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Проект Some Famous Picture Galleries Of the World

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Проект Some Famous Picture Galleries Of the World направлен на расширение кругозора учащихся 7 класса в области мировой культуры, развития навыков перевода. Проект заключался в том, что ученики находят нужную информацию о музеях в Интернете на русском языке, приводят ее в соответствие со своим уровнем, переводят на английский с помощью учителя и презентуют на уроке. В процессе работы над проектом у учащихся развиваются познавательные УУД, а именно, действия, связанные с осознанным и самостоятельным построением устного и письменного речевого высказывания на английском языке, действия по выбору языковых средств в зависимости от конкретных ситуаций иноязычного общения. Презентация проекта на уроке сопровождалась показом слайдов.

There are many interesting galleries in our country. The Tretyakov gallery is one of the famous and the well known picture galleries in our country and all over the world. The state Tretyakov Gallery is situated in the center of Moscow. This gallery is named after its founder Peter Tretyakov. He began to collect Russian paintings in 1856. He wanted these paintings to be seen by people.

This gallery and collections of paintings were nationalized in 1918. The gallery has got many halls. One of them is devoted to the great Russian painters of the 18th and 19th centuries. We can see pictures by such painters as Serov, Repin, Ivanov, Levitan and others. Among then there is by Andrey Rublev*s "Trinity".

The first works in Tretyakov's collection were the paintings of the "Peredvizniki". The collector bought paintings "Morning in a Pine Wood" by Shishkin and "Ivan Tsarevich on the Grey Wolf" by Vasnetsov.

If you go to the State Tretyakov Gallery you can see the landscapes. "After Rain" and "Golden Autumn". These paintings by Levitan are beauiful.

There are some paintings by Repin in the Tretyakov Gallery. His paintings are connected with the history of our country. For example, his painting "Ivan Grozny and his Son Ivan". There are a self-portrait of Repin in this hall.

This gallery has many new exhibits now. You can see works of the painters of the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century there.

One of the world-wide known museums is the Hermitage. The word "Hermitage" means "a place of solitude". This name was given in the XVIII century by Catherine II to her private museum housed in a small building.

In the course of time, the Hermitage grew into one of the greatest museums of the world. At the present, the collections take up five buildings. The museum retains its old name.

One of the rooms that impressed visitor the most is St. George Hall. The interior of the room is considered to be a perfect example of the Classical Style. The room covers about 800 square metres, but does not seem enormous due to perfect proportions. It is decorated in the whitest marble and gilded bronze.

The Throne Hall was used for column assemblies. Members of the Tzar's family, when coming of age, took their oaths here.

The Leonardo da Vinci Hall is one of the most gorgeous interiors. The hall is decorated in the style of 17 century French Baroque. The Hermitage possesses two, out of 12 or 14 works surviving from Leonardo.

The Rembrandt collection is one of the most treasured possessions of the museum. It members 24 canvases.

The Malachite Room reflects the style of 1889. The columns, pilasters, and floorlamps are veneered with thin plaques of rich green malachite. About two tons of malachite were used in decoration of the room. 

Speaking about art galleries of London we should first of all mention the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Gallery. I would like to tell you about the National Portrait Gallery and about the Tate Gallery.

The National Gallery houses one of the richest and most extensive collections of painting in the world. It stands to the north of Trafalgar Square. The gallery was designed by William Wilkins and built in 1834-37. The collection covers all schools and periods of painting, but is especially famous for its examples of Rembrant and Rubens. The British schools are only moderately represented as national collections are shared with the Tate Gallery. The National Gallery was founded in1824

The Tate Gallery houses the national collection of British painting from the 16th century to the present day. It is also the national gallery for modern art, including paintings and sculpture made in Britain, Europe, America and other countries..It was opened in 1897 as the National Gallery of British art. It owes its establishment to Suie Henritate who built the gallery and gave his own collection of 65 paintings.

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