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План урока по английскому языку на тему "Project work “Wildlife of Kazakhstan”

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Lesson Plan #36

Teacher: Saniya Zhumabayeva

Date: 22.01.2016

Form: 8 “A”, “B”, “V”

Theme: Project work “Wildlife of Kazakhstan”


  • To teach students to talk about typical Kazakhstan animals;


  • Develop students’ communication skills;

  • To practice to use adjectives and adverbs.

Kind of the lesson

  • New lesson


  • Dialogue

  • Group work

Expected results

  • Pupils will be able to talk about typical Kazakhstan’s plants and animals.

Time: 45 min.

The procedure of the lessons

Teacher’s action

Warm up

Good morning/afternoon dear pupils and our guests! I am very glad to see you here! So, let us start our lesson. What day is it today? What date is it today? What is the weather like today? Who is absent today? Well. Today, we are going to do a project work on the theme “Wildlife of Kazakhstan”. What words can you associate with this title?

Oh, Kazakhstan, I’m in love with you!
Remember, Kazakhstan, you are great
Not in the green fields full of wheat,
And forests, gardens free of dust.
I love you deeply, dear land,
Your hills and rivers, lakes and seas,
Which give me always much delight –

Read it slowly, please.
-Let’s go on.
- Look through the patter and find irregular verbs and name their forms.

Key words

1) New vocabulary

-Below this text are new words. The first, I pronounce all words, and you listen to me with very attentively.
-Repeat after me!

Species – вид

Mammal – млекопитающие

Amphibian – амфибии

 Reptile – рептилии

Glacier – ледник

Falcon – сокол

Extinction – вымирание

Saiga – сайгак

Gazelle – газель

Polecat –хорёк

Elk – лось

 Marten – куница

Deer - олень

Wild boar - кабан

Badger – барсук

Marmot – сурок

Gopher - суслик

Speaking. Kazakhstan is my Motherland

Answer the question 1. Where republic of Kazakhstan is situated In the Central Asia

2. What is size of Kazakhstan? The are is 2 724 000 square km

3. What can you say about the population of republic? About 16 million 2013 жыл

4. What is the official language of the country? Kazakh

5. Who is the head of the state? The President

6. When did Kazakhstan become an Independent State? In 1991

7. What are the symbols of the state? Anthem, a national emblem and a flag

8. What is the capital of Kazakhstan? Astana

9. Which of countries border Kazakhstan? Russian Federation, China, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan

10. There are... regions in our Republic 14 regions

Wildlife of Kazakhstan

There are pictures of animals: name them Animals

Reading of the text.

 Now you can read this text.
-Read and translate it, please.
-Who is ready?

Making a scheme

How many species of animals does Kazakhstan have? How many species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals does Kazakhstan have? Wildlife of Kazakhstan 19 of species animals 158 species of mammals 150 species of fish 458 species of birds 12 species of amphibians 52 species of reptiles

Exercise: 2, page: 93. Reading and translating the text “Wildlife” Exercise: 4, page: 95 Read some more about animals in Kazakhstan

1. Mammals 2.Birds 3. Cats we divide these animals into: 4. Reptiles 5. Amphibians

to protect this animals

In this book, there are many animals. There are many fish, birds and animals. They are in danger. We must defend these animals because they are very rare or extinct. We have in our land 9 reserves. They a: Aksu-Zhabagaly, Almaty, Markhakol, the West Altay, Khorgalzhyn, Nauryzym, Barsakelmes, Usturt, Karatau, Alakol. In these reserves there are many animals and people work with animals all day.

Practice. Find TRUE or FALSE

- A camel can live without water. The cleverest animal is a horse Tigers and lions are the cleverest animals in the world. A camel lives in the desert. It needs little water. A tiger is a small cat and it is weak.

Speaking. Read about the animals match the descriptions

This animal sleeps all winter It lives in the desert. It needs very little water. It has long ears. It eats carrots It is a big cat. It lives in the jungle. This animals looks like a dog but it is wild It lives in Africa and India. It eats grass, leaves. A B C D E F B D F C A E

Feedback. Match with lines

1.Honey 2.Feather 3. Nuts 4. Water 5. Red fur 6. Carrot 7. Fat and oil 8. Horn

Wildlife of our regions East Kazakhstan region

To retell the text “Typical Kazakhstan animals”

Assessment. Reflection 5 minutes

  • So, what have you learned from the lesson?

  • Was it difficult or easy for you?

Conclusion 5 minutes

At finally I’d like to thank you for you participation in our lesson, our discussion. Today you were very active and I hope that the theme of our lesson was interesting and useful for you. I’d like to know your opinion about the lesson.

Your marks for the lesson are……………..

Your home task will be to make your own school timetable

See you tomorrow. All the best!

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