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Примерная итоговая контрольная работа для 10 класса


Примерная итоговая контрольная работа для 10 класса

1.Choose the right form of the verb: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Simple or Past Continuous.

1.Hello, Kate. Ann _______ her dinner at the moment. She can call you later.

a) eats b) ate c) is eating d) eat

2.There's a man who _______ on the street corner at the same time every day.

a) stand b) was standing c) is standing d) stands

3. I have lost my key again. I______things. I lose things

too often.

a) always lose c) have always lost

b) am always losing d) was always losing

4. Look! The elephants _________ from the pond.

a) drink b) are drinking c) drinks d) drank

8. It______outside; 1 do not like to walk in such weather.

a) rains c) is raining

b) is rain d) is rained

6.Chopin________some of his music in Majorca.

a) composed b) composes c) was composing d) is composing

7. I_________ him last June.

a) meet b) am meeting c) met d) have met

8.The sun ________ when I got up this morning.

a) shines b) has shone c) shone d) was shining

9.Alan __________ at seven o'clock every morning.

a) gets up b) got up c) is getting up d) has got up

10.Tammy is out in the garden. She ____________the pool.

a) clean b) is cleaning c) cleans d) cleaned

11. What were you talking about when she __________in?

a/ came b/ was coming c/ had come d/ comes

12.Ann________in the park this time yesterday.

a) walks b) is walking c) walked d) was walking

13.He_______his leg in a skiing accident last year.

a) breaks b) is breaking c) has broken d) broke

14.He ____________because he won the lottery last year.

a) didn’t work b) doesn’t work c) isn’t working d) hasn’t working

15.. You _____________the beautiful red dress last winter.

a/ bought b/ have bought c/ were buying d/is buying

16. I _________ (look) for Christina. Do you know where she is?

a) look b) am looking c) looked d) was looking

17. I__________to my brother on the phone when mother came.

a) spoke b) am speakind c) was speaking d) have spoken

18. I read his books when I was at school. I___________ them very much.

a) enjoyed b) enjoy c) has enjoyed d) enjoys

19. Cervantes_________Don Quixote.

a) writes b) write c) was writing d) wrote

20.I was reading a book when father ________.

a) comes b) came c) was coming d) has come

2. Word formation:

Lord Byron (1788-1824) didn’t live a long life. He was an aristocrat and a (1)________ man. But he loved freedom and a simple country life.

(2) _______ personality attracted Britain and all Europe. He brought to his poetry romanticism of his times. He was (3)______ and handsome, noble and brave. Londoners admired him. In 1812 he became (4)______ after the publication of his autobiographic poem “Childe Harold”.











3. Choose the right word:

Mind the Gap” is not just an (1)______ that you’ll hear in the London Underground when a (2) _______ arrives at the station. Much more than just a (3) ______ about the “gap” (4) ______ a carriage and the platform. This phrase has become (5) _______ with London.

The phrase originated on the Northern Line, where the (6) _______ between the curved train platforms at Embankment Station and the (7)______ itself were particularly large. Basically, early in the history of the Tube-line building the companies had to (8) ______ their (9) _____ beneath public roads, so (10)______ curves were required at some points.

1. a) appointment b) announcement c) underground d) opportunity

2. a) car b) lorry c) train d) plane

3. a) song b) warning c) notice d) words

4. a) between b) among c) above d) around

5. a) write b) right c) similar d) synonymous

6. a) gap b) lack c) loose d) hole

7. a) plate b) plane c) train d) lorry

8. a) cook b) build c) catch d) clean

9. a) roads b) railways c) routes d) pathways

10. a) straight b) clean c) sharp d) spicy

4. Choose the right synonym:

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