski.

  3. In Great Britain there are two spring months: they are … and….

  4. Horses, sheep, cows like to eat ….

  5. In spring the … on the trees are green and small.

  6. is the third summer month in Great Britain.

  7. We celebrate Victory Day on the ninth of ….

  8. comes before July.

  9. Do you like to ski in the … in winter?

  10. Grasshoppers live in the ….

  11. In … children begin to prepare for school.

  12. Does school start on the first of …?

  13. On the 31st of … Great Britain there is a nice holiday for children – Halloween.

  1. Put in SOME or ANY where it is necessary.

  1. I have … cheese.

  2. Is there … sugar in my tea?

  3. Is there …tea in my cup?

  4. No, there is not…. There is not … ham on the plate.

  5. Are there … pencils in the box? – No, there are not. There are .. pens in it.

  6. There are … eggs in the shed.

  7. There are no … buttons on the dress.

  8. I don’t drink … milk. I like tea or coffee.

  9. Put … butter on the plate.

  1. Put in anybody/ somebody/ nobody/ anything/ something/ nothing.

  1. Is there … new?

  2. There is … in the room. He wants to speak to you.

  3. I shall not give the book to … else.

  4. knows his name.

  5. He never writes … to me about it.

  6. There is … at home now.

  7. It is 7 o’clock. There is … at school now.

  8. We can see … in the room.

  9. He wants to say ... to me.

  10. He doesn’t want to say ….

  11. He puts … into his bag.

Лексико-грамматический тест (9класс)

вариант 1

task 1. Open the brackets to complete the sentences

  1. Sam (play) tennis for 6 years.

  2. He (get up) early every day.

  3. John (not do) washing up yet.

  4. It (not rain) now.

  5. She (do) her homework yet7

  6. It (shine) at 8 o’clock yesterday.

  7. She (go) to the cinema last week7

  8. Jane (not eat) since 2 o’clock

task 2. Change the sentences to use passive structure and write them down.

  1. Jane should feed the fish.

  2. He doesn’t have to clean his room today.

  3. Ought I to buy this dress7

  4. I can’t draw animals.

  5. Lisa must do her homework.

  6. People catch fish in all rivers.

  7. Soldiers destroyed this building in 18 century.

  8. I will write a letter tomorrow.

task 3. Write the same in the reported speech.

  1. Bob: “I like ice-cream.”

  2. Jane: “Where did he buy this book?”

  3. Nelly: “Will you bring me that book?”

  4. Polly: “Bring me a cup of tea, Mary.”

  5. Suzy: “I can't play tennis”

вариант 2

task 1. Open the brackets to complete the sentences

  1. I (swim) for 8 years.

  2. We (go) to the theatre.

  3. Suzy (live) in Saratov for 5 years?

  4. Wind (not blow) when they went to the picnic.

  5. I (know) Sam for 10 years.

  6. It (not snow) now.

  7. He (work) in a museum?

  8. She (not sleep) since 4 o’clock.

task 2. Change the sentences to use passive structure and write them down.

  1. I can buy a postcard.

  2. Sam must clean his room.

  3. Ought I to sing this song?

  4. You shouldn’t play this game.

  5. Do you have to buy this book?

  6. People grow rice in many countries.

  7. Cook baked cake yesterday.

  8. I will buy this dress tomorrow.

task 3. Write the same in the reported speech.

  1. Bob: “I like milk.”

  2. Jim: “Where did you go?”

  3. Nelly: “Will you sing a song on the party?”

  4. Sofia: “Clean the room, Jack.”

  5. Polly: “I can’t play badminton.”

Test (6 класс)

Variant 1

Task 1. Complete the sentences choosing the right participle.

  1. His mother likes to look at her children (playing, played) together.

  2. The boys (swimming, swum) in the sea laughed loudly.

  3. Kate wrote us the story (telling, told) by her friend.

  4. Most people (living, lived) in Scotland are called Scots.

  5. Yesterday we were taking the (falling, fallen) leaves away.

Task 2. Give English Equivalents for these.

  1. летящая птица

  2. оконченная книга

  3. улыбающаяся девочка

  4. разрушенное здание

  5. города, расположенные на юге

Task 3. Choose the correct word.

  1. Germany is situated … the north-west of France.

a) in b) to

2. Greece is … the south of Europe.

a) in b) to

3. Scotland is famous for … beauty.

a) its b) it's

4. Cambridge is an attractive town and …very old.

a) its b) it's

5. Where are the rest … the book?

a) to b) of

6. She baked a cake in the shape … a heart.

a) on b) of

Variant 2

Task 1. Complete the sentences choosing the right participle.

  1. Parts of Hadrian’s Wall (building, built) in ancient times can still be seen.

  2. The bird (singing, sung) in the tree isn’t a parrot.

  3. The article (writing, written) yesterday should be translated immediately.

  4. Mr. Brown, a (visiting, visited) professor from Oxford University, arrived yesterday.

  5. Read the names of the cities (showing, shown) on the map, please.

Task 2. Give English Equivalents for these.

  1. разбитый стакан

  2. восходящее солнце

  3. приготовленный завтрак

  4. книга, прочитанная вчера

  5. люди, живущие на севере

Task 3. Choose the correct word.

  1. St Petersburg is … the north-west of Russia.

a) in b) to

2. Spain is situated … the south-west of France.

a) in b) to

3. The British Museum and … library are well-known all over the world.

a) its b) it's

4. Sometimes … very hard to understand him.

a) its b) it's

5. Some people say that Holland is … flat as a pancake.

a) as b) a

6. The two banks of the river are connected … a bridge.

a) on b) by

Test (5 класс)

Variant 1

Task 1. Complete the sentences choosing the right word from the box.

avenue, reign, reminds, defeats, reasons, touch.

  1. Five wins and three … for the team.

  2. Some people say “… wood” not to have bad luck.

  3. Queen Victoria’s … was the longest in the British history.

  4. Give me your … for going there.

  5. This song … me of Italy.

  6. What is the main … of the city?

Task 2. Give English Equivalents for these.

  1. Какой чудесный день!

  2. Какие длинные волосы!

  3. Какие интересные книги!

  4. Он любит такие фильмы.

  5. Небо такое синее!

Task 3. Choose the correct word.

  1. What … exciting trip it has been!

a) the b) an

2. How peaceful … country is!

a) the b) a

3. The weather was … nasty.

a) such b) so

4. My little sister is … a lovely girl.

a) such b) so

5. What … cold water!

a) a b) –

6. What … lovely hedge!

a) - b) a

Variant 2

Task 1. Complete the sentences choosing the right word from the box.

character, undefeated, politics, control, official, touching.

  1. What a … story!

  2. Who in your family is interested in …?

  3. Queen Elizabeth II has several … residence in Great Britain.

  4. Who is the main … of the film?

  5. The Roman army was … in ancient times.

  6. He couldn’t … the situation.

Task 2. Give English Equivalents for these.

  1. Какие глубокие знания!

  2. Какая яркая процессия!

  3. Какие захватывающие рассказы!

  4. Моя собака такая сильная и умная!

  5. Я не люблю такую музыку.

Task 3. Choose the correct word.

  1. What … expensive present it was!

a) an b) the

2. How brave … boy is!

a) the b)a

3. Have you ever seen … attractive scenery?

a) so b) such

4. Your Joke was … stupid!

a) so b) such

5. What … long roads!

a) the b) –

6. What … green valley!

a) a b) the

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