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Инфоурок Английский язык Научные работыПроект на английском языке "Сравнение Новосибирского и Лондонского Зоопарков"

Проект на английском языке "Сравнение Новосибирского и Лондонского Зоопарков"

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Novosibirsk and London Zoos









Author: Alexander Svezhentsev

MBOU Gymnasium № 13 named after E. A. Bykov

5 L class, Central district, Novosibirsk




Project consultant: Olga Vadimovna Pokrovskaya

English teacher

contact phone: ___________________



Novosibirsk, 2021

Project Passport

1. Project name: Novosibirsk and London Zoos

2. Project participants: Alexander Svezhentsev

3. Класс: 5

4. Project consultant: English teacher Pokrovskaya Olga Vadimovna

5. Name, number of the institution where the project was carried out: MBOU "Gymnasium No. 13 named after E. A. Bykov", Central District, Novosibirsk.

6. Subject area: English language

7. Project development time: February 2021

8. Goal:

- Compare animals living in the Novosibirsk Zoo and in the London Zoo;

- Compare the quality of life of these animals;

- Find ways to collaborate between these two zoos;

- Understand how zoos help animals and the conservation of species in general.


-  Find out why we need zoos at all and whether we really need them?

-  How do zoos help each other?

9. Technologies used: multimedia, printed edition in the form of a brochure

10. Project product form: a brochure with the names of the animals of the Novosibirsk Zoo and the London Zoo in English.

11. Scope of the project result: 1) academic-English lessons; 2) extracurricular.

12. Effectiveness: the possibility of using a brochure with the names of the animals of the Novosibirsk and London zoos in English lessons for 5th grade students.














Novosibirsk Zoo …………………………………………………….

Animals of the Novosibirsk Zoo …………………………………..

London Zoo…………………………………………………………

Animals of London Zoo ……………………………………………

Ways of cooperation between London and Novosibirsk Zoos ...

What zoos are for……………………………………………………

Conclusion ………………………………………………………….


p.6 -  p.11


p.13 – p.18
























I am happy to introduce you to my project.

I was always interested in the world around us, I like to learn new things about nature and animals, that is why I chose Zoos as the topic of my project.


Objects of my study are:

The Novosibirsk Zoo and the London Zoo


Goals of my project are the following:

-                     Compare animals living in Novosibirsk zoo and in London zoo;

-                     Compare the quality of lives of these animals;

-                     Find ways of cooperation between these two zoos;

-                     Understand in what ways do zoos help animals and species preservation in general.












This is one of the largest zoos in Russia. The Novosibirsk Zoo is located in the Zaeltsovsky district of the city of Novosibirsk. It has become home to over 11,000 animals representing more than 770 animal species. About half of them are listed in various Red Books.





Novosibirsk Zoo specializes in the breeding of cats and martens, so here is one of the largest collections of animals of these families in the world.




Cats include lynx, tiger, lion, panther, etc.










Martens are small and medium-sized animals with an elongated body and short legs (ermine, mink, colons, ferrets, and others).

    хищное семейство куньих  


хищник семейства куньих 



семейство куньих представители 



The smallest animal of this family is a weasel.


The emblem of the Novosibirsk Zoo has become a snow leopard-a unique animal in beauty and grace, preserved in Siberia only in the Altai.


In 2009, the zoo received offspring from more than 200 species of animals. The zoo's collection has been expanded with such species as Javan langur, Salvator monitor lizard, blue-tailed monitor lizard, etc.


Javan Langur  



         Blue-tailed monitor lizard

The offspring of some rare species for the first time in the world zoological practice were obtained in the Novosibirsk Zoo - river otter, bandage, Asian wild boar, Kamchatka snow sheep, Putoran sheep and others.


Snow sheep


                                                       Putoran Sheep

In total, the Novosibirsk Zoo contacts more than 150 zoos in 44 countries of the world.

Since 1989, more than 200 animal exchanges have been made with foreign partners from 25 countries.


It is the oldest scientific zoo in the world. Founded in London on 27 April 1828 as a zoological collection intended for scientific research. It has been open to the public since 1847.


Лондонский зоопарк



There are a lot of different expositions that require attention. There are birds, and various monkeys, and tigers. Especially worth noting are several large pavilions and expositions:






The Gorilla Kingdom, where lives a whole family of gorillas.



The pool with the penguins



Tiger Territory




Monkey house




Birds house


дом птиц


Corrals with lamps and a variety of animals.


London Zoo is home to a rare species that no longer exists in the wild. Some species (like pink pigeons) have managed to revive their populations in captivity.



You can also watch nimble otters at London Zoo


Another one of everyone's favorite — the giraffes.



There are also pygmy hippos.


The zoo is not limited to mammals alone. Be sure to visit the aquarium, which has three halls with pools for different types of fish. There is a real coral reef, as well as an imitation of the Amazon waters with piranhas, stingrays and electric eels.


Лондонский Аквариум (London Aquarium Sea Life)   

    Лондонский Аквариум (London Aquarium Sea Life)

London Zoo is one of the best scientific and research centers for breeding rare animals. At the moment, there are about 130 species of them on the territory of the zoo.


Ways of cooperation between London and Novosibirsk zoos

As I said earlier my goal is not only to observe these zoos but also to try to come up with some ways of how they can help each other.


-         They can exchange experience and knowledge in breeding and caring about some rare spices

-         They can exchange or donate to each other medicine and tools that will help animals to survive

-         Zoos can support each other and together it is always easier to raise awareness about animals’ extinction and other problems


Probably the most important part of my study is to understand why do we need zoos in general and do we really need them? There are many points of views on this topic. Some people consider zoos inhuman and immoral. But I am sure that these establishments help a lot. Zoos do a lot of good things for animals such as:


-         Preservation of rare spices

-         Research in spheres of medicine and genetics

-         Zoos raise awareness on our environmental problems

-         Inspiration and fascination for children and adults who interact and learn about nature and wildlife

-         Zoos can reduce symptoms of depression and make people happier








To sum it up, I would like to say that I have learnt a lot while working on this project. I realized that it is not important in which country do you live; we are all humans, and we must care about nature. Comparison of London and Novosibirsk zoos made me understand that people all over the world share same ideas and interests. I am proud for my city because our zoo competes with some of the best ones out there. I know that Novosibirsk zoo and London zoo already cooperate and help each other, and I am sure that in the future these connections will only become stronger. That is great because it will make lives of animals and humans better. I hope my project will make a contribution in this process. Thank you for your attention!!!






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