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Проект по английскому языку "Люди, которыми я горжусь"

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Fominsky Secondary Comprehensive School

The project

«The people I am proud of.»

The author: Tropnikova Elvira

the pupil of the 7th Form

The teacher: Popova Galina Vladimirovna


2013 year

The content

  1. Actuality 3

  2. The purpose 3

  3. Tasks 3

  4. Objects 4

  5. Subject 4

  6. The life and deeds of my great grandfather 4

    1. The life before the war

6.2 The participation in the Great Patriotic War

6.3 The life after the war 5

  1. The conclusion 5

  2. The supplements 6-13

  1. Actuality

The young people sometimes do not have examples to follow. They are fans of such famous people as actors, sportsmen. But there are real heroes in every family who made much for our country. The Great Patriotic war was a difficult event for our country. Many men and women took part in this war. Many of them were wounded, many were killed. They gave their lives for independence of our motherland. We must not forget them.

  1. The purpose

The purpose of my research is to collect information about a prominent person- my great grandfather, a participant of the Great Patriotic War.

  1. Tasks

I should:

1. Find the information about my great grandfather: about his life, his taking part in the war, his awards.

2. Get to know about his life after the war.

3. Pay attention to the heroes of the World War the second.

4. Objects

1. Memories of my relatives

2. School museum

3. The materials from the family album

5. Subject

Necessary information about my great grandfather.

6. The life and deeds of my great grandfather


My great grandfather Tropnikov Alrksey Nikolaevich was born on the 11th of March 1925 in the village of Borok. All his life he worked as a tractor-driver. Many years he worked as a mechanic. He was fond of repairing of watches and sewing-machines. He was a real professional. He had his own workshop. Many village people asked him to repair their watches and sewing-machines and he helped them with pleasure.

6.2 The participation in the Great Patriotic War

At the beginning of the Great Patriotic war he went to the front with other villagers. He took part in the liberation Leningrad from the blockade. He fought bravely. He was woundеd 2 times , was cured in the military hospital and then went to fight with the enemies again. He was awarded with many medals. The highest award was the Order of Lenin. In 1942 he was awarded by the medal for the defence of Leningrad from the fascists.

6.3 The life after the war

He returned home on the 29th of May 1945. After the war he continued to work as a tractor-driver. It was a difficult time to live after the war. There was sometimes nothing to eat. The people lived very poorly. But they were happy because they lived in a peaceful time. They worked many hours a day to restore agriculture, machinery, the ruined buildings after the war. He felt himself badly because he had many wounds. Вut he was always in the good mood. I liked listening to his stories about the war. He died on the 9th of October 2001.

7. The conclusion

I am proud of my great grandfather because he was a real hero. He took part in the defending of our country. He was a brave soldier and a good man. My great grandfather is really a great example to follow . We must always remember war veterans and be thankful to them.


Tropnikon Alexey Nikolaevich and his wife


Before going to the front




Village Borok is the birthplace of my great grandfather


The picture of the war



The awards







The letters from the war

The suppliments



The war veterans

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