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Природа родного края 8 кл

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Тема урока

Природа родного края.


Английский язык.




Балтыкова Светлана Очировна

Учитель английского языка

МКОУ» Шаттинская СОШ»

Кетченеровский район

п Шатта

Республика Калмыкия

Цели урока:




Развитие коммуникативных навыков по теме «Local environment» с применением проектной технологии.

-Совершенствование лексических навыков по тематике.

-Воспитание патриотических качеств школьника, чувства любви к своему краю.

Пhello_html_567218eb.jpgодробный конспект урока.

1.Организационный момент

2.Фонетическая разминка

3.Речевая разминка

4.Проверка домашнего задания( ученики показывают презентации)


5.Обучение письму.


-Today we’ll speak about local environment

and write a letter.

-We are going to start with pronunciation as usual.

-What places did you read about last lesson?

(New Zealand, Australia, America, England and Russia)

-Listen to the sentences and say what place it is about.

-A mass of water falls over a cliff 27 meters high with a terrible noise.(Niagara Falls)

-A large lake which gives water for the city of Sheffield.( The Peack District)

-With few natural enemies, most of these birds lost their ability to fly( New Zealand)

-There are high mountains and fields, deserts and cool and foggy coastline, tropical heat and Arctic coald in it (America)

-This area is rich in beautiful forests and lakes, wooden churches and monasteries, which grew into cultural centres.( Russia)

-Sheep farming is an important part of the localneconomy.(England)

-There are several species of poisonous spider and many many poisonous snakes.(Australia)

-Your home task was to think about local environment. What would you show to your visitors from other countries? What natural wonders do we have?

Tulip, you are the pride of steppe, its carnival!”

The steppe in April, what more fair?

The scent of grass, the skylark singing

In crystalline transparent air,

The boundless steppe around me ringing

With wondrous music that from scores

Of tulips a magician draws. ( D. Kugultinov)

Come to us in spring, when tulips blossom!”- with these words we always invite guests to our sunny Republic of Kalmykia. Indeed, the steppe is beautiful and unique at this time: emerald green carpet of grass is embroidered with fancy coloured patterns of colourful flowers, the most beautiful of which is tulip. Steppe and semidesert spaces of Kalmykia are in blossom with tulips from mid-April to early May. Besides, Kalmykia has the biggest number of wild tulips in Europe.

Steppe tulips can be of different colours: red, yellow, blue and violet. For example, in the western part of the republic on can see even blue-black tulips.

The Land of Legends”

-The Kalmyk steppe stretches for thousand miles from Volga and Caspian sea to Manych and the Stavropol plateu. Its territory can be compared with the territory of any European country. But there you will find noise of big cities, large factories and plants, and in our land-boundless wide, silence and freedom… Our steppe is boundless like a sea or a bottomless ocean with indulged treasures. Lotuses one of these treasures.

Have you ever seen blossoming meadow on the water, dotted with water chestnut, lily, ranunculus and many other plants? Its so beautiful. One can hardly find the place that has such magic and attractive power as this little isle of rosy flowers of lotuses. Only the most skilful sailors know where to find it in the vast expanses of the grey Caspii. The plantations of lotuses are the most popular place with tourists and of course the most attractive sight of Lagansky region, as only here you can see lotuses.

For Buddhists lotus is a holy flower. According to the ancient legend Buddha swam across the Indian Ocean on lotus and since that time these rare and beautiflul flowers are considered to be heavenly.

The people of Kalmykia call it tenderly» the Caspian rose». Its majestic beauty and ability to change its colour enchant people. It is a miracle. For four hundred years the Kalmyks have been living in this dry Caspian steppe and worshiping this beautiful flower. Lotus is a symbol of our republic. Moreover, it is depicted on the national flag of our Republic of Kalmykia.

-Write a letter to your pen-friend from England about your place, describe the weather and climate in your area.

-What places did we speak about? Would you like to visit any of these places?

Домашнее задание- повторить времена Past.

Краткое описание документа:

Цель урока: развитие коммуникативных навыков по теме "Local environment" с применением проектной технологии.
Воспитательные задачи:воспитание патриотических качеств школьника,чувства любви к своему краю.
На уроке ученики представляют презентации подготовленные дома о тюльпанах и лотосах,которые растут в Калмыкии. Это природные богатства Калмыкии,которыми гордятся все жители республики.Повторяем о достопримечательностях природы,о которых говорили на прошлом уроке.Это Новая Зеландия,Австалия,Америка,Англия и Росиия.Затем дети пишут письмо,описывая погоду и климат родного края.


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