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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Проект "Welcome to our school!" Проект посвящен 120 летию со дня основания школы №6 г. Вязьмы.
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  • Иностранные языки

Проект "Welcome to our school!" Проект посвящен 120 летию со дня основания школы №6 г. Вязьмы.

Выбранный для просмотра документ project_welcome to our school_2016__6a (2).docx


Project “Welcome To Our School!”

The authors of the work: K. Arbuzov , A. Grigorieva, Y. Solovyeva, A. Andreyev, E. Volkova.

The leader: Y.A. Pokupateleva.

Good day, dear members of the Commission and all those present!

Our names are K. Arbuzov , A. Grigorieva, Y. Solovyeva, A. Andreyev, E. Volkova. We’d like to bring your attention to the project “Welcome to our school” The project is devoted to the 120 th anniversary of our school.

  1. Introduction

The aim and tasks of the project are

  • to analyze the activity of the school,

  • to learn the information about the history of our school, graduates and teachers

  • to collect and draw-up the collected information,

  • to identify ways of further development of the school,

  • to sum up the results of the conducted work,

  • conclude and express our own point of view.

The methods of work are as follows:

  • getting and collecting the information about the history and activity of our school;

  • interviewing;

  • analyzing the collected information and answers.

Hypothesis [ haɪˈpɒθ.ə.sɪs]: School is the main source of knowledge and morals, isn’t it?

The end product of the project is presented in the form of a wall newspaper аnd a presentation.

  1. The main part.

  1. School activity.

Let us start delivering the project “Welcome To Our School”

Our school is situated in Moscovskaya Street in Vyazma, the Town of Military Glory. It is an old three- storied building. We wish our school were repaired. It has not a long history. The school founded 120 years ago. Many graduates left our school. 47 graduates got gold medals. 56 graduates got silver medals. We are proud of them.

The headmistress of our school is Lubov Victorovna Burmistrova. She tries to create good conditions for successful and creative work of our teachers and pupils.

The ex-master |ˈeks| of our school was Vladimir Ivanovich Davidov. He was a wise leader. Nowadays he teaches us physics. V.I. is a very skillful teacher.

LY. Tarasova, R.M. Milovatskaya and M.N. Terekhovskaya are our vice |vaɪs| principles. They try to make our school advanced, using modern methods of teaching and new technologies.

Let me introduce our teachers. All of them are highly qualified and experienced.

N.A. Vorontsova teaches us Russian. What a talented teacher she is! N.A. teaches us to think, analyze, express our opinion and to write grammatically.

V.A. Nikolayeva teaches us Literature. What a nice person she is! I find her lessons interesting, educational and exciting. She wants all the pupils to be good, honest and generous people.

O.Y. Silin is our Maths teacher. How strict he is! O.A. wants us to be good mathematicians.

C.A. Troshin is the leader of our historical museum, he teaches us History and Social Studies. How intelligent and talented he is! He wishes us to be real patriots of our Motherland, to know the history of our country and its laws. His hobby is writing poems. One can’t help admiring by his patriotic lessons and poems.

M.N. Terekhovskaya teaches us music. Her lessons are too interesting and exciting for words! Modern and classical music help to relax and make us feel good.

T.A. Burmistrova, L.S. Pavlova, Y.N._Y.N. Andreyeva are our PE teachers. Their lessons and thrilling competitions help to build character and teach us to be strong, disciplined and overcome difficulties. We like competitions and playing sports in the gym and stadium. Our school has got some sports clubs and facilities for going in for sport, playing football, volleyball, basketball and chess. Many schoolmates visit sports clubs and have already become prize winners. Some of my schoolmates are fond of swimming and training in the fitness room. We wish we had a nice school swimming pool.

L.S. Pavlova and Y.I. Alexandrov teach Technology. They want to make us Jacks of all trades. Look at our workshops. We wish they were well equipped.

A.M. Bairamov teaches us I.T. in our computer class. We wish it were equipped with modern computers.

Zh. V. Borisova is our librarian. We enjoy visiting our media |ˈmiːdɪə| library and working on the computer. We wish we had computers in every classroom.

Every year some pupils take part in regional, Russian and international contests and show good results. Many of them became prize winners; they were awarded valuable presents and certificates. Many times Svetlana Drozdova , Andrei Orlov, Nadezhda Grigoryeva and Sabina Nadzhafova got certificates of Merit for good results in the International English contests. Andrei Orlov was invited to Moscow, got a diploma and a week practice on TV channel “Education”. Anton Vasilyev was also invited to Moscow and awarded an I-Pad and a diploma. Our pupils are worthy of admiration and respect. I also took part in the International Contest “English at school”, got a badge of the winner, a book as a present and a diploma.

  1. After – school activity

I’d like to tell you about our after- school activity. Our school is rich in national traditions. It provides lots of activities after school Y. A. Pokupateleva is our form – master and English teacher. She worries and cares about everybody and wants us to be active, clever, well-bread and healthy.

We enjoy discussing video films and taking parts in different quizzes, contests and celebrations. I think after class activities enrich our knowledge and wake up patriotic feelings. We can’t forget our excursions to the Museum of military glory “Bogoroditskoye Field” and to Borodino for reconstruction of the Patriotic War 1812. Going sightseeing of our town made a deep impression on us. Our trips to the Paintball Club”Bastion” |ˈbastɪən|, Vyazma - Bryansk Aerobatic |ˌerəˈbætɪk |  Team “Russ” and to the farm “Troshino” left no one indifferent.

