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Инфоурок Английский язык СтатьиПроект "Our language as true value in our life"

Проект "Our language as true value in our life"

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Live communication vs gadgets
The importance of our language as true value

Why is this topic crucial?


Ive chosen this theme not accidentally, because nowadays we get used to online communication. Its easier to write a sms rather than talking or communicating face-to-face


Unfortunately, it’s a big problem of our generation- generation of my age. There is a special name for this generation-M which means – mass media. There is also a theory why young people use their gadgets so often- because they are afraid of silence.


Technological progress has moved so far that practically every field of life is now connected with the Internet and different devices and gadgets. We search the Internet for our studies, we are registered in different social networks, chat in different applications, work online and so on.

Many years ago there was no telephone, no Internet and nevertheless people understood each other, they met more often and talked to each other.


Nowadays, the latest trends dictate their own rules and people follow them because they’re modern, popular and well-paid.


I’d like to talk about socializing via the Internet. The most popular social networks now are Instagramm, Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte. People do not only chat there, but also exchange photos, sell goods and make their own blogs.

On the one hand, it’s not bad at all- people learn something, make new friends, advertise their goods. On the other hand, due to communication online a lot of new words appear in our language and they become the norm of our language. Lifehack, challenge, cheater, chat, hype, hater, user, gamer, LOL, OMG. We all know these words.

I have done an oral inquiry and a written survey where I asked different questions.

 The results are as following;

1) How many hours a day do you spend online?

·       only 3 of ten people spend less than 1 hour a day in the Internet

·       5 people spend about 3-4 hours a day

·       2 people more than 5 hours

2) What do you use the net for?

·       2 people use it mostly for studies

·       5 – watching videos, listening to music

·       3- chatting with their friends

3) What phrases do you use more often in your speech (lifehack, user, selfie, challenge, LOL)

3- use LOL

4- use user

3- use selfie

4) Do you think the Internet has positive effects on our language?

6 of ten people said yes


Personally, I think that the Internet is useful if we use it for studies or searching for some necessary information. If we talk about chatting through social networks teenagers of my age can become influenced by modern trends and they start to use a language of networks. They forget how rich and valuable is their mother tongue. If we do not stop “cleaning up” our language now our next generation will forget their native language. They won’t be able to appreciate the importance of live communication because they might even forget it chatting via different applications.

In conclusion, I’d like to appeal- Take care of your language and do not forget about alive communication!

I’d lie to finish with the quotation of Edmund de Maal

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