Meetings with war veterans and famous people of our native town are unforgettable. A. I. Alimova, the Olympic torchbearer [ˈtɔːʧbeərər] and a talented poet; A.N. Tsvetkova, War Veteran of the Great Patriotic War; A.I. Venediktov, a war pilot are the pride of the Vyazma District.

Taking part in Labor Troopers makes our classroom, school yard better, cleaner, teaches us to be hardworking and keep the school property. Such activities as New Year Celebration unite and make us friendly. The form teacher wants us to be tolerant, generous and mercy. We’ll never forget the Action “Charity”; we gathered school things and sent them to the children of Novorossiya.

Our class hours are educational. During them we learn to think, to analyze the events and to conclude, make up clusters and cinquains |sɪŋˈkeɪnz|. The Class hour “If small pranks [ præŋks ] are harmless” taught us to know our rights and duties, be responsible for our actions. During the class hour “Is grass burning good or dangerous?” we learnt that we should think of ecology because grass burning is very dangerous. We remember the talk with our school doctor. She gave us useful advice about healthy life style and how to take care of our health. Discussing the presentation “Animals at war” we were surprised how animals and birds helped people to fight against fascists. After such discussions we understand that we should take care, protect animals and birds. We talk about bad habits, the rules of conduct, safety methods and terrorism almost every class.

No doubt, school is a great source of morals, isn’t it?

III. Conclusion.

Working on the paper, we used some museum, Internet resources class photo album.

What I like most about the project is dreaming of an ideal school.

I came across the following difficulties: learning lots of new English words, lack of experience in making and delivering the presentation.

The main results of the project are as follows:

* making a wall newspaper “Class Picture” and taking part in the exhibition of school wall papers,

* enriching our English Vocabulary and improving language skills,

* getting an experience in delivering the project,

* awareness of the fact that knowledge is power, that nowadays it’s very important and modern to be well - bread and educated people.

No doubt, all our schoolmates will enjoy themselves looking at the photos in 10 or 20 years later. Having done the interviewing of the pupils and the analyses of the survey we understood and drew the following conclusion:

  1. 67% of the pupils think that school is the main source of knowledge

  2. 44 % of the pupils believe that school is the most important source of morals

  3. 33 % of the pupils can’t study better because of their classmates’ bad brhaviour

  4. 15% can’t study better because shortage |ˈʃɔːrtədʒ| of modern equipment

I believe that the results of the project can be used in the English lessons, in our class hours, in our museum.

Finally, I want to say that our school is our home, our friends, our teachers and encouragement. Really, it’s a great source of knowledge and morals that every pupil should have. Live and prosper, dear school!

Dear teachers, let these lines and music sound for you! Listen to these beautiful words.

Good health to you!

Great happiness to you!

Wealth to you!

Success to you!

Thank you for your attention! And now questions on the project, please.

Resources. Photos from our class album

Appendix1. Survey Results

Survey Results


Internet (TV)_ 10p


  1. What is the main source of knowledge?

School _20p

Family _15p

Friends_ 7p

Internet (TV)_3

2. What is the main source of morals?

  1. I can’t study better because…

Appendix2. Дипломы учащихся.


Appendix4. Видео – песня _ Домисолька - Попурри из песен о школе. https://yandex.ru/video/search?text=видео%20домисолька%20попурри%20из%20песен%20о%20школе%20ска


Выбранный для просмотра документ Диплом2ст_Арбузов К__ англ язык в школе _ 1 т ур_ янв 2015.doc




Ученик 5В класса

МБОУ СШ №6 г. Вязьмы Смоленской области

Выбранный для просмотра документ ОрловА_дипл поб_МК_хочубыть, май 2014.doc






МБОУ СОШ № г. Вязьмы

Выбранный для просмотра документ Синквейны_Кластеры.docx


Cluster “Animals at war”

Cluster “Dogs – heroes”

Cinquains “Animals at war”

Синквейн «Четырехлапые герои"

  1. Собаки

  2. Умные, сильные

  3. Спасают, помогают, минируют

  4. Собаки спасли более 1000 000 людей.

  5. Собаки – герои.

Доронина Екатерина

  1. Собаки

  2. Храбрые, добрые

  3. Служат, минируют, взрывают

  4. Собаки взрывали танки и мосты.

  5. Собаки – друзья, спасители.

Гостев Егор

Синквейн «Четырехлапые герои"

  1. Собаки

  2. Умные, храбрые

  3. Находят, спасают, помогают

  4. Собаки спасли более 700 00 раненых

  5. Собаки – спасители.

Фролова Алена

  1. Собаки

  2. Умные, отважные

  3. Находят, взрывают, истребляют

  4. Собаки помогли солдатам победить фашистов.

  5. Гуси спасли Рим, а собаки - Европу.


Выбранный для просмотра документ аppendix.doc



Survey Results

  1. hello_html_439ac72c.gifWhat is the main source of knowledge?


    Internet (TV)


2. What is the main source of morals? School



Internet (TV)


  1. I can’t study better because…


I don’t want to study


  • It’s difficult to study


  • Lessons are boring


  • Because of my classmates’ bad behaviour


  • I have poor memory


  • Because of shortage of modern equipment


  • I have more interesting things


  • I can’t understand


